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Unit 8 Time off  I. Lead-inLead-in  II. Language PointsLanguage Points  III. Guided WritingGuided Writing  IV. Presentation and ExercisesPresentation.

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1 Unit 8 Time off  I. Lead-inLead-in  II. Language PointsLanguage Points  III. Guided WritingGuided Writing  IV. Presentation and ExercisesPresentation and Exercises

2 Lead-in Background Information Winston Churchill (1874-1965)  British Prime Minister during World War II;  a keen bricklayer, painter and writer;  the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. More

3 Lead-in Background Information Winston Churchill  His works: Painting as a Pastime (1948), A History of the English Speaking Peoples (1956 – 1958). More

4 Lead-in Background Information  Churchill ’ s paintings:

5 Lead-in Background Information Painting as a pastime  This book tells the benefits and joys of Churchill ’ s forty-year hobby.  Painting joined Churchill ’ s vocations of politics, reading, bricklaying and writing.  Painting outdoors gave him a chance to pause, observe, reflect, and record his surroundings in paint.  Churchill is best known for his impressionist scenes of landscape.

6 Language Points Sentences Study 1. The stronger the will, the more futile the task.  the more/ less...the more/ less 意思为 “ 越 ······ 越 ······”  翻译:愿望越强烈,与之争论就 越是徒劳。

7 Language Points Sentences Study 2. It is no use offering the manual labourer, tired out with a hard week's sweat and effort, the chance of playing a game of football or baseball on Saturday afternoon.  It 在句中为形式主语,真正的主语是动名词短语 offering the manual labourer … the chance (offer 带双宾语 ) ; tired out 是过去 分词短语修饰 the manual labourer.  翻译:对于卖了一周力气、流了一周汗水的体力 劳动者来说,让他们在星期六下午踢足球或打垒 球是不合适的。

8 Language Points Sentences Study 3. As for the unfortunate people who can command everything they want, who can gratify every caprice and lay their hands on almost every object of desire – for them a new pleasure, a new excitement is only an additional satiation. In vain they rush frantically round from place to place, trying to escape from avenging boredom by mere clatter and motion.  in vain 一句翻译时要倒装。 More

9 Language Points Sentences Study  翻译: 那些能够支配一切、能够肆意妄为、 能够染指一切追求目标的人是 “ 不幸 的 ” 。对于他们而言,多一种新的乐 趣、多一种新的刺激只是增加一分 厌腻而已。他们到处乱跑,企图靠 喧闹和骚动来摆脱无聊对他们的报 复,但这么做是徒劳的。

10 Language Points Sentences Study 4. The long hours in the office or the factory bring with them as their reward, not only the means of sustenance, but a keen appetite for pleasure even in its simplest and most modest forms. But Fortune ’ s favored children belong to the second class. Their life is a natural harmony.  not only … but … 部分的内容是 bring 的宾 语,即 reward 的具体体现。 More

11 Language Points Sentences Study  翻译: 他们是能够得到补偿的。在办公室或工 厂里长时间工作给他们带来了报酬,这 不仅是谋生的手段,也使他们对寻找快 乐充满了渴望,哪怕是最简单、最质朴 的快乐。但是,幸运之神偏爱的是第二 类人。他们的生活是一种自然的和谐。

12 Language Points Sentences Study 5. Yet to both classes the need of an alternative outlook, of a change of atmosphere, of a diversion of effort, is essential.  三个 of 在句中都是 the need 的定语,在 翻译时表语 essential 变成定语修饰 need.  翻译:然而对这两种人来说,换换脑子,改变 一下气氛,转移一下注意力都是不可缺少的。

13 Language Points Words Study 1. futile: unsuccessful or useless Words comparison:  futile may connote completeness of failure or unwisdom of undertaking.  vain usually implies simple failure to achieve a desired result.  fruitless comes close to vain but often suggests long and arduous effort or severe disappointment. More

14 Language Points Words Study Examples:  Resistance had proved so futile that surrender was the only choice left.  a vain attempt to get the car started  fruitless efforts to obtain a lasting peace

