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Chronicle the advancements of the Axis Powers until they reach their territorial peak in 1942.

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1 Chronicle the advancements of the Axis Powers until they reach their territorial peak in 1942

2 From ______ to ______ Axis Powers –Germany (Hitler) –Italy (Mussolini) –Japan (Tojo) Allied Powers –GB (Churchill) –USSR (Stalin) –France (DeGaulle) –USA (FDR/Truman) –China (Kai-shek)

3 Lightning war…FAST ATTACK What is used in it? –Air attack 1 st –Tanks (Panzer units) –Soldiers Goal = loop around enemy. Many casualties and POWs Poland and Czech 3 and 3

4 a.“Phony War” b.April 1940, Denmark & Norway –Vidkun Quisling

5 a.“Phony War” b.April 1940, Denmark & Norway –Vidkun Quisling c.May 1940, takes Belgium & Netherlands

6 GB tried to retake Norway and fails badly Chamberlain confronted by the House of Commons. During the Norway Debate of May 7, Leo Amery, one of Chamberlain's personal friends, delivered this devastating indictment of Chamberlain's conduct of the war. Amery quotes Oliver Cromwell’s speech to the Long Parliament “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.” Who is the replacement?


8 Hitler attacks through north 300K French and British troops –Miracle of Dunkirk June, Italy attacks through south and all of France is taken over


10 Germany parades through Paris...finally

11 France is split (map) Charles DeGaulle in Great Britain in exile

12 Hitler 1 st offers peace to GB –Churchill rejects it July 1940 Germany bombs Great Britain “We shall never surrender” speech (YT)






18 GB beats Germany…how? Battle in skies… –Luftwaffe (HG) vs Royal Air Force RAF has a secret weapon!!

19 About 23K civilians killed in GB German bad intell Germans did not hit as many military targets as they should have

20 Bombing was going to lead to Operation Sea Lion, which was an invasion of GB –Never happens Even if RAF was defeated, British Navy would have prevented amphibious invasion

21 If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels round every country. And the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire.” (Manno) WC’s Mind WC and FDR English Naval order Drunk at party

22 Who couldn’t get the job done? General Erwin Rommel takes Africa What should Hitler try to take?



25 Hitler wants… Why? –Defeat inferior Slavs & Jews –Resources –Lebensraum for Aryans Hitler delayed until Summer!!

26 Mussolini needs help taking Greece & Yugo –Hitler has to help Benny –Hitler takes Yugo & Greece Bad Spring Rains in 1941

27 Operation Barbarossa (Red Beard) = Invasion of USSR Largest Land Battles of WW2 Largest Land invasion ever designed –4 million Axis troops "When Barbarossa commences, the world will hold its breath and make no comment.“ AH

28 Hitler = micromanager  –Hitler’s Generals plan 3 thrusts They want Moscow… –Hitler takes their plan and changes it (hmm) He wanted Leningrad & Caucasus mountains (resources) –Both sides argue throughout the invasion…to be continued


30 Summer + Fall of 1941 is GOOD (2.5 mil POWs) –USSR totally caught by surprise –Goebbels says in the fall “The war is over.” (ha!) –Stalin screws up the defense of the USSR Stalin took on too much military responsibility, and he’s a TERRIBLE military tactician!! –Stalin has no competent Generals… Stalin is depressed…Stalin is depressed…

31 Spring 1941 (Rain & BM) Hitler vs Generals USSR has bad roads/rails and rain stalled German tanks (treads) Too few tanks & soldiers –Russia is not France! Stalin wises up… WINTER 1941 comes –Tanks can’t start

32 9. Early position? –neutrality 10. Lend-Lease? –USA provided weapons to Allies –$50 Billion –GB was broke

33 German U-Boats Allies have to take back control of Atlantic Ocean



36 a. Japan is doing what? ←(resources) b. USA does what in 1940? –Stops giving supplies (oil) –Japan sees this as the 1 st act of aggression

37 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor “I fear we have awoken the sleeping giant” Admiral Yamamoto Dec 8, USA declares war on Japan. Germany then declares war on USA USA now has a 2- front war as well Did FDR know???

38 Axis Powers are at their peak They have stalled too!! –Africa –USSR –GB –Not yet with USA USA and USSR will turn the war around

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