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World War II Timeline of Events. 1921 Germany is forced to accept $32 billion reparations schedule The German mark collapses creating severe inflation.

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1 World War II Timeline of Events

2 1921 Germany is forced to accept $32 billion reparations schedule The German mark collapses creating severe inflation “For three Generations you’ll have to slave away!”

3 1923 France and Belgium occupy the Ruhr b/c Germany defaults on reparations payments Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch Hitler writes Mein Kampf expressing his anti-semetic views and putting forth his “Final Solution”

4 1924 Creation of the Dawes plan Germany’s economy begins to improve at a very slow rate

5 1929 Kellogg-Briand Pact is signed outlawing war (60 nations but no enforcement powers)

6 min!v=mtMss6hKPBU Japanese Invasion of Manchuria (1931); puppet government of Manchukuo Mukden incident Full-scale invasion of China in earnest by 1937 ‘Rape of Nanking’ ( ,000 civilians massacred by Japanese troops in French Indochina (1940) Japan occupies resources in Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) 1932 FDR is elected Pres in the U.S.

7 1931 cont.

8 1933 Hitler is made Chancellor in the Weimar Republic & begins a rearmament campaign Reichstag fire National Socialist German worker’s party win 43% of the Reichstag National boycott of Jewish businesses Public book burnings of Jewish authors Dachau is open initially for Communists, Socialists and labor leaders Japan & Germany withdraw from LoN

9 1934 Ernst Rohm and the SA (Sturmabteilung), Nazi storm troopers that helped bring Hitler to power, were arrested and killed in the “Night of Long Knives” Nazi party is now the only legal political party. Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases 30,000 are now interned. August 2: Hindenburg dies Hitler assumes the presidency

10 1935 Anti-Jewish legislation “Nuremburg Laws” citizenship was revoked

11 1936 Italy invades Ethiopia 1934 Ethiopia asked the League of Nations for help – they had no military forces to send LoN placed economic sanctions on Italy for being an aggressor Italy announced Ethiopia is part of the Italian empire

12 1936 cont. Olympics in Germany All anti-Jewish signs are removed until games are over Rome-Berlin Axis & Anti- Comintern Pact Hitler takes the Rhineland Franco comes to power in Spain FDR wins 2 nd term

13 1937 Marco-Polo Bridge Incident (China) KMT-CCP Agreement signed (China) ended the civil war in order to combine forces and free China from Japanese invaders

14 1938 U.S. Naval Expansion Act Austria is annexed by Germany Kristallnacht – Nazi’s burn synagogues and loot Jewish homes and businesses – seized assets Jewish children expelled from school (has previously been excluded from university) Czech placed Sudetenland under martial law & Hitler attacked and annexed the land Munich Conference - appeasement Young onlookers watch as the local fire department prevents the fire from spreading to nearby houses, but makes no attempt to stop the synagogue from burning.

15 1939 9/17 Russia invades Poland, Baltics and Finland Poland partitioned Germany begins “blitzkrieg” campaign U.S. Neutrality Act


17 1939 cont WWII breaks out Germany annexes the rest of Czechoslovakia. British pledges to aid Poland "at once... with all the support in their power” (declare war on Ger.) The Jewish refugee ship the St. Louis arrives in Belgium after being denied access to Cuba and the U.S. Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact Ger & S.U. wage war & divide Poland U.S creates Cash & Carry Policy

18 1940 Jan. Britain begins East Africa Campaign against the Italians May U.S. fleet relocated to the Pacific as a deterrent June 22 France falls to the Nazi’s Vichy Government is set up in southern France June10 Battle of Britain Dec. Lend-Lease Act FDR gets a 3 rd term After the Battle of Britain

19 1940 cont. The deportations of Gypsies German troops invade Denmark and Norway. British forces land in Norway. Ger invaded Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. British troops enter Belgium. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain resigns; Winston Churchill becomes new Prime Minister. 5/15 Holland surrenders 5/28 Belgium surrenders 6/3 Norway surrenders 6/10 Italy declares war on G.B & Fr. 6/14 Germans enter Paris

20 1941 March 11: FDR signs Lend-Lease Bill. April 6: Germany invades Greece and Yugoslavia. April 13: Germans occupy Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Russo-Japanese neutrality pact signed. June 22: Germany attacks the S.U. June - July: Over 62,000 Jews are murdered in western Russia. August 11: Churchill & FDR sign the Atlantic Charter, establishing the war aims of both nations.

