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Sales Intelligence™ + Marketing Intelligence + Business Research + Human Intelligence, using Big Data = Sales Intellect Company. ‘Everything about Customers’ Sales Intellect Company is a Sales Intelligence and Business Research Company that provides Sales Intelligence™ company reports derived from Big Data/Data Sciences. Sales Intellect's Sales Intelligence™ portal is a retail E-Commerce web-based application that provides a well structured repository of 5 million Sales Intelligence™ company research reports derived from Big Data / Data Sciences, and altogether has 1 Billion Sales Intelligence™ company reports, across all Industry verticals and domains from all geographical regions. Sales Intelligence™ has identified business opportunities worth multiple Trillion of US dollars in all Industries. Sales Intellect prepare Sales Intelligence™ for Customer Sales Team to increase Sales using our unique award winning 16 Sales Intelligence™ like Business Model, Business Architecture, Business Strategy & Planning, Business Initiatives and Opportunity Evaluation, Technology Intelligence, Project Management Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Global Services Projects, Information Technology Intelligence, Information Technology Roadmap, Information Technology Strategy, HR Intelligence, Financial Analysis and Marketing Intelligence. Awards: IAIR AWARDS 2013 ‘Excellence in Global Economy and Sustainability’ for “Best Company for Innovation & Leadership”, special category – Asia Region; Red Herring Top 100 Asia finalist 2013; Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service 2013 Bronze; Rockstar of the Stevie® Awards 2013 and NASSCOM IP4Biz Award 2012 in INTEROP Mumbai 2012 and many awards/honours like Business Judge in 2013 Stevie Award for 'Women in Business', USA; Business Judge in 2013 Stevie Award for 'International Business Award', USA; Stevie Rockstar Award - Business Judge for 'Sales and Customer Service Award’ 2013, CII – Confederation of Indian Industry 2004, etc.

70% of Sales & Marketing Professionals doesn’t potentially prepare for their Client meetings due to, Inadequacy of Time and excessive cost Insufficient cost to spend on Researching customers lack of Customer Intelligence and their problems 65% of Sales & Marketing Professionals doesn’t know exact Customer’s Problems and Pain Points 82% of Proposals fail, due to unmatched Service Offerings/Capabilities with Customer’s requirements 75% of Sales Professionals are untrained with inadequate intelligence on market dynamics 80 to 85% or more of all marketing s go unopened Business Insider, Inc Quote on Sales Intelligence: “They often do not have the stamina to respond to rapidly changing customer and market requirements.” - CDI Institute According to John Radcliffe, Vice President of Gartner, many organizations report that most of the data they collect is of poor quality: “Significant initiatives, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI), are failing at high rates”.

Understand Business Model/Business Architecture/Business Roadmap Technology Landscape/Technology Roadmap/Project Management roles Technologies plays in the present and in future Competitive Landscape and future of their Technology Business Value and Risk of new Technology initiatives Identify Business and Technology Opportunities Perform benchmark on Company’s Technology operation against industry peers Maximizing value of Technology value of Information Technology assets more value from your Budget Better align Business and Information Technology initiatives Mapping Technologies to key business drivers Business goals to the Business Capabilities required Assess Risk and Business Impact

Preparation before meeting any of your Customers You will know exact problems & Pain points of your Customer’s You will definitely Win your Proposal, over your competitors Proposal Understand competitor pricing models and define purchasing triggers Identify Competitor threats in Key Product/Service Lines and position new Products Differentiating Value Propositions and Value Proposition Alignment Accelerate Sales Cycles and close more deals Win / Loss Analysis Gather and analyze internal Employee Market Intelligence Improve, Drive and measure Sales Team Performance and maximize Sales Productivity


7 Sales Intelligence™ + Marketing Intelligence + Business Research + Human Intelligence, using Big Data = Sales Intellect Company Overview: Sales Intelligence™ has Information of all the Projects in the World, its Project renewal, Project deal size and all the technologies used in a project/company; projects served by its Vendors. Sales Intelligence™ is an evolution based on the necessity of present challenging global markets with the importance of knowing Customer Pain Points. Having the knowledge of Business information, Sales Intelligence™ has identified business opportunities worth multiple Trillion of US dollars in all Industries from all continents. Vision: To increase the sales/revenue of companies using Sales Intelligence, Business Research Methodologies and Big Data & Analytics Mission: To provide Complete, Accurate, Reliability, and Timely Sales Intelligence. Innovation for Business Solution / Product: Sales Intelligence derived from Big Data and Analytics has Information of all the Projects, its Project renewal, Project deal size and all the technologies used in a company, by its IT Vendors. Sales Intelligence using Big Data and Analytics helps us to identify business opportunities in all IT Services. Executives can make truthful strategic decision through Sales Intelligence evaluated from Big Data and Analytics.

