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AGM Finance Update Derrick Sturge, Vice-President, Finance & CFO June 4, 2014.

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1 AGM Finance Update Derrick Sturge, Vice-President, Finance & CFO June 4, 2014

2 Overview Financial Reporting 2013 Financial Highlights Financing Growth and Re-investment 2014 Financial Outlook 2

3 IFRS and Financial Reporting All numbers in this presentation are in accordance with Canadian GAAP Nalcor will be completing transition to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2014 – Nalcor has previously deferred adoption of IFRS due to uncertainty with regulatory accounting – A new standard has been released which will allow Nalcor to continue accounting for its regulatory assets and liabilities under IFRS Beginning with the third quarter of 2014, Nalcor will be issuing its financial statements to the public on a quarterly basis 3

4 2013 Financial Highlights Net income of $96 million continues to trend upwards – Solid overall financial results – Hydro requires new rates to support higher costs and significant re-investment in capital assets A General Rate Application was filed in July 2013; regulatory process is ongoing Continue to invest in all areas of the business – Capital expenditures of $1.0 billion were the highest level ever Lower Churchill financing of $5.0 billion completed with financial close in December 2013 – Interest rates locked in for the life of the debt financing 4

5 Financial Overview 200620122013 Revenue ($ millions)548726785 Net Income ($ millions)709396 Cash from Operations ($ millions)**121218241 Capital Assets ($ millions)1,7912,8113,771 Total Assets ($ millions)*2,2163,4479,537 Capital Expenditures ($ millions)614491,009 5 * 2013 total assets includes $5.0 billion of proceeds from the LCP debt issue ** Before working capital adjustments

6 6 Business Unit Results ($ millions) 20122013 Net income Regulated Hydro17.10.5 Churchill Falls28.323.2 Energy Marketing21.233.2 Oil and Gas32.737.5 Bull Arm Fabrication4.215.5 Corporate and Other(10.8)(14.3) Net Income92.795.6

7 Capital Expenditures ($ millions) 7 20132014 Hydro 81 244 CF 49 51 Oil and Gas195 240 LCP Phase 16951,213

8 Total Assets ($ millions) 8 20132014 Hydro1,954 2,074 CF 472 476 Oil and Gas 580 781 LCP Phase 16,320 6,685 Investment of proceeds from LCP debt issue

9 Financing Growth & Re-Invesment Since 2006 all cash generated from operations has been invested back in the business – Strong earnings in all business units is key to investment plans Continue to receive equity support from our shareholder Debt Financing – Lower Churchill financing completed – Multi-year debt financing program for Hydro under development Oil and Gas and Churchill Falls investments all financed by equity Five year outlook on capital structure is in the range of 60% debt /40% equity 9

10 LCP Financing Throughout 2013 activities were ongoing to satisfy conditions required to facilitate issuance of $5.0 billion of debt guaranteed by Canada – $2.6 billion to Muskrat Falls/Labrador Transmission and $2.4 billion to Labrador-Island Link – Commercial Agreements between LCP project entities and Hydro to support financing and secure long-term power supply completed – Equity Agreements between Nalcor and LCP project entities completed – LCP debt assigned a AAA credit rating The Canada guarantee provided a weighted average interest rate of 3.8% which is locked in for 35 years for MF/LTA and 40 years for LIL – Provides savings of over $1 billion over the life of the project on a discounted basis 10

11 Hydro Financing Hydro has not issued long-term debt since 2006 Over the next five years Hydro’s capital program will be approximately $1.2 billion – Ongoing and growing re-investment in existing assets – New 100 MW gas turbine at Holyrood – New transmission line in Labrador West – New transmission line from Bay D’Espoir to Western Avalon In addition several existing bond issues will mature during this period These expenditures will be financed through the issue of long-term debt and internally generated equity 11

12 Structured For Growth 12

13 2014 Financial Outlook Forecasting higher net income in 2014, primarily driven by: – Increased oil production – Stronger electricity prices in the US markets – Approval of rate increase for Hydro Forecast capital expenditures $1.8 billion – Ramp up in construction activities for Muskrat Falls ($1,213 million) – Continued re-investment in Hydro and Churchill Falls ($295 million) – Continue to invest in offshore oil projects ($240 million) 13

14 14 Summary New investments starting to produce cash flow – Growth in income and cash from operations to continue over next several years, leading up to Hebron and Muskrat Falls in-service Capital expenditures at highest levels ever in each business unit Financing for Lower Churchill completed Financing program for Hydro investments under development Continue to re-invest 100% of our cash generated by operations back in the business Strategy developed in 2006 to finance growth and re-investment and make sound long-term investments is playing out as planned

15 Thank You

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