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CD2005151: Mobile Technologies for Teacher Librarians SESSION 1 By Daniel Churchill, The University of Hong Kong.

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1 CD2005151: Mobile Technologies for Teacher Librarians SESSION 1 By Daniel Churchill, The University of Hong Kong

2 About the Facilitator THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Faculty of Education Dr. Daniel Churchill Assistant Professor Email: Phone: +852.2859.1141 Web:

3 About the Modulee  Click to open module guide

4 Mobile Technologies  Mobile handheld devices are equipped with computer capabilities that often includes wireless connectivity, a mobile phone, a camera and a variety of add-on.  These tool potentially creates a spectrum of educational opportunities and a new type of student-technology partnership in learning. Image Source:

5 Image source:


7 Other devices  Tablet PC (e.g., NOVA 5000)NOVA 5000  Ultra-PC (e.g., FlipStartPC)FlipStartPC  iPod iPod  Gaming Devices (e.g., Sony PSP)Sony PSP  E-book readers E-book readers  Smart Watches Smart Watches

8 Mobile Technologies  Ericsson and Nokia tell us that there are 1.500.000.000 mobile phones in the world today. The world’s population is 6-7 billion.  The number of mobile subscribers in China alone is 200.000.000. This number is increasing at a rate of 2.000.000 per month.  More that 525.000.000 web-enabled phones were shipped in 2003.  More than wireless internet subscribers. Source: Desmond Keegan, D. Mobile Learning-The Next Generation of Learning. Presentations at the 18th Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities, Shanghai, 28-30 November 2004


10 Short Demonstration

11 Previous Studies with Handhelds  Handhelds for teachers and students to share files (Ray, 2002)  Handhelds for students to ask questions, answer polls and give teachers feedback (Ratto, Shapiro, Truong & Griswold, 2003);  Handhelds for delivery of courseware and quizzes and as an intelligent tutoring system (Kazi, 2005);  Handhelds for dissemination of information and collection of data during field trips (So, 2004);  Handhelds as a tool that supports students’ inquiries (Sharples, Corlett & Westmancott, 2002; Clyde, 2004); …Continues on Next Page

12 Previous Studies with PDA …Continues from Previous Page  Handhelds in computer-supported collaborative learning (Roschelle & Pea, 2002; Zurita & Nussbaum, 2004);  Handhelds as personal tool for lifelong learning (Sharples, 2000);  Handhelds for disadvantaged young adults to improve literacy and numeracy skills (Attewell, 2005);  Handhelds for access to resources, as connectivity tool, as capture tool, as representational tool and as special calculator (Churchill & Churchill, 2005).

13 Limitations  The key limitation of handheld technology for is the small display  The small screen is a factor that affects the effectiveness of presentations  It might negatively impact acceptance of this type of technology in education communities.  The small display area is, in fact, a reality of this type of technology, and handheld are going to change further in the future as consumer demands for less bulky devices increases

14 Literature Recommendations  Text needs to be kept short and formatted in a way that provides meta-knowledge about information,  images should be reduced in size but not beyond the point of becoming meaningless  Minimize or avoid use of graphics and images for decorative purposes as they might unnecessary occupy already limited screen space,  Scrolling should be avoided,  Greater use of other modalities (in particular visuals) and interactivity over text

15 Emerging Solutions

16 Key Educational Affordances  Multimedia-access tool  Connectivity tool  Capture tool  Representational tool  Analytical tool



19 Functional Framework  From Bryan Patten, Sa´nchez, & Tangney, 2006

20 Some Links    lt.stm lt.stm      ult.asp?Language=EN ult.asp?Language=EN 

21 Design of Content for Hanhelds 320 240

22 Create your Blog – Digital Portfolio


24 Recommended Readings

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