8 SALES INTELLIGENCE™ - 1st to 4th
1. Company Profile: Company Profile has a detailed information of a company, corporate information and business description as first level information. Information about subsidiaries, acquisitions, key competitors and similar companies helps us to research your target company for business profit. 2. Business Roadmap: Business Roadmap information explains the business growth path throughout the past, explaining how a company has grown, invested, acquired, diversified, ROI (Return On Investment), new Business Initiatives and forecasting possible business developments. 3. Business Model: Business Model information describes core functions and operations of a business, explaining a complete picture of a company, as part of its business strategy to get profitability in ROI (Return On Investment). Business model is based on the recent business strategy and planning. 4. Business Architecture: Business Architecture describes the architectural structure of business that bridges the Business model and Business Strategy, along with the business functionality. Functional structure and integrated view is articulated in Business Architecture for best return from Business Operation.

9 SALES INTELLIGENCE™ - 5th to 8th
5. Business Strategy & Planning: Business Strategy & Planning describes information about companies recent business strategy proposed for immediate action, business initiatives, priorities, transformation process and business approach to achieve growth and development by utilizing business environment and its advantages. 6. Business Initiatives and Opportunity Evaluation: Business Initiatives explains the actions taken by the Business Decision makers based on the proposed business strategy and planning. Opportunity Evaluations are recommendations about business opportunities existing in a company based in their recent initiatives. 7. Technology Intelligence: Technology Intelligence identifies the technological opportunities that enhance the future growth and sustenance of their business. Technology Intelligence influences the technological exploitation as its essential for technological threats and creates opportunities by filling the gaps between the business and technology. 8. Project Management Intelligence: Project Management Intelligence consists of details of Projects served by a company to their customers, while solving their Business and Technology challenges. Project Information like Service providers, project description, name, project duration, deal size, challenges, solutions, benefits, functionalities, technology stack and competitive advantages.

10 SALES INTELLIGENCE™ - 9th to 12th
9. Product Intelligence: Product Intelligence consists of information about a product like product design, development, manufacturing, product development lifecycle, process and analysis. It compares the product functionalities and features to improve the product innovation and iteration, thus enabling to produce competitive product. 10. Global Services Projects: Global Services Intelligence consists of global business information about projects outsourced to other regions are available to you. Information like names and description about the global delivery projects, technology stack, technologies used, opportunities existing in outsourcing and operational framework followed by each vendors while delivering the outsourced projects to their clients in onsite. 11. Information Technology Intelligence: IT Project description and Information Technologies used by a company in all business segments/projects are available, helping you to align Business and IT. IT Stack identifies and evaluates IT gap analysis in best practice 12. Information Technology Roadmap: Information Technology Roadmap explains the historic and present Information Technologies used by a company in all projects while solving its business challenges. IT Roadmap predicts possible technologies to be used in all projects by identifying its patterns.

11 SALES INTELLIGENCE™ - 13th to 16th
13. Information Technology Strategy: Recent Information Technology decisions made in creating business value from technology investments, objective and principles. Information Technology SWOT analysis, benefits, objectives, scope, approach, methodologies, capabilities, milestones and governance relating to the information technologies used by a company. 14. HR Intelligence: HR Intelligence provides information about Key Decision Makers and leadership team details like name, designation, ID, contact information, employment history, current location, biography, corporate responsibilities, likes and interests of executives. HR Intelligence explains Organizational structure based on Business Model & Operational Model; key executive responsible for business opportunity; HR recruitment and staffing information; target resources based on the business functions and projects. 15. Financial Analysis: Financial analysis assesses a company's Profitability, Liquidity, Solvency, and Stability of a company & projects, from the reports prepared using information referred from financial statements, income statement, and balance sheet, that specifies the financial state of a business. Financial analysis explains ROI, ROIT (Return On IT Investment), Return on Assets (ROA), Return On Net Assets (RONA), Return On Capital (ROC), Return On Invested Capital (ROIC), Business and Technology spending, IT spending for Services & Solutions, Integrated Business Planning, Business valuation, Financial planning, financial modeling, financial forecasting, balance sheet analysis and capital budgeting are available as a value adds in the Financial Analysis. 16. Marketing Intelligence: Marketing Intelligence is information of a company's markets, which we prepared for decision-making in determining the business opportunities, competitive intelligence - business contracts & deals, pricing, typical deal structures, competitor's future plans, acquisition opportunities, identifying potential channel partners, market penetration strategy. Here you find analysis on cross-sale and up-sale opportunities, identification of profitable customers; identify purchasing patterns and customer knowledge management. We explain market potential, customer pricing, indications of new developments, and go-to-go market condition, cross-company comparison, market development metrics, measuring market share, setting growth targets and discovering opportunities through innovative differentiation.