15 Language Points Words Study 2. trifiling: not very important Examples:  I prefer to begin with what looks like a trifling effort.  It only cost a trifling sum. 那只花了一 点点钱。  a trifling matter 鸡毛蒜皮 / 无足轻重的事 情

16 Language Points Words Study 3. compensation: A. something that changes or removes the bad result of sth 抵消; 补偿 B. money that someone receives because sth bad has happened to them 补偿金, 赔偿金 C. money that someone receives from the work they do 报酬 More

17 Language Points Words Study Examples:  United Nations Compensation Commission 联合国赔偿委员会  employee compensation 职员报酬  unemployment compensation 失业补偿 金 (AmE)  variable compensation 可变报酬  workmen ’ s compensation 工人伤残赔偿

18 Language Points Words Study 4. enforce: vt. make sure that a law or a rule is obeyed by people  enforcement n. Examples:  The police department enforces the law.  Don ’ t enforce your will on the child, please.  He enforced high standards.

19 Language Points Words Study 5. banish: A. to get rid of sth. 消灭;去除 B. to officially order someone to leave a country or region as a punishment 放逐;驱 逐出境  Usage: banish sb. from/to the country C. to make someone stop thinking about sth. or having particular feelings 排除;消除  Usage: banish sth. from memory More

20 Language Points Words Study Examples:  be banished from China 被驱逐出中国  be exiled for life 被终身流放  deport aliens who slips across our borders 把偷渡入境的外国人驱逐出境

21 Language Points Words Study 6. at hand: quite close to you and easy to reach lay one ’ s hands on: to manage to obtain sth More

22 Language Points Words Study Examples:  prep + hand  at hand 在手边在附近  by hand 用手  with an iron hand in a velvet glove 外柔内刚地 ; 口蜜腹剑地  with an iron hand 以铁腕  from hand to mouth 仅能糊口地 More

23 Language Points Words Study Examples:  noun + in hand/in the hand  hand in hand 手拉手  cap in hand 恭敬地  cash-in-hand 当场付清的  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。  a bird in the hand 已到手的东西 ; 稳操胜券 的事 ; 惜取眼前福 More

24 Language Points Words Study Examples:  verb + hand(s)  bite the hand that feeds one 恩将仇报  play one ’ s hand 利用有利因素  show/tip one ’ s hand 摊牌  get one ’ s hands off 别再烦扰(某人);别再动(某物)  have your hands full 忙得不可开交  join hands 携手联手合伙 More

25 Language Points Words Study Examples:  other phrases  hand down 把 ······ 传下去  hand in glove with 狼狈为奸  at second hand 间接得来地  hand over fist (informal) 迅速大量地花钱赚钱  hands off 不许碰;请勿触摸  hand out a punishment / sentence 宣布处决、判决

26 Language Points Words Study 7. to death: A. to an intolerable degree B. the state of being dead Examples:  amusing ourselves to death  love sb. to death  bleed to death  stab sb. to death  be sentenced to death  be put to death

27 Language Points Words Study 8. tired out: exhausted Synonyms:  bleary, drained, exhausted, fatigued, rundown, weary, worn-down, worn-out.  Informal: beat, bushed, tuckered (out).  Slang: done in, fagged (out), pooped (out).  Idioms: all in, ready to drop.

28 Guided Writing Think about leisure activities in China and write a passage about the most popular ones. More

29 Guided Writing Directions:  Say what many Chinese people enjoy doing most in their free time. It ’ s undoubtedly true that many Chinese people enjoy physical exercise, such as...  Say approximately how often and how long people spend on their hobbies. Approximately fifty per cent of Chinese spend about half an hour a day... More

30 Guided Writing Directions:  Say what you probably think are the next most popular activities. The next most popular activities probably include...  Say how often people find time for their hobbies. Most people work long hours, but they usually find time...  Say what you may need or must have for the most popular hobbies. You get the most from the physical and mental exercise.

31 Presentation and Exercises Prepare a website for leisure activities (See P112 for details)

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