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World War II-Victory in the Pacific The Americans Chapter 17.

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1 World War II-Victory in the Pacific The Americans Chapter 17

2 Map of the Pacific Theatre

3 Douglas MacArthur 80,000 Filipino and American troops battled the Japanese Gen. MacArthur leader of American forces Ordered to leave March 11, 1942 Pledged “I shall return.”

4 Bataan Death March

5 Doolittle’s Raid April 18, 1942 16 bombers to attack Japan mainland for revenge of Pearl Harbor Let the Japanese know we were still in the fight

6 Battle of Coral Sea Americans and Australians main Pacific Allied force May 1942- 5 day fight Carrier based aircraft fought to push back a Japanese invasion fleet Japanese invasion stopped and turned back. Corsair Hellcat

7 Battle of Midway U.S. broke the Japanese code-Midway Is. would be next Admiral Chester Nimitz commanded the Pacific fleet June 3, 1942 U.S. fighters and torpedo bombers find Japanese fleet Japanese losses- 4 carriers 1 cruiser 250 planes

8 Battle of Midway (Con’t) Avenged Pearl Harbor Turning Point in war Began “island hopping” Island by island allies begin winning territory back from the Japanese.

9 Island Hoping and the Battle of Leyte Gulf Island Hopping August 1942- Guadalcanal first Japanese defeat on land October 1944- Leyte Gulf (Philippines) Bulk of remaining Japanese fleet 178,000 Allied troops 738 ships “People of the Philippines: I have returned.” MacArthur

10 Iwo Jima Iwo Jima-Critical for heavy bombers to reach mainland Defended by 20,000+ Japanese soldiers Only 200 would be left 6,000 Marines lost their lives

11 Okinawa Final assault before the mainland April 1945 1,900 Kamikaze-”Divine Wind” U.S. losses 30 ships sunk 300 ships damaged 5,000 sailors died June 21, 1945 7,600 American dead 110,000 Japanese dead

12 War in the Pacific Hand to hand combat was a trial for the Americans Battle of Okinawa would be a “chilling foretaste” of what the Allies imagined the invasion of Japan’s home islands would be. Prediction of a million American lives would be lost.

13 Manhattan Project and V-J Day Manhattan Project 600,000 workers but kept secret July 16, 1945 first test @ Alamogordo, N.M. July 25, 1945 Truman orders two bombs to be used “I regarded the bomb as a military weapon…and never had any doubt it should be used.” Truman B-29 Super Fortress

14 The Atomic Bomb Fat Man Nagasaki 8/9/45 Little Boy Hiroshima 8/6/45 Victims The explosion The destruction

15 Yalta Conference February 1945-Black Sea Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin Churchill vs. Stalin FDR mediated Hoped USSR would join in the war against Japan Wanted Stalin’s support for the U.N.

16 Occupation of Japan MacArthur placed in command of the occupation 1,100 Japanese soldiers placed on trial for war crimes Tojo found guilty and put to death Occupation lasted 7 years Wrote a new Constitution for Japan Free market Representative Women's’ rights

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