21 1941 cont December 7: Britain declares war on Finland, Hungary, and Rumania. December 8: Britain & the U.S declare war on Japan. Japan invades Malaya. 12/7 Pearl Harbor attacked attack scene 10 min (FDR speech) December 9: Japan invades Philippines. December 11: Ger & It declare war on U.S.

22 1942 February 19: By order of FDR, Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast are transferred to internment camps in the interior of the country. April 10: Japan captures Bataan. By June, Japan controls the Philippines. May 4-8: Battle of Coral Sea. 3 min June 3-6: Battle of Midway Island. 2 min August 5-31: Germans advancing in Russia. August 7: Americans land on Guadalcanal. November 8: U.S. & G.B. land in French North Africa. Animated map

23 1943 January 14: FDR and Churchill meet at Casablanca, decide on a policy of "Unconditional Surrender." January 31: Ger. Gen. surrender to the Soviets at Stalingrad. May 13: Ger. surrender in Tunisia. July 10: Allies invade Sicily. July 25: Benito Mussolini is dismissed by King Victor Emmanuel in Italy and is arrested. Attempts to escape to is caught, assassinated beaten & hung. August 2: Eight days of Allied bombing in Hamburg, Germany. August 17: Allied conquest of Sicily.

24 1943 cont. August - December: The United States lands on the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, New Georgia and the Gilbert Islands. September 3: Italy forms armistice with Allies. September 8: Italy surrenders. October 13: Italy declares war on Germany. November 22-26: Cairo conference between Churchill and FDR November 28: Teheran conference between the Big Three: Churchill, FDR and Joseph Stalin, of the Soviet Union.

25 1944 January 22: Allies land in Anzio, It. February 3: Ger. offensive at Anzio. March 22: Japanese invade India. April 10-18: Soviet success against the Germans in Crimea. June 4: Allies occupy Rome. June 6: D-Day interactive map June 19-20: Battle of the Philippine Sea, Allied victory over Japanese forces. June 22: The G. I. Bill of Rights passed. June 23: Russians start offensive on Central Front. July 20: Failed attack to kill Hitler. July 24: American forces land in the Marianas Islands.

26 1944 cont July 27: Americans break Ger. lines in Normandy. August 17: Japan removed from India. August 25: Paris liberated by the Allies. October Allies land in Greece, Russians enter East Prussia. October 19: Americans in Philippines. November 7: FDR is elected for his fourth term; Harry S Truman VP. November 28-29: First American night air attack on Tokyo. December 16-26: Battle of the Bulge, the last German offensive in the west.

27 1945 February 4: Am. enter Manila: Yalta Conference. February 13: Dresden raid. February 19: Americans land on Iwo Jima. April 1 Okinawa. March 18: Air-raid on Berlin. March 23: Allies cross the Rhine. April 12: FDR dies, Harry S Truman becomes president. April 20: Am. capture Nuremberg. April 29: Dachau concentration camp is overrun by United States soldiers. May 1: Hitler commits suicide.

28 1945 cont May 2: Berlin surrenders to Russian forces. May 4: German forces in Holland, North-West Germany, and Denmark surrender. May 7: Unconditional surrender of all German forces to Britain, Russia, and the United States. May 8: V-E Day: German surrender confirmed. June 26: U.N. charter is signed. July 5: Liberation of Philippines complete.

29 1945 cont. July 16: Potsdam conference ends. Meanwhile, the first atomic bomb is exploded in a test at Alamogordo, New Mexico. July 26: Potsdam Declaration is delivered to Japan. August 2: Potsdam conference ends. August 5: Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. BBC Film clip 5 min August 8: Russia declares war on Japan. August 9: Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. August 14: Japan accepts Allied terms. August 15: V-J Day.

30 WHEWF!!!! We just ran through WWII in a week! Really?!

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