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NASA SEWP Joanne Woytek NASA SEWP PM Nov 2015.

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1 NASA SEWP Joanne Woytek NASA SEWP PM Nov 2015

2 Agenda SEWP Overview / Highlights Leadership and Innovation
Major Initiatives Industry Involvement Q and A Intro now – who are we who are you and knowledge of SEWP sign in Ask questions but may defer some discussions till we get to that section

3 SEWP Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement
Contract Vehicle for purchase of ITC (Information Technology and Communication) and AV Product Solutions and related Technologies and Services Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Authorized by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Available to all Federal Government Agencies All Federal Agencies have utilized SEWP SEWP IV ends Apr 30, 2015 (tentative) SEWP V starts May 1, 2015 (tentative)

4 SEWP Overview Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement
37 Prime Contract Holders (SEWP IV) 80+ Prime Contract Holders (SEWP V) 4,700+ Providers including Cisco, Apple, NetApp, EMC, APC, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. 2,500,000+ Unique Products & Product Based Services 25,000 Orders Processed Annually * $100K Average Order Size * $2.5 Billion / Annually KEY ACQUISTION SUPPORT OBJECTIVES Give agencies ability to quickly procure the latest technology Focus on standards, information flow, tracking, and ease of use Provide a wide range of hardware and software solutions Embrace innovative procurement processes for easier acquisition “CUSTOMER SERVICE, RESPONSIVENESS AND COST” cited as the major reasons customers use SEWP

5 What Sets SEWP Apart… CUSTOMER SERVICE: Pre-Order Assistance, Order Processing, Post-Order Support, and Issue Resolution reduce the burden on the acquisition workforce RESPONSIVENESS WITH QUALITY: Everything is Handled with Care … in One Business Day LOW COST: Contracted discount structure plus Fair Opportunity competition provides Agencies major savings combined with a low fee of 0.45% ROBUST ONLINE TOOLS: Intuitively built for customers NEW PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Items based on customer requests FREE TRAINING: Request On-Site training, attend live WebEx trainings, or watch our online training videos SMALL BUSINESS USAGE: Nearly 50% of the business in SEWP is directed to Small Business Contracts

6 What can be procured through SEWP?
Information Technology Computer Hardware, Tablets Storage Security Software & Cloud Software Virtualization and Cloud Computing XaaS Networking & Communications Network Appliances: Routers, Modems Telecommunication Devices and Monthly Service Supporting Technology Scanners, Printers, Copiers, Shredders Associated Supplies and Accessories Sensors AV/Conferencing A/V Equipment and Accessories TVs, Display Monitors, Projectors and Screens Services Maintenance / Warranty Site Planning / Installation Product Based Training Product Based Engineering Services

7 embrace innovative procurement transactions and processes
“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” - Warren G. Bennis NASA SEWP Program has always been more than a set of contracts – it is viewed as an innovative experiment in IT acquisition One of the 4 Acquisition objectives embrace innovative procurement transactions and processes 3 Godfathers of SEWP Set the objectives, goals and frameworks the Program continues to strive to meet NOTE: This slide is hidden for NASA customer training ( See “Hide Slide” option on the Slide Show menu) Intro now – who are we who are you and knowledge of SEWP sign in Ask questions but may defer some discussions till we get to that section

8 “The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams.”— W. Arthur Porter

9 Keys to SEWP’s Innovation Part I
Understanding the difference between administering a contract and managing an acquisition program Bringing together disparate parts Technical, procurement, policy Government and Private Industry Willingness to experiment Hands-off upper management Started as a non-entity / under the radar Self-contained financially Mutual trust and respect must be earned and maintained

10 Keys to SEWP’s Innovation Part II
Accept responsibility for failures and move on Staff: dedication to mission; willingness to listen, observe and recommend Mission is to provide the best customer service and the best contract program possible No mandatory customers Managed as if the Program is a Small Business not a Government Program Understand what drives the IT private sector

11 Dilbert Comic Strip

12 First Government-Wide Acquisition Contract
“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” - Peter Drucker First Government-Wide Acquisition Contract Implicit goal for the initial program – be the best program possible while keeping as low a profile as possible Past 3-5 years have been a paradigm shift Increased size Increased visibility of GWACs and SEWP Outreach is working No longer under the radar Viewed as a leader and need to fill that role Leadership not confined to SEWP Contracts – Acquisition issues in general Quality along with speed

13 Paradigm Shift Image

14 “The price of greatness is responsibility.” — Winston Churchill
SEWP Vision Statement SEWP will solidify its reputation as an innovative, customer focused program as it seamlessly transitions to SEWP V and will be a visible, leading contributor to NASA and the Federal IT Acquisition Community. SEWP Mission Statement As an established and agile leader in the Federal Acquisition Community, the SEWP Program Office manages a suite of government-wide IT product solution contracts that provide NASA and all Federal Agencies with timely access to mission critical technologies. The Program provides best value and cost savings for the Federal Government and American taxpayer through innovative procurement tools and processes; premiere customer service and outreach; and advocation of competition and cooperation with industry.

