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Catholic Health Initiatives Spiritual Care Champions Organizational Change Management (OCM) Presented by: Jerri Brooks Director, Organizational Change.

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1 Catholic Health Initiatives Spiritual Care Champions Organizational Change Management (OCM) Presented by: Jerri Brooks Director, Organizational Change Management Master Change Agent 1 Updated 11/7/2013

2 Objectives Making the case for why change leadership is needed and important to success for Healthcare Spiritual Care Providers Provide an example of how one system has implemented a systematic methodology – CAP – CHI Connect and OneCare example (CHI Connect laying people off with compassion for the long term growth of an organization.) This is an introduction and will not make you an expert or master change agent This presentation will provide you with information on a methodology for initiating and sustaining change successfully and it will provide resource to learn more if you are interested. Prosci Denver based change research company, The Heart of Change Field Guide – Book We will suggest implications for Spiritual care and offer an opportunity for questions 2

3 Your Takeaway Listen and discern Investigate the resources within your system and get connected 3

4 4 Understanding our Organizational Change Management Approach What It Is Where We “Live” How We “Work” Understanding and Connecting Our Strategic Intent “Hard Wiring” Organizational Change Management Competency Development CHI Human Resources Organizational Change Management 4

5 5 Develop leaders characterized by their abilities to manage legacy, results, relationships and strategic partnerships. Implement workforce planning and practices to drive strategy, implementation and support a culture of greater consistency and high performance across CHI. Design, implement and expand effective models for physician alignment and engagement that improve care delivery and affordability, financial performance and market growth. PEOPLE Cultivate and advance a ministry culture that forms, supports, and develops the necessary talent to become a leader in healthcare practice and outcomes. Leadership Formation Workforce Planning & Practices Physician Engagement Quality Stewardship Growth 5


7 “As I look back now….I really believe GE was so successful because we became a factory for leaders, leaders leading change. It was fundamental to the results culture we depended on”. - From the Gut Jack Welch (GE) 7

8 The Way Change Happens The Change Acceleration equation: E = Q x A 3 Effective results (E) are equal to the quality of the solution (Q) times the acceptance (A) and accountability (A) for the implementation and ensuring that stakeholders have the ability (A) to achieve desired outcomes 8 62% of quality efforts fail (from lack of attention to the cultural and people sides of change – the “A”)

9 Work-Out Methodology CHI’s methodologies for leading change…and producing results 9 Change Acceleration Process Methodology 9

10 10

11 Leading Change: Having a champion who sponsors the change. Leadership provides the time, passion and focus for the effort. Changing Systems & Structures Making sure that the management practices are aligned to complement and reinforce the change (staffing, development, measures, rewards, communication, organizational design, resources, systems). Creating a Shared Need The reason to change, whether driven by threat or opportunity, is instilled within the organization and widely shared through data, demonstration, demand or diagnosis. The need for change must exceed its resistance. Shaping a Vision The desired outcome of change is clear, legitimate, widely understood and shared. Mobilizing Commitment Key stakeholders are identified, resistance is analyzed, and actions are taken to gain strong commitment from key constituents to invest in the change and make it work. Making Change Last Once change is started, it endures and flourishes. Learnings are transferred throughout the organization. There is consistent, visible and tangible reinforcement of the change. Monitoring Progress Progress is real. Benchmarks are set and realize. Indicators are established to guarantee accountability. CAP Model LeadingChangeLeadingChange Systems&StructuresSystems&Structures 11

12 Issues and BarriersSolutions Opening and Set-up Planning & Scoping Before the Work-Out During the Work-Out Report out Wrap up Follow-up Summary After the Work-Out DivergeConvergeDivergeConverge Work-Out Basics The Process of a Work-Out “Double Diamond” 12

13 A proven formula for results CAP Overview Effective Results (E) are equal to the Quality (Q) of the solution times the Acceptance (A) of the idea and Accountability (A) and Ability (A) for the implementation Q x A 3 = E 13

14 14 Where Organizational Change Management “Lives” 14

15 15 How Organizational Change Management “Works” 15

16 16 LER Change Management competency is “hard wired” into CHI’s leadership development and assessment Annual Leadership Effectiveness Review Performance Culture Assessment Leadership Development Challenges the status quo Change Leadership Aptitude / Experience 360 o PCA Executive Assessment Recruitment Annual Talent Reviews

17 Organizational Change Management Vision & Elevator Speech Vision: Ingrain a change management culture where leaders at all levels across the enterprise use and apply the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) as the foundation for leading change and utilize CAP & Work-Out tools in their everyday activities to support the accelerated pace, success and sustainment during the increased magnitude of change initiatives in healthcare. Elevator Speech: OCM is about hardwiring change management as a critical success factor to build the acceptance, accountability and ability across the organization to reach success and insure sustainment of changes; Developing a change management culture and preparing leadership through leadership development, training, coaching and guidance for usage and measurement of CAP (Change Acceleration Process) and Work-Out. This is important because with the accelerated pace and increased magnitude of change within healthcare, leaders need strong change management competencies based on a common approach and language focused on the people side of change to manage the change and reach successful outcomes faster. We need your support and full engagement by applying change management into every aspect of your daily work. 17

18 What Questions do you have? 18

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