12 Sales Intellect Company – SALES USING BIG DATA
Sales Services Customized Services Sales Process and Evaluation Consulting Inside Sales Support Customer Retention Account Mapping and Prospecting Solution Sales Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' provides customer's pains and addresses the issues with a company's product and services. We will give you a definite answer to your problem and customer's problem, with an acknowledgement from the buyer and the seller. Our 'Solution Sales' will be a mutually agreed-upon answer to a customer's recognized problem and provides a measurable improvement, which the customer can visualize, understand and demand. Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' process consists of the following: Sales Methodology Sales Management System Sales Map Sales Architecture Sales Philosophy Sales Solutions Sales Consulting: We offer in-house Sales Intelligence expertise to even sell services . As per your needs, we will deploy unique sales process and methodologies that will effectively turn prospects into customers and also work hands-on with you to close challenging deals in existing pipeline, using our proven Sales Intelligence Solutions. Sales Intelligence Programs Sales Manager Sales Coaching

13 INFORMATION SOURCE Published Information Social Media Intelligence
Public Internet Search Engines Annual Reports Articles News Press Releases Publications TV Spots Magazines Executive Comments Social Media Intelligence Social Media Networks Blogs Forums Wikis Videos & Photo Sharing Podcasts RSS Feeds Location-based Network Social Bookmarking Business Systems Product Specifications Training Manuals Delivery Schedules Online Videos Webinars Client Testimony Terms and Conditions Executive Biographies Marketing & Advertising materials Marketing Collateral Case Studies Datasheets Product sheet Executive Interviews Client Histories Presentations

Identification of Information Source: Identify the source of Information like Published Information, Social Media Intelligence, Business Systems, Marketing and Advertising materials. Data Aggregation/Acquisition/Collection: Aggregate Data from multiple Information Sources Research: Analyze public Information using Sales Intellect’s unique Data-mining approaches Sanitization: Data Cleansing, Data Filtering, Choose and Edit Validation and Verification: Cross verify data with identified Information Sources Standardization: Format the research findings into Sales Intelligence™ standard template Customization: Customize the reports as per Customer business requirements Enrichment: Enrich the data and deliver as Rich Data or as PDF document. Sales Intelligence™ stages in Big Data processing are: Database {1,2,3...n} + Data Collection + Data Management & Structuring + Data Analysis + Data Visualization.

Standardization, Sanitization, Data Aggregation, Data Enrichment, Validation & Verification, De-duplication


