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Как подростки выражают свою индивидуальность?.  - опрос дежурного о посещаемости;  - цели урока (на прошлом уроке мы начали изучение темы «Молодежные.

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Presentation on theme: "Как подростки выражают свою индивидуальность?.  - опрос дежурного о посещаемости;  - цели урока (на прошлом уроке мы начали изучение темы «Молодежные."— Presentation transcript:

1 Как подростки выражают свою индивидуальность?

2  - опрос дежурного о посещаемости;  - цели урока (на прошлом уроке мы начали изучение темы «Молодежные субкультуры», познакомились с лексикой по теме, сегодня мы продолжаем изучать музыкальные направления, познакомимся с понятием «насилие», а также в работе с текстом и построении грамматических предложений закрепим пройденную лексику).

3  - Look at the screen. This is the English proverb: It is not the gay coat that makes the gentleman. (По одёжке встречают, по уму провожают.) – Repeat after me – all together and each other. (повторить всем вместе, по цепочке)

4  - We are learning the new words in our topic «The young subculture», repeat the words (на экране слова, повторить их всем вместе, читая вслух)  - Let’s play the game «Translator», who don’t know the words, stand upping. (игра «Переводчик» по пройденной лексике): Mad, to conform to, group, rebellion,subculture, distinct, liberal, teenager, option, lifestyle, violence, to reject, scooter,moral insult, cruel actions, to express, aggression, graffiti, drug, reggae, to use physical force, symptom of problems in the society, raver, generation. – The best translator is… Your mark is 5.

5  - In last lesson we determine that the subculture is… What do you think the features of such grouping are? (схема субкультуры на экране, учащийся называет составляющие этого понятия).  - Open your books at page 70, ex. 2, Read the descriptions of different groups and you must fill in table: image, values, music (чтение текстов с извлечением конкретной информации и заполнение таблицы).

6  1. – Look at the screen. The music styles. You are preparing the information about the music styles. Read. (индивидуальные сообщения учащихся о музыкальных направлениях). Very good! Физминутка  2. – Look at the screen. This is the young generation in Russia. Can you identify them? You use the phrase: I consider that is… (cубкультуры молодежи России – использование грамматической структуры I consider that is…)  3. – Open your books at page 75, ex. 2. Now, most young people in Britain and Russia create a certain lifestyle within their subculture. What do they do it? Chose from the ideas below. (развитие умения высказывать свое мнение по изучаемому материалу c использованием грамматической структуры I think that… - I don’t think that…  4. – Многие молодежные группировки ассоциируются у некоторых людей с понятиями употребление алкоголя, наркотиков, насилие. What is associated with the word «violence»? Look at the screen. Are you assently? (знакомство с понятием «насилие», высказывания учащихся построение схемы).

7  - Закрепляя понятие «насилие», вы сейчас выполните тест по текстам, которые лежат перед вами на партах, ваша задача ответить на три вопроса: 1. Чьё мнение высказывается в текстах: пожилых людей, людей среднего возраста, подростков; 2. Как они объясняют сущность происхождения насилия среди подростков; 3. Найдите ответ, что подростки не такие уж и плохие, как о них думают. Через 5 минут, вы обмениваетесь листочками и проверяете по образцу на экране ответы, выставляя оценки друг другу. – Begin the test. That’s all. Exchange the leaves.

8  - Итак, подводя итоги сегодняшнего урока, обобщим понятия «субкультура», «молодежная субкультура», обратившись к энциклопедическому словарю; Read…  - оценки за урок.

9  повторить изученную лексику; составить кроссворд  - Now write your home work: to repeat the new words, compose the crossword.


11  1. The members of this subculture wear black clothes, a lot of silver jewellery. They look very pale and thin and gather together to read Bram Stoker and talk about being vampires. (They are goths.)  2. They like to be in a group and create all-night dance parties. They want to try out all sort of options and they are thought to be rebellious and violent. (They are ravers.)  3. They support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. Their behaviours and attitudes differ from social norms. They always want to change the world for the best. They are thought to use psychedelic drugs and listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll. (They are hippies.)  4. A young person who has brightly coloured spiked hair and dresses in a shocking way to express his or her identity. He or she wears metal chains and rejects everything in the world. (It’s a punk.)

12  5. These young people have pale faces and plenty of make up. They prefer listening to soul music. Their clothes are a neat white Italian shirt, a short jacket, narrow trousers and a short blazer. Scooters are their preferred means of transportation. (They are mods.)  6. This type of young people is associated with something rebellious. They wear leather jackets, army boots and a cowboy hats to show off. (They are rockers.)  7. It is a young person who has a deep understanding of how computers work. He can do “magical” things with them. (It is a hacker.)  8. The young people of this subculture have no or very short hair. They are uninterested in traditional politics. The majority of them are working class and football fans. They are regarded as violent and aggressive. (They are skinheads.)




16 Match different music styles with the suitable musicians and music groups from the box: 1. Rap ____________________ 2. Techno ____________________ 3. Reggae ____________________ 4. Punk Rock ____________________ 5. Rock’n’Roll ____________________ 6. Psychedelic Rock ____________________ Pink Floyd, the Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Pearl Jam, the Chemical Brothers, Bob Marley, Public Enemy, Ice Tea, the Clash, Nirvana, the Sex Pistols, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard Должны написать название группы или имя музыканта к стилю музыки. Оценивается правильность ответов и скорость выполнения задания.

17 1. Reggae – Bob Marley; 2. Rock ‘n’ Roll – Elvis Presley; 3. Techno – Prodigy; 4. Punk Rock – Sex Pistols; 5. Psychedelic Rock – Pink Floyd.

18 1. He was an American singer and film actor born in 1915. His distinctive style of singing made him famous as a performer all over the world. He also starred in several successful films and musicals. He died in 1998. (Frank Sinatra) 2. He was a Spanish explorer. Florida was named by him in 1512 due to the fact that the whole region which he saw was covered with flowers. He searched for the legendary “fountain of youth”. (Ponce de Leon) 3. He was the Chief Commissioner of Works when the bell of the Great Clock of the Houses of Parliament in London was cast in 1856. The bell in the clock tower is supposed to be nicknamed after him. (Sir Benjamin Hall)

19 4. He was an English novelist who was very popular during his lifetime as a storyteller, making his readers laugh and cry. His novels include The Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and others. (Charles Dickens) 5. He was a king of England in 1066–1087. He invaded England from France and established Norman rule in England. (William the Conqueror) 6. He was an English statesman, a powerful orator and Prime Minister from 1951 to 1955. This leader wrote several books on history and was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. (Sir Winston Churchill)

20 Match different musicians and music groups with their music styles: Music Styles 1. Rap 2. Techno 3. Reggae 4. Punk rock 5. Rock’n’Roll 6. Psychedelic rock Musicians and Groups Ice Ted, Public Enemy the Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Pearl Jam, The Chemical Brothers Bob Marley The Clash, Nirvana, The Sex Pistols Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley Pink Floyd

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