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Principals of Technology Becky Fisher & Paula White Albemarle County Public Schools Charlottesville, VA.

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1 Principals of Technology Becky Fisher & Paula White Albemarle County Public Schools Charlottesville, VA

2 Who are we and why are we here? You –How many principals are here? –How many district-level technology people are here? –How many school-level technology people are here? –Who are the rest of you? Us –Paula White ( –Becky Fisher (

3 A survey how many schools/divisions have clear technology expectations for principals… that are different from teachers… and connected to student learning?


5 Design 2004

6 Under what conditions does technology improve student achievement?

7 A discussion What do you expect principals to know, understand and be able to do related to technology? Virginia’s TSIP - TSIP/home.html TSIP/home.html ISTE NETS*T and NETS*A - - Visit ISTE at Booth 2501 /Leadership/home.html /Leadership/home.html

8 I think leadership is creating a state of mind in others. Barbara Mikulski (1917 - 1984) Indian political leader

9 Leadership and Vision: develop a collaborative, technology-rich school improvement plan, grounded in research and aligned with the district strategic plan. Discuss role of technology planning in SIP and vice versa. Share story from the B. F. Yancey Elementary SIP team. Discuss Design 2004 and the role of the Principal. Design2004/home.html Design2004/home.html

10 Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know; it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave. Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) US novelist, journalist, river pilot

11 Learning and Teaching: collaboratively design, implement, support, and participate in professional development for all instructional staff that institutionalizes effective integration of technology for improved student learning. How is allowing your technology leader 5 minutes at a faculty meeting going to make any difference? Don Vale and the AppleWorks stories Share “You are the principal teacher” stories from VITAL -

12 What do YOU do about the “reluctants”? "Results indicate that the factor combination of amount of technology training, time spent beyond contractual work week, and openness to change best predicted classroom technology use.“

13 More on the Reluctants…

14 One man practicing sportsmanship is better than a hundred teaching it. Knute Rockne (1888 - 1931) US football coach

15 Productivity and Professional Practice: use current technology-based management systems to access and maintain personnel and student records. access to data vs meaningful data analysis Principals and SASI DSA and Flanagan spreadsheets Data warehousing Ashby Kindler and ERC focus on feedback

16 When was the last time you… e-mailed a teacher a curriculum-related link you found in working on the web? read ASCD’s SmartBriefs or another e- newsletter? forwarded an article from SmartBriefs or another e-newsletter? published something (SIP, for example) on the web?

17 A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one. Mary Kay Ash (1915 - 2001) US businesswoman

18 Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (1874 - 1960) US oil magnate, philanthropist

19 Support, Management, and Operations: provide campus-wide staff development for sharing work and resources across commonly used formats and platforms. Don Vale and Design 2004 Portfolio Debbie Collins’ use of B. F. Yancey’s server to share documents

20 How easy is it for a teacher to… share a Word or Excel file with you? organize a set of bookmarks for students to visit? plan for and implement a technology-enriched unit that requires additional computer access for a multi-day period?

21 True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) English statesman, author

22 Assessment and Evaluation: implement evaluation procedures for teachers that assess individual growth toward established technology standards and guide professional development planning. Don Vale and Professional Development plans Design 2004 school-based professional development TSIP implementation CTIP

23 What is the… best decision you ever made about educational technology? How do you know that? worst decision you ever made about educational technology? How do you know that? last evaluative comment you made to a teacher about their use of technology?

24 The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. Omar Bradley (1893 - 1981) US army general

25 Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues: secure and allocate technology resources to enable teachers to better meet the needs of all learners on campus. Carol Tomlinson’s work with us on Technology and Differentiation - logy/di/ logy/di/

26 When was the last time you… asked questions about homework and access to technology? were aware of a teacher violating copyright laws? saw patterns like “low” kids working on worksheets and “high kids” on engaging projects in your school?

27 From national standards to the principal’s office What are the challenges in taking these standards from print to practice? Bennett 1996 – most principals do not have teaching experience with technology Tips for Leading in School Technology (Curriculum and Technology Quarterly) - 3summer/wrisley.html 3summer/wrisley.html

28 Model the technology use you expect of the staff and the students. Debbie Collins (Yancey Elementary) and Don Vale (Henley Middle School) Desire to be connected to the instructional server Providing teachers templates Conducting technology enriched faculty meetings

29 Support… all ideas for grants, innovative technology practices, and integration of technology in learning – then celebrate them! Shannon Grants Oral History grant Partnerships – UVA, National Gallery of Art, etc.

30 Showcase the school. Open the doors of your school and your classrooms – teacher and principal field trips School web sites Encouraging teacher-presenters at conferences Year 3 of Design 2004 plan

31 Focus budget resources on equipment. /tlc/findings/report_6/

32 Provide learning opportunities. School-based professional development – before and after Design 2004, including CTIP Division-level professional development – TSIP, VITAL, Opportunities, Making Connections, NTTI, CAI, etc. VSTE and other conferences

33 More on CTIP

34 Curriculum comes first! Requires principal commitment Partnership between school and central office

35 Develop teacher leadership. CTIP IC/Leads Mentors CAI GRT LMS Literacy Specialists SIP Achievement Teams Design 2004

36 Catalysts Positive pressure on superintendent – Henrico laptop deployment Seed projects and people Opportunities for superintendent to develop vision – Apple Leadership Institute, orchestrated “field trips” within division Expand seed projects (Design 2004) and seed people (CTIP) Opportunities for principals to develop vision – VITAL Making Connections 2003


38 In Closing What is it principals in technology- enriched learning environments do that other principals don’t? How can principals help teachers increase the level of technology implementation within the context of best practices? How can technology improve student achievement?

39 In Closing How is technology integration reflected in school improvement plans and other artifacts of a principal’s day-to-day work? Explore connections between integration of technology into classroom instruction and actions taken and decisions made in the principal’s office. Be prepared to interact with tough questions and to leave with an elevated understanding of the role technology can play in increasing student achievement and teacher expertise.

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