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Prospect Road Main street or Arterial road? Mark Goldstone Chief Executive Officer City of Prospect.

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1 Prospect Road Main street or Arterial road? Mark Goldstone Chief Executive Officer City of Prospect

2 Churchill Road 23,300 v/d Main North Road 49,700 v/d City of Prospect Prospect Road 23,500 v/d

3 City of Prospect Economic Development Underlying strategy – rate income Resources Director position - Business & Economic Development Activity/Outcomes/Expectations

4 Prospect Road circa 2010

5 Prospect Road now


7 MASTER PLANNING Setting the Vision Master Plans Strategic Plan Economic Development Plan - Digital Economic Strategy

8 Prospect Road Key Directions 1.The Heartbeat of the Inner North 2.Cultural & Entertainment Hub 3.Public Transport Corridor 4.Mixed Use & Eclectic 5.Vibrant

9 Prospect Road Upgrade Re-sheeting request Kerb and Gutter upgrade Places for People funding –Master planning and subsequent construction Widespread community engagement Focus on the place – not the road

10 Precinct 6 Regency Road Gateway Precinct 5 Percy Street Precinct / Node Precinct 4 Northern Residential Precinct Precinct 3 Village Heart Precinct 1 Fitzroy Terrace Gateway Residential Precinct Precinct 2 St Helens Precinct

11 Village Heart


13 Prospect Road Challenges DPTI’s focus on traffic movement over pedestrian movement Restrictive DPTI requirements - road design –Bike lanes –Bollards –Limited options for traffic control - no Zebra Crossings Local traders: car parks v. outdoor dining

14 DPTI Partnership Squeaky wheel Lobbying of Senior staff Ministerial intervention Structured meetings Continual follow up Uninformed DPTI staff Persistence Outcome

15 $1.5 M Village Heart (Council) $1.5 M (State) Works commenced February 2011 9 months to construct Prospect Road Village Heart

16 Construction... night works

17 Construction.... night works

18 Construction – trader impacts

19 ... a people friendly road that is framed by attractive medium to high density housing in some areas and local character houses in others, all within a short distance of cafes, interesting and eclectic boutique shops, daily shopping needs, offices...

20 ‘PULSE’ (blossoms) public art


22 Outdoor dining = Active streets

23 Council vision: Pedestrian focussed crossing points

24 Outcome? Motorist focussed pedestrian activated crossing $$$


26 Tourrific Prospect Street Party

27 Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage Start

28 Highs Internal project management Design process and quality Use of and influencing consultants Partnership with State Government Bollards Plantings Unique Artwork – Advisory Board EM education Economic activity uplift (no vacancies )

29 Lows Cost and financial impact on council Deferral of other capital works for 2 years Elected Member support/Local Government elections Disruption to traders Community/resident resentment/acceptance Bollards NBN costs

30 Ministerial DPA in partnership with Council Council Workshops Study tour Council Corridor Rezoning

31 Education Scale - relationship to street Setbacks – front, rear & side Configuration Site coverage Overshadowing Community Campaign Council Elections Council By Elections

32 Multiple awards Farmers Market Trader facade upgrades Media activity Reputation and brand shift The “Spin offs”

33 Cost & financial impact Elected Member support/Local Government elections DPTI Disruption to traders Community fears/acceptance Lessons

34 Thank you

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