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Executive/Personal Assistants Network Event Project Skills & Techniques.

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1 Executive/Personal Assistants Network Event Project Skills & Techniques

2 WELCOME Introductions Housekeeping Agenda for the Session

3 Agenda Workshop Agenda Time Activity 9:30am Welcome and Introductions 9:55am The Role of the Project Manager 10:15am Communication & SMART Objectives 10:55amThe Project Management Lifecycle 11:00am Break 11:15am Project Initiation & Brainstorming 12:05am Project Planning tools & Techniques 12:30pm Evaluation & Next Steps

4 About the NHS North West Leadership Academy Established in 2007, 78 member organisations including: 38 Provider organisations 32 Clinical Commissioning Groups 3 Commissioning Support Units 3 Local Area Teams Health Education North West Our aim is to provide current, effective, leadership programmes, products and support to help our NHS NW leaders face and overcome the challenges that come their way. We have delivered over 100,000 hours of development support for both clinical and non clinical leaders which amounts to over 6,000 people so far.

5 About the EA Network  Personal development & networking events & workshops  Dedicated online portal:  MEMO – Newsletter  Access to mentoring (

6 Ice Breaker Introduce yourself to as many people as you can, for each person find out: Their name The name of their first pet.

7 Workshop Objectives Understand what defines a project and appreciate the benefits of project management Understand the process of project management Explore tools and techniques for project planning and delivery Understand how to communicate effectively with stakeholders Network with colleagues working within and across the new NHS landscape Fun!

8 Project Definition What is a project?

9 Project Characteristics A project: Has a defined beginning and end Is a unique scope of work done to achieve an agreed outcome. Is constrained by cost, quality objectives and time Involves numerous stakeholders

10 Project Definition Project Definitions: ‘An undertaking with a beginning and an end and is carried out to meet established goals within cost, time and quality objectives’ MaST Learning & Development ‘A one-off scope of work, of a predetermined cost, designed to bring about a change of defined quality in a given time’ MaST Learning & Development ‘A temporary endeavour designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.’ Carl Chatfield, A Short Course in Project Management

11 Table Discussion Can you think of some examples of projects that you have worked on? What was the project? Did it meet the desired outcomes? Did it begin and end on time ? Did it cost more/less than you expected? Did you have to compromise quality ?

12 The Role of a Project Manager A project is an undertaking with a beginning and an end and is carried out to meet established goals within cost, time and quality objectives A project manager is the person accountable for accomplishing the established project goals/ objectives within the agreed the cost, time, and quality constraints.

13 The Role of the Project Manager An effective project structure Sponsor or Project Board Stakeholders - Executive Management Team, Customers, Board etc Sponsor or Project Board Stakeholders - Executive Management Team, Customers, Board etc Project Manager (The Nominated project ‘driver) Project Manager (The Nominated project ‘driver) The project manager is responsible for ensuring good communication with the project team and stakeholders. Project Team Member

14 The Importance of Setting Objectives As the old saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Winston Churchill

15 aligns the whole organization towards a common strategy and goal helps focus an individual, team or service on the things that matter creates targets and milestones for individuals, teams or services to achieve measure progress towards stated goals or desired outcome The Importance of Setting Objectives

16 Setting SMART Objectives S pecific M easurable A chievable R elevant T imebound

17 Project Management Tools and Techniques Brainstorming Fish bone diagrams Product-based planning – work breakdown structure Network diagram/Critical path analysis (flowchart) Gannt chart Project Initiation Document Project Plan Risk register

18 Project Management Lifecycle Review PlanDo Henri Fayol – The Management Cycle

19 Break

20 Brainstorming group task We’ve won the lottery!! We want you to plan the next Executive Assistants’ event Be as wild and creative as you like, but remember to keep it simple You have six weeks to execute the project and a budget of £3,000

21 The next Executive Assistants’ event

22 Project Implementation Document (PID) What are the objectives and deliverables? (SMART) How will you evaluate the project? How will you know the objectives have been met? Are there any risks?

23 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Identifies the components of a project Establishes what is needed to achieve the final outcome Event presentations Delegates Lunch Comms Agenda Speakers Venue staging Venue contract quotes

24 Network Diagrams Identify each step of the project Determine the dependencies Identify risk Time estimates Critical path – the longest sequence of activities; the minimum amount of time for completing the project Start Research venues Confirm numbers to venue Book venue Get quotes Presentations & Handouts Stop 2 wks 3 wks 4 wks 1 wk Sign in sheet Send to contacts Record responses Design invite Confirm places Confirm speakers Finalise agenda Invite speakers Draft agenda Badges Delegate packs

25 Gannt Chart Source venues Invite design Agenda Source speakers Delegate packs 12345 (weeks)

26 Next Steps What two golden nuggets of learning are you going to take away and share with at least one colleague? Identify two key actions that you will take away today and implement within the next four weeks.

27 Useful Links Mind Tools - Business Balls - Association for Project Management Project Accelerator

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