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World War II War conferences.

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1 World War II War conferences

2 Atlantic Conference 1941 Attendees: Roosevelt & Churchill
Location: Off Newfoundland Decisions: The Atlantic Charter principles No territorial expansion No territorial changes w/o consent of inhabitants Self-determination for all people Freer trade Cooperation for the improvement of other nations Disarming of all aggressors

3 Atlantic Conference 1941 Becomes the foundation of the UN Charter

4 Casablanca Conference 1943
Attendees: Roosevelt & Churchill Location: Casablanca, Morocco Decision: Accept nothing less than unconditional surrender of the Axis powers.

5 Cairo Conference 1943 Attendees: Roosevelt, Churchill, & Chiang Kai-shek Location: Cairo, Egypt Decisions: Korea to be independent at war’s end. Taiwan to be returned to China from Japan.

6 Teheran Conference 1943 Attendees: Roosevelt, Churchill, & Stalin
Location: Teheran, Iran Decisions: Agreement to open a second battlefront in Europe. Russia agreed to enter war against Japan after defeat of Germany.

7 Yalta Conference 1945 Attendees: Roosevelt, Churchill & Stalin
Location: Yalta, Crimea, USSR Roosevelt’s goals: Get Stalin to agree to enter the war in the Pacific Get Stalin to accept a United Nations Have Stalin promise to allow free elections in Poland at the end of the war

8 Yalta Conference 1945 Decisions:
Germany to be disarmed & divided into 4 zones of occupation Veto power for Big Five nations at the UN Russia granted 3 seats in UN General Assembly In exchange for entering war against Japan w/in 3 months after Germany surrenders, Russia gets land in and around Manchuria, Southern Sakhalin Is., and Central Kurile Island Russia pledges free elections in E. Europe War crimes trials to be held after the war

9 Potsdam Conference 1945 Attendees: Truman, Stalin, & Churchill/Attlee
Location: Potsdam, Germany Decisions: Potsdam Declaration—Japan to surrender unconditionally or face prompt and utter destruction

10 Potsdam Conference 1945 A council is set up to administer Germany
German people are moved out of Czechoslovakia, Hungary & Poland into Germany Russia announces there would be no elections in eastern Europe Truman learns in Potsdam that the atomic bomb was successfully tested in New Mexico

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