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2 Individually


4 Go Green (Indiv) Complete the required and chosen items on the checklist to get 50 points Log in dates Have adult witnesses initial completed activities From planting trees in the community, to conducting park and school cleanups, to watching environmental movies, become an eco-hero as you pioneer all the possibilities that are possible. D ECEMBER 20, 2012

5 Examples of Go Green Activities lllllllllllllll Recycle Grow a garden Organize a movie night with a “Green” movie Write a letter to a business about how to be more green Buy locally grown products D ECEMBER 20, 2012

6 Business Achievement Awards (Indiv)  This program offers members a self-paced, activity- based leadership achievement program centered on the FBLA themes of Service, Education, and Progress.  Total of 4 levels: Future, Business, Leader, and America  Future Level Requirements: Complete 10 out of 25 possible activities listed in the activity guide. M ARCH 1, 2013

7 Required BAA Activities (Future Level) Activities are divided into three sections: Service, Education and Progress Service Activities: Required: 5 Hours of Community Service and Prepare a Display Promoting FBLA, and choose 1 more Education Activities: Required: Complete the FBLA Knowledge Quiz, and choose 2 more Progress Activities: Required: Bring a Friend that is not a Member to a Meeting, Attend 3 Meetings and Type a 1 Page Summary of the Meetings, and choose 2 more. M ARCH 1, 2013

8 Financial Literacy (Indiv) Complete 5 activities: 3 required and 1 activity from both “Getting Started with Credit and Debit Cards” and “Money Management” It is essential to learn how to make smart monetary decisions and master the basics of financial literacy. It is important to become fiscally aware and to master the skills of efficient money management. D ECEMBER 20, 2012

9 Examples of Financial Literacy Activities Getting Started with Credit and Debit Cards  Make and present a PowerPoint to your chapter comparing and contrasting credit and debit cards  Research three different credit card brands and create a spread sheet Money Management  Research an apartment and schedule a visit with the klklklklklk landlord D ECEMBER 20, 2012

10 Government Awareness Project (Chapter) A project dedicated to keeping our government officials informed about the benefits of Future Business Leaders of America Requirements: 1. Write a letter to your elected government officials. Give them a briefing about FBLA and its mission and describe the benefits you have gained from the organization. (at least 5 needed) 2. As a chapter (all participants work together), either receive a area proclamation for National FBLA Week, make a personal visit to a government official, or make a presentation to a local Chamber of Commerce, School Board, or City Council. M ARCH 15, 2013

11 Government Awareness Sample Letter M ARCH 15, 2013

12 FBLA Week Proclamation Sample M ARCH 15, 2013

13 Leaders in Action (Indiv) Complete required summaries and 6 activities: 3 from Local and 3 from Global All activities must be submitted with a photo By performing simple acts of service in our community, we build on our capacities to positively impact the society in which we live. It is our responsibility to engage ourselves within the community to truly show leadership in action. F EBRUARY 1, 2013

14 Examples of Leaders in Action Activities Local  Participate in a Service Group (ex: Lions) event  Collect donation items to give to your local charity  Volunteer at a food bank or shelter Global  Attend a “walk” that benefits a global cause  Organize a fundraiser to support a global catastrophe relief fund F EBRUARY 1, 2013

15 The Progress of Work form is a chapter report that is submitted monthly, and is a requirement for many other chapter awards. Contains three different ranks for varying numbers of completed activities Most activities will be managed by officers, although some require active member participation 10 TH OF E VERY M ONTH

16 Membership Activities: Submit Member of the Month, Complete the Adopt a Chapter Project, Complete the Individual BAA, etc. Service Activities: Complete the March of Dimes, Complete a Community Service Activity, etc. Education Activities: Complete the GAP Project, Invite Guest Speakers, Conduct a Fundraiser, Attend Conferences, Design a Chapter T Shirt, etc. 10 TH OF E VERY M ONTH

