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Escrito Por: Matt, Nina, y Callan.

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1 Escrito Por: Matt, Nina, y Callan












13 Once upon a time, two beavers were swimming and playing in the river where they lived. While they were approaching the dam, they were fighting with their tails as if they were swords. One of the beavers tried to hit his friend with all of his strength, but missed and hit the most important branch in the dam. All of a sudden, the river burst through the dam and the beaver’s civilization was destroyed. When all of the beavers reunited along the banks of the river, they cried and shouted “What happened here? Our homes are destroyed!” The two little beavers, filled with fear, didn’t say anything. They were frightened by the possible consequences. Due to the silence of the two responsible beavers, the others blamed an innocent beaver present. This innocent was banished from the community, and the little beavers were very sad. Feeling very guilty, the two beavers confessed their crime, and they were sent to look for the banished beaver. When they found him, they returned to the river and, together, they built a new dam. The moral of this fable is “Face what you have done!” In other words, don’t try to escape your actions.

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