15 Initiative Drivers Information conduit to/from Government and Industry
Support to Government requirements, policies, concerns Standardized and verified quotes and orders Realism, context and cost

16 Realism Just because it sounds good, does not make it feasible
Government needs to understand what is realistic and reasonable to ask of Industry and themselves

17 Context Data without full and proper context is risky…

18 Cost Initiatives need to balance cost, benefit and risk
Industry’s goal is to make money Government’s goal is to obtain the best value

19 Major Initiatives Information flow Supply Chain Risk Management
Quotes Agency specific Reports Supply Chain Risk Management Strategic Sourcing

20 Information Flow As a central Program for decentralized Government Acquisition, SEWP is an information channel between Industry and Government and between Agency decision makers and their Acquisition teams

21 Quote Information SEWP V increases the information provided during RFQ: Contract Holder Information Past performance concerns Business size / designation / set-aside opportunities Supply Chain information Product Information Government initiatives/policies; including but not limited to: EPEAT / Energy Star TAA Agency specific approval (option to provide pre-approved product list) Strategic sourcing options

22 Agency Specific Information
Agencies can control / guide ordering process Agency Web Page Specific guidance Required clauses SLA (Service Level Agreement) documentation Points Of Contact Agency Line Item Approval Flag Agencies can designate specific products / product lines to be flagged during the RFQ and ordering process For Example: XYZ Printer model 123 is approved for Dept of Printing

23 Agency Level Reports Oversight Groups (Congress, OMB), CIOs, IT Managers want to understand, track and report on IT purchases Government tracking reliant on multiple systems and data entry Industry tracking is often commercial oriented; i.e. not detailed to Government level data SEWP V – tracking will be handled by the Program Office Data will be useful for: Consolidating future buys Determining organizational trends Standardize requirements and purchases Data Calls Legal issues

24 Other Information Channels
Government Customers What is available? SEWP is a quote based contract – catalog dynamically built on customer requirements SEWP V will have a product categorization structure and interactive website to provide a product lookup tool to feed RFQ process Government Agencies What was purchased? Product categories; e.g. how many laptops Policy based; e.g. what percentage of purchases were EPEAT compliant

25 Supply Chain Risk Management
Definitions are important Counterfeit/tainting Authorized reseller Gray market Risk management/levels of assurance Standards and guidelines under development Over 100 groups Just released standard on Counterfeit / tainting: OTTP-S Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard Industry led with DoD and NASA SEWP participation The Open Group Website

26 SCRM Issues 100% Assurance impossible to achieve
Risk can be identified and assessed There is a cost associated with lowering the risk Acquirer needs to do a risk/benefit analysis SEWP V will include risk based info – product provenance Manufacturer Authorized Reseller Partnered with an authorized reseller/distributor Known provenance /no official authorization Unknown/unidentified origin/supply chain SEWP V will also include other mitigating data

27 How Strategic Sourcing Can Be a Good Fit for an Agency’s IT Solutions
Discounted Price on Products and/or Services Set target price for supplier to meet Use total annual spend to strengthen price negotiation Greater Predictability in Acquisition Timetable Consistency of Ordering Process and Product Supply Improved Budget Planning Increased Likelihood of Achieving Strategic Goals Increased Standardization of Commonly-Purchased IT Solutions (Reduction in Acquisition Disparity)

28 Strategic Sourcing – Federal Initiatives
OMB’s Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiatives (FSSI) to cover multiple IT commodities [e.g. workstations; servers; cyber security etc.] Objectives: Manage multiple agency contract vehicles Manage 80% of federal IT spend Reduce costs & increase value NASA SEWP has been appointed lead agency for the Desktop Laptop [DTLT] commodity: Establish standard DTLT configurations across agencies Compare & determine common Terms & Conditions across contracts Develop best practices for managing IT spend using strategic sourcing principles

29 4 Ways Industry Is Involved
Place Products/Services Under Existing Contracts Align with Existing Contract Holders Purchase from Existing Contracts Win a SEWP Prime Contract 29

30 Place Products Under Existing Contracts
“Provider” of IT Products / Solutions Work with one or more Prime Contract Holders to request product addition Business case is negotiated between Prime and provider A Prime Contract Holder must first request acceptance of provider Check is made by SEWP to ensure products in scope After a provider is accepted Any Prime may add products from the provider Products added through Technology Refreshment process Authorized reseller information provided via confirmation Industry Outreach – We want to hear from this aspect of Industry This is the best and easiest way to be involved in SEWP 30

31 Align with Existing Contract Holders
Form a business relationship to fill gaps; for example: Geographic Coverage Technological Expertise Agency specific expertise Sales force augmentation While an available path, the relationship is purely Business to Business SEWP Program Office interacts at the Contract Holder level Orders remain between Government agency and Contract Holder 31

32 Purchase from Existing Contracts
Authorized Support Service Contractors may Utilize SEWP Contracts as Part of Their Government Contract Authorization Letter from Support Service Contractor’s CO (Contracting Officer) Authorization required on an individual support service contract basis Appropriate FAR 51 requirements must be met List of Authorized Support Service Contractors available on SEWP website Over 100 companies with appropriate support service contracts have been authorized to use SEWP Support services not resellers 32

33 Win a SEWP Prime Contract
SEWP IV Contracts will end in Spring 2015 SEWP V RFP and Proposal period ended Dec. 2013 Government is evaluating submitted proposals New Contract Awards Planned by May 2015 All Official Information will be provided through FedBizOpps ( and the SEWP website ( Long, Costly Process Competitive Process Extensive Requirements Strong Competition No Guarantees (winners and losers) Next opportunity – 2024/2025 33

34 Questions? Intro now – who are we who are you and knowledge of SEWP
sign in Ask questions but may defer some discussions till we get to that section

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