17 Professional Division (Chapter) $25 membership fee includes $10 for the L. Byram Bates Memorial Scholarship Fund Professional members are unique and vital resources for FBLA. They support the business leaders of tomorrow by serving as local chapter volunteers, assistants in implementing conferences, workshop leaders, competitive event mentors, and more. Additionally, a portion of their membership dues supports California FBLA’s scholarship program, the L. Byram Bates Scholarship Award. F EBRUARY 1, 2013

18 Outstanding Chapter Recognition (Chapter)  A series of activities which a chapter may complete to obtain recognition as an “Outstanding” Chapter at the State and National Conference  Requirements: As a chapter, we must complete 20 out of 31 activities listed. Most activities will be managed by the officers.  We will require active participation from members when we host activities required for this award A PRIL 1, 2013

19 Required OCR Activities  Similar to BAA, OCR is also divided into three categories  Membership Activities: Recruit at least 5 members, Prepare a Program of Work (POW), Conduct 4 meetings, Document 25 hours of Community Service, Increase membership, and 3 more  Service Activities: Prepare a FBLA Emblem Ceremony, Complete the Adopt a Chapter Project, Complete the March of Dimes Project, and 1 more.  Education Activities: Conduct an Officer Planning session, Prepare a chapter budget, Invite guest speakers to explain their professions, Conduct a fundraiser, Conduct a business tour, Complete the GAP Project, Prepare a local website, Attend a Regional/State Conference, Apply a Point System, A PRIL 1, 2013

20 Adopt-a-Chapter (Chapter) Helping Churchill to begin a FBLA chapter Chapters are key to the success of FBLA. For years, FBLA has been providing knowledge of free enterprise and showcasing its American entrepreneurial spirit to the best and brightest. M ARCH 15, 2013

21 Examples of Adopt-a-Chapter Activities Helping Churchill FBLA members study for competition Assisting Churchill FBLA members with various projects Helping Churchill FBLA members with the March of jjjjj the Dimes project M ARCH 15, 2013

22 Go Green (Chapter) Performing a variety of activities At least 10% of the chapter must participate in each activity From planting trees in the community, to conducting park and school cleanups, to watching environmental movies, become an eco-hero as you pioneer all the possibilities that are possible. M ARCH 15, 2013

23 Examples of Go Green Activities klklklkl Conduct campus cleanups or school parking lot cleanups Plant trees in the community Present an informational workshop on the benefits of going green to an elementary school class Watch an educational movies to raise awareness about the environment M ARCH 15, 2013

24 Member of the Month (Chapter)  On the 10 th of every month, we shall nominate a new Member of the Month, one who has shown outstanding commitment and dedication to Mira Loma FBLA  Nominations for this will mainly be conducted off both Officer and Advisor nomination and Project Point Totals 10 TH OF E VERY M ONTH

25 FBLA Point System  The point totals will be used in consideration for Member of the Month Nominations, Regional Competition Events, and next year’s Officer Applications.  Points are only ONE of the considerations, and other factors will be considered.  More information will be given closer to the official event sign ups, which will be around December. ProjectPoint Value Financial Literacy (Indiv)2 Go Green (Indiv)2 Leaders in Action (Indiv)2 Go Green (Chapter) Movie1 Go Green (Chapter) Tree Planting or Elementary School Lesson 3 each Write a GAP Letter3 Attend the GAP Official Presentation 5 ProjectPoint Value BAA Future2 BAA Business3 BAA Leader5 BAA America10 Attend Churchill FBLA Meeting2 Participate in Churchill March of Dimes 3 Recruit a Professional Division Member 7

26 Stock Market Game (Team)  Students in The Stock Market Game work in teams of 2–5 members to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks and funds to build a virtual investment portfolio.  They track and manage their investments over the course of 15 weeks. Game dates are January 7 to April 19, 2013.  Participants will be ranked and winners will be publicized through FBLA-PBL. J ANUARY 22, 2013

27 Any Questions? Email me at:


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