Big Data for Climate Change, Environment Protection, Energy Management, Food Security (Sales Intelligence™): Big Data Analytics (BDA) Sales Intelligence™ performs research on Climate Change, Environment Protection, Energy Management, Food Security with multiple research, analysis and benefits. BDA Sales Intelligence™ research explains current Environmental Crisis, implications, challenges, opportunities and regulating measures for Climate Change Mitigation through the Agricultural, Technological, Social, Ethical and Political Responses. BDA Sales Intelligence™ provides responses to all crisis, focusing on the Environmental Stability and Sustenance. We perform Integrated Climate Impact and Adaptation Assessments for sustainable Food Security using our Data Science IT Team, Climate Team, Crop Modelling Team and Economics Team to perform research on areas like Aggregation, Scaling, Assessments, Capacity Building and Decision Making; Climate Scenario, Daily Weather Inputs, Soil & Watershed Inputs, Crop, Hydrology Models, Economic Models, etc. BDA Sales Intelligence™ proceeds with Legal research including mitigation of economic significance and effects of the emissions of certain gases on Climate Change. We do programs of research, technology development and education. Big Data Analytics(BDA) for Medical Practice using Medical Intelligence (Sales Intelligence™): Today, Healthcare Executives are in a challenge to identify Medical Truth during global economic crisis, using ICT. Projects: BDA Sales Intelligence™ is performing Research in Healthcare Fraud and Abuse; fulfil and follow Clinical Practice and its Legal Standards, Warnings, Predictions, and Interdisciplinary Encounters. BDA Sales Intelligence™ project is solving global fight against seizures of Lawful Generic Medicines, using ICT. Our Medical Intelligence technologies consists of Profiling, Health mapping, Strategy and Planning, Initiatives and Opportunity Evaluation, Technology Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Global Services and Healthcare Resources. (Medical Intelligence refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of Medical Information). BDA Sales Intelligence™ executes project using past, present and future Global healthcare crisis, challenges, opportunities and regulating measures in Medical Practice, along with the causes of the crisis. We execute Medical Intelligence using aggregate of relevant information and deliver decision making wisdom to Healthcare Professionals. ASD Jobs (Employment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Youths in Big Data Industry - Sales Intelligence™) and Green Jobs: People with ASD possess unique extraordinary skills or talents to offer the world. ASD Youths are contributing for Big Data projects that is used in Sales Intellect's multiple industry projects, with 99% result in Output. We have identified and used Human Intelligence capabilities in Autism resources to perform Data Extraction, Data Enrichment, etc, in Research & Data Analytical process of Sales Intelligence™. After Identifying Human Intelligence in Autism youths, we assign and allocate jobs to Autism Youths for low salary/wages. Such jobs are assigned after training to individuals as per the self-interest of ASD Youths. Wages are reduced and untapped talents are utilized for Social development. Green jobs improves national economy; supports Governments, Employers and Trade Unions to promote sustainable jobs and development. We perform Agriculture & Biofuel Green Jobs Initiative program to analyse and promote the creation of Green jobs. BDA Sales Intelligence™ performs multiple analysis on 'Agriculture & Biofuel Green Jobs' to develop energy and to sustain environment. BDA Sales Intelligence™ relates with Legal research on the effects of Challenges and Opportunities in multiple industries.

18 Founder & CEO Biography: Churchill Dass Prince
Mr. Churchill Dass Prince founded a Sales Intelligence Company named “Sales Intellect” with his trademark “Sales Intelligence(tm)”, based on his award winning software innovation during  Churchill Dass Prince has presented 82+ research papers in International and national conferences and honoured as “Chief Guest” in 42+ International Conferences and national conferences. Churchill’s research works has been appreciated by Governments of 50+ countries. Churchill’s research works has been acknowledged by Honourable President of India, Prime Minster, Central Ministers, Executives and Legislatures and NGOs in India, since 2009. He coined the terms like “Sales Intelligence”, “Project Management Intelligence” and “Global Services Intelligence” during his speech in hundreds of international conferences, since 2003. Notably, he coined the term “Sales Intelligence” during his invited presentation in E-Learn 2004 World Conference, USA and SAP World Tour Conference 2004.  Churchill has received awards from UNCHS - United Nations Commission for Human Settlements, CII - Confederation of Indian Industry 2004, “Young Achiever of India 2004 & 2005”, “Young Achieving Hero 2004 & 2005”, “Lead Man of India 2004 & 2005”, Indian Society of Technical Education 2004, 2005, and International Youth Leadership Award, “International Award: Young Tech Stars from India”, etc.  Churchill Dass Prince was ‘Manager – Research’ in Microsoft Corporation, delivered Forbes 1000 research reports to Microsoft Corporation during 2006 to 2008, which was effectively used by the Chiefs, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors of Microsoft Corporation.   Churchill is both an Information Technology professional and a Business Lawyer by profession with extensive knowledge in International Business Law, Information Technology Services, Healthcare Services, Shared Services, Environmental Biotechnology, Climate Change Mitigation, Bio-fuel, Health Law, Medical Negligence and Litigation, Global Economics, Environment Protection, Geography, and Political Science. Earlier, he worked with USA based organization like Microsoft Corporation, CS Solutions Inc and American Desi Magazine; Indian organizations like Paul's Consultancy Services, Times of India, TNS Market Research, and TATA Tele Services in various management designations.   Churchill is Certified Knowledge Manager 2005, from Knowledge Management Professional Society, New York, USA and also trained in PMP - Project Management Professional certification. He graduated B.Tech - IT from Madha Engineering College, Affiliated to Anna University, India and 'Master of Arts-Political Science' from University of Madras and schoolings in St.Bede's Anglo Indian Higher Sec School, India with 150+ awards during 1987 to 2001.



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