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College Admissions 101 A.C. Reynolds High School Counseling Department Felicia Carter (A-D) Jennifer Kohn (E-La) James Rumbaugh (Le-Re) Jerri Wommack.

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2 College Admissions 101 A.C. Reynolds High School Counseling Department Felicia Carter (A-D) Jennifer Kohn (E-La) James Rumbaugh (Le-Re) Jerri Wommack (Rh-Z) Stephanie Brigman (Support Staff)

3  Work  Military  Trades  Apprentice programs  2 year College  4 year College


5  Recognize strengths and weaknesses  Analyze interests and values  Achieve a personal goal  Increase earning power  Prepare for a career and expand learning  Participate in extracurricular activities and social life  Consider influence of family and friends

6 Fitting The Pieces Together  Person…. Where do I fit?  Program…. What will I study?  People…. Who will I meet?  Place…. Where am I going?  Price…. How much will it cost?

7 #1 The Person….Where Do I Fit?  My grade point average is…  My class rank is…  My SAT/ACT score is…  My high school course of study is…  My profile vs. the profile at choice schools…

8 #2 The Program-What Will I Study? Factors to Consider  Favorite classes  Work experiences  Leisure activities  School activities  Dream careers  People admired

9 #3 People - Who Will I Meet?  Visit the campus…  Plan the trip…  Parents should accompany…  Take the campus tour…  Meet a department professor…  Ask questions…  Trust your instincts…

10 #4 The Place-Where Am I Going?  Distance from home  Residential life  Campus setting  Campus size  Campus safety/security  Health services  Sororities/fraternities  Study abroad programs

11 University of North Carolina System

12 NC Independent Colleges & Universities

13 When Do I Apply For College?  October is considered Application Month.  Apply only to your top 3-5 choices.  Many schools have Priority Filing deadlines.

14 The Application Process  Online applications -preferred  applications for any NC School  Common Application  Paper Applications

15 What is a Transcript?  A complete record of your grades, rank in class and credits. (through the 6 th semester)  Go to The Counseling Office and see Ms. Brigman to request paper transcripts. The cost is $3.00. Transcript will be in a sealed envelope. Student is responsible for mailing.  Must submit a transcript for each college application.  AB Tech transcripts

16 What Is An Application Deadline?  Each college has a Deadline for Applications to be Submitted.  Many Deadlines are early (November 1 for several NC Colleges)  Some Early Deadlines are for a Binding Decision; this means if you are admitted to the school you are committed to attending that school.  Check each application you complete for all deadlines.

17 The Personal Resume  Your list of academic, athletic, and community activities.  Study examples  Make several copies  Begin immediately

18 The Personal Statement  Offers information not found on the application.  Explain what you can offer the school.  Write it yourself.  Have it proofread.  Tips at

19 The Recommendation  Complete Request for Letter of Recommendation. (On ACR Website)  Make copies for teachers, outside references and counselor.  Share where you are applying.  Include addressed envelope and stamp**.  Give the teacher plenty of time.  School Report Forms- Some Recommendations are specific and ask recommenders to complete a form.

20 Should I Retake The SAT/ACT?  SAT-$51  ACT Plus Writing - $52.50  ACR School Code: 340112  

21 SAT Dates 2013 – 2014 Test Dates Registration Deadlines Late Fee Required September 21 st August 23August 24-Sept. 6 SAT October 5September 6September 20-23 ACT October 26September 27September 28- Oct. 11 SAT November 2October 3October 18-21 SAT December 7November 8November 22-25 ACT December 14November 8November 9-22 SAT January 25December 27January 10-14 ACT February 8January 10January 11-24 SAT March 8February 7February 21-24 ACT April 12March 7March 8-21 SAT May 3April 4April 18-21 SAT June 7May 9May 23-28 ACT June 14May 9May 10-23

22 Community College Placement Testing  All first-time, full-time students must take placement tests at Community Colleges in English and Math (Accuplacer)  ACT or SAT tests scores may also be considered for placement if scores meet the requirements.

23 NCAA Eligibility Center   Register with the eligibility center   After junior year, have Ms. Brigman send your transcript   When taking the ACT or SAT, request test scores to be sent to the eligibility center (the code is "9999").   Complete amateurism questionnaire and sign the final authorization signature online on or after April 1 if you are expecting to enroll in college in the fall semester.   Request a final transcript with proof of graduation be sent to the eligibility center in June.   Check with Ms. Brigman at the end of the school year to make sure she has you on the list.

24 #5 The Price - How Much Will It Cost?  Discuss the cost of attendance as a family  Community college & state university vs. private school costs  COA ( Cost of Attendance )  EFC (Expected Family Contribution)  Financial Need

25 Types of Financial Aid   Merit Awards / Scholarship   Need Based Awards / Grants   Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans   Work Study

26 An Overview of Financial Aid  Seniors should apply for your PIN number now at  File the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1, 2014 at  Use a FAFSA worksheet to help complete the filing process.

27 Financial Need Calculation  The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is determined by completing the FAFSA.  Outside scholarships and awards are then added to expected family contribution which then decreases the financial aid package offered by the university.  Finally, the student’s financial aid package is determined.

28 Scholarships  Register at  Check in Counseling Office.  Sign up for Mrs. Wommack’s email list serve!!!

29 Scholarships It’s a part time job!   The Search   The Process   Tips   Deadlines

30 Highly Competitive Scholarships   Davidson’s Bryan Scholarship –athletic   UNC-Chapel Hill’s Morehead-Cain Scholarship-school endorsed   NC State’s Park Scholarship-can be school endorsed or self-nominated   Davidson’s Belk Scholarship-School endorsement required   Levine Scholarship-UNC-C

31 The Class of 2014 What’s Next for You?  Encourage the completion of college applications in October and November  Take more college visits, if necessary  Submit tax information in a timely manner  Attend January 9 th FASFA Meeting  Complete FAFSA after January 1, 2014  After the final school selection is made, contact schools not chosen  Be organized and meet all deadlines!!!!!

32 Stay Positive!!! The search for the right fit can be exhausting and stressful.

33 College/University Course of Study English4 Credits Mathematics (Algebra 1 and above)4 Credits Social Studies3 Credits Science3 Credits Foreign Language (same language)2 Credits Cluster/Concentration 28 credits are required to graduate. Colleges may also require additional courses in: Mathematics Science Fine and Performing Arts Computer Science

34 College Tech Prep   English4 Credits   Math3 Credits   Science 3 Credits   Social Studies3 Credits   Career/Technical4 Credits   28 Credits are required to graduate.

35 Questions please contact Mrs. Carter, Kohn, Wommack or Mr. Rumbaugh

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