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Ms. Martin 11th Grade History

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1 Ms. Martin 11th Grade History
World War II Leaders Ms. Martin 11th Grade History Next Slide

2 Table of Contents QUIZ! Click to Begin! Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry Truman Winston Churchill Charles de Gualle Joseph Stalin Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini QUIZ!

3 President Franklin D. Roosevelt
1938: Aided the British and the Chinese through strong diplomatic support, but remained officially neutral. “Arsenal Democracy”: his goal to supply the Allies with munitions Provided lend-lease aid to the countries fighting Nazi Germany with Britain Next Slide

4 President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Declared war on Japan after the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor implemented an overall war strategy on two fronts that ended in the defeat of the Axis Powers and the development of the world's first atom bomb Main Menu

5 President Harry Truman
Became president after the death of FDR One month after inauguration, the Allies officially beat the Axis Powers Did not learn of the Manhattan Project, the making of the atomic bomb, until his first day as president Truman authorized the use of atomic weapons against Japan Next Slide

6 President Harry Truman
August 6, 1945: a uranium-filled atomic bomb called Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima August 9, 1945: A plutonium implosion-type bomb called Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki The Japanese surrendered on August 14 Main Menu

7 Winston Churchill States, securing valuable supplies and support
Appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and a member of the War Cabinet, as he had been during the first part of the First World War for Britain Wanted the pre-emptive occupation of the neutral Norwegian, but Chamberlain and the rest of the Cabinet disagreed, causing Germany to gain Norway. This lead to Chamberlain resigning and Churchill being named prime minister. Next Slide

8 Winston Churchill First to realize the growing threat of Hitler
Rallied the British and lifted their spirits constantly Organized the war effort and created a Minister of Defense Maintained great relationship with the United States Main Menu

9 Charles De Gualle Only a colonel when the Second World War broke out
Moved up in ranks and was appointed Under Secretary of State for National Defense and War and was to coordinate with the United Kingdom Was against the French’s armistice proposal with Nazi Germany and fled the country with 100,000 gold francs Denounced the French’s decision and organized the Free French Forces from the forces already deployed and the other people that fled with him, caused him to be tried and sentenced to death for treason Next Slide

10 Charles De Gualle Churchill housed him and his family and the Allies stared to recognize his forces America and Roosevelt remained skeptical Overly concerned with just France’s agenda and not the rest of the Allies caused deteriorating relationships Did in fact help to liberate one third of the country with the rest of his forces and aided the Allies Main Menu

11 Joseph Stalin Had the Soviet Union enter into a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany after a failed attempt to sign an anti-German alliance with Great Britain and the U.S. 1941: Germany broke the pact, invading the Soviet Union, and Stalin joined the war on the side of the Allies. Next Slide

12 Joseph Stalin Stopped German advances with his Red Army and captured Berlin Stalin headed the Soviet delegations at the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences, which drew the map of post-war Europe Main Menu

13 Adolf Hitler Major aggressor in the war
Ended alliance with China and formed one with Japan March 12, 1938: declared Austria to be one with Nazi Germany Invade Prague and Poland, setting the war in motion. Occupied most of Europe and North Africa Saw Britain as their biggest enemy Next Slide

14 Adolf Hitler Path to defeat when he broke his pact with the Soviet Union and invaded Russia causing his army to greatly suffer in the cold winter. Allies slowly reversed Hitler’s gains and he lost the war Hitler's supremacist and racially motivated policies resulted in the systematic murder of eleven million people, including nearly six million Jews. Main Menu

15 Benito Mussolini June 10, 1940: led Italy into WWII on the side of the Axis only after it looked as if France would be completely defeated. Thought he would be able to gain new territories after the French collapsed July 24, 2943: defeated in vote as the Grand Council of Fascism shortly after the Allied invasion of Italy and was arrested. Next Slide

16 Benito Mussolini Was rescued and led the Italian Social Republic in parts of Italy that were not occupied by Allied forces With total defeat looming, he tried to escape to the North but was captured and executed by Italian partisans Main Menu

17 Review Question Who ordered the drop of the atomic bombs on Japan?
Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry Truman Winston Churchill

18 GOOD EFFORT! Franklin D. Roosevelt is not the answer. He led the United States into the war. The atomic bombs were a few years later and decisively ended the war. CLICK HERE TO TRY AGAIN!

19 GREAT JOB! President Harry Truman is the answer! He authorized the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan only after it was clear that Germany was already defeated Next Slide

20 NICE TRY! Winston Churchill is not the answer. He was a member of the British government. The atomic bombs were the United States’ doing. CLICK HERE TO TRY AGAIN!

21 Congratulations! You have completed the powerpoint!

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