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Creative Learning Churchill Theatre Bromley Presentation to CYP Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel March 2011.

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1 Creative Learning Churchill Theatre Bromley Presentation to CYP Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel March 2011

2 Aims Open access to theatre and theatre related activities to the local community. ACE Goal 4: Every child and young person has an opportunity to experience the richness of the arts. LBB CYP Strategy: Improved Provision of preventative and positive activities for Young people

3 Participation Early Years Drama Workshop

4 Participation 17 weekly term time dance and drama workshops, plus holiday activities. Anyone can take part regardless of prior experience or knowledge. 175 participants weekly Communication, imagination, creative problem solving, teamwork, confidence/self esteem.

5 Show Related Work Night Less Ordinary- 2784 Free Theatre Tickets given away for under 26 year olds in Bromley. Most were allocated to young groups. Free or part subsidised show supporting activities in Glades and at the Theatre, with professional companies such as Rambert Education, Richard Alston Dance, RC Annie, Touring Consortium. 2 nd Star Children’s Theatre – the affordable alternative

6 Show Related Workshops Inclusive Panto Workshop Peter Pan Craft Workshop with Somali Well Women's project

7 Schools Workshop : Richard Alston Contemporary Dance company B-Tec and A-Level from Charles Darwin and Bullers Wood took part in a part subsidised workshop with Richard Alston Contemporary Dance Company

8 Work Related Learning KS4Work experience- week long project at CTB Careers in Theatre Industry Day (BEBP) KS5 students Technical work shadowing FREE talks and tours for young groups on technical theatre to customer services Work placements / volunteering for young People with Learning Disabilities Volunteer Scheme for 16-17 yr olds

9 Youth Projects Creative Learning deliver bespoke drama and dance projects often in partnership with other organisations.

10 Standout Projects Big Dance 2010 Formed Bromley steering group and together were awarded xx external funding 3 Big Dance projects including Big Dance fest and Big Dance and Shop in The Glades to celebrate the quality and diversity of dance in Bromley 350 C and YP performed across both events. 30 C and YP took part in free dance taster workshops Heartbreak Beautiful National Theatre New Connections, a national scheme with 250 other schools and youth theatres involved. 20 young people worked with theatre professionals to create a performance based on a brand new script for young actors. Performed at CTB, Hampstead and at National Theatre of England. Participants were members of a previous Creative Learning project for young people at risk of exclusion.

11 Standout Projects Bromley In Love Intergenerational Drama and Reminiscence project designed to bring local young and older communities together. Bromley Youth Services, GFS Platform Penge With Blackheath Age Exchange, we shared memories and ideas. All took part in dance a drama workshops to create their own performances. Whole cast performed a multimedia show at Churchill Theatre Teatro Esplosivo LBB comissioned Creative Learning to deliver a drama project to p on the verge of exclusion. Group worked with theatre professionals to create their own version of Romeo and Juliet. Many young people or families had not been to a theatre before. Performed to at Churchill Theatre In a second project this group performed to celebrate 30 th Birthday Churchill Theatre Exit routes into drama workshops

12 Bromley In Love Intergenerational project and performance

13 Churchill Theatre -Big Dance Fest Chronik Dance Crew, Hayes School

14 Teatro Esplosivo Romeo and Juliet30

15 Testimonies Kate Cheshire, Youth Worker, Bromley Youth Service, on Bromley In Love The group of young women really flourished during these sessions. They opened their imaginations and increased in confidence and bonded better as a group. There were many of them who had not participated in any drama or performance before & it was a massive achievement for them to perform in front of an audience for the final show. The project helped to break down barriers between the young and old & challenge thinking & stereotypes. The relationship has made a huge difference to many young people that we work with. Sian Spencer Little, Play Specialist at PRUH, on Plastercast Masterclass Princess Royal University Hospital- Children’s Ward receives monthly visits from Creative Learning Storytellers Sometimes in groups of children and their parents- other times in one to one work with children. Sessions are interactive with voices and acting, and the games and art activities which allow the children an opportunity to explore characters, create their own stories and act them out. Positive outcomes are children learning in a fun way, a sense of wellbeing, more relaxed and confident children and a positive recovery process.

16 Key Partners and Arts Development Creative Learning contributes strategically to the cultural development of Bromley by taking part in Arts Panel, Cultural Olympiad Group, ArtsNet, Bromley Big Dance Steering Group MyTime Arts Development Creative Learning work closely with MyTime Arts development in delivering the peformance elements of their amazing Youth Urban Music program ArtsTrain. Magpie Dance Churchill Theatre works in close partnership with Magpie Dance Inclusive Dance company.

17 Future of Creative Learning Young Persons Consultation Panel for Churchill Theatre More provision for Children and Young People with Special Needs Continuing Activities during the dark period e.g. Big Dance Schools pledge, summer schools Free Satellite Youth Theatre in a different part of the borough, recruitment by referals from Yuoth Services and schools Bromley Schools Fringe

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