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MULGRAVE SCHOOL International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

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1 MULGRAVE SCHOOL International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

2 IB COFFEE TALK International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Year II

3 AGENDA 1. IB Diploma Registration 2. IB Assessments 3. Term Marks versus Anticipated Marks 4. University Applications 5. Academic Calendar 6. IB Examinations 7. IB Results 8. Questions

4 IB DIPLOMA REGISTRATION Registration for the IB Diploma Program The Diploma Program Examinations for groups 1-5 * (3 HL Courses + 3 SL Courses) External marking for group 6 The Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge

5 IB ASSESSMENTS IB Assessments are of three types: 1. Examinations: May 4th-22 nd, 2009 2. External Examiners Assessments 3. Moderated Internal Assessments

6 MARKS TERM Marks Assessments that test the skills and knowledge required to be successful in IB. The term mark is based only on the work done in a specific term. ANTICIPATED Marks A score that is based on a diversity of assessments over time.

7 UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS 1. American Universities: Early Action- during term 1 2. Canadian Universities: a) Out of Province b) In Province 3. Scholarships

8 ACADEMIC CALENDAR Term 2 ToK Essay World Literature I & II Math Portfolio History Research Paper Theatre Projects Language Oral Exams Art/Film Projects Laboratory Reports MOCK EXAMS Term 3 Review and Examinations

9 IB EXAMINATIONS IB Examinations : May 4 th to the 22 nd 1. Written off campus 2. Attendance is mandatory 3. Late Arrivals if within 30 minutes may write if not within 30 minutes may not write 4. IB Code of Conduct applies 5. Equipment must fit the criteria

10 IB DIPLOMA RESULTS Prior to May 1. Students will be given a personal code that will allow them to access their marks on July 6, 2009. 2. Students will sign up to have a limited number of transcripts sent directly to university from IB. 3. The Diplomas are sent to the school.

11 QUESTIONS 1. University Entrance and IB Diploma Scores? 2. Do universities give credit for taking IB courses? 3. Will this hard work benefit my child? 4. Will my child survive the pressure of the workload and writing long examinations? 5. Other?

12 ANSWERS 1. Most universities accept students who have attained a diploma; a score of 24. The choice of program for students with this score may, however, be limited. A score of 28 is the level required for many university programs. Some programs, such as Commerce, have additional criteria for entry interview or resume.

13 ANSWERS UBC requires a score of 28 to 30, depending upon the faculty for which the student is applying. Credit is given according to the score attained. The University of Victoria will give first year credit to student with a score of 28 and Simon Fraser University will give credit for at least one semester.

14 UNIVERSITY ADMISSION Most universities have a section in their calendar which is dedicated to IB Diploma student admission. The IB Organisation has collated admission requirements of many universities. Check

15 IB WORKLOAD Your child is learning valuable skills that will serve them well in university. The emphasis IB places on critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing and computational skills is of great benefit to the students. Universities are now seeking IB students because they realize that IB students have the skills that will enable them to be successful at the post- secondary level.

16 IB EXAMINATIONS The IB examinations are written world – wide. The examinations, therefore, focus on skills rather than content. Many students find this type of assessment easier to prepare for than one that tests content.

17 THE END Please feel free to leave. I will remain here to answer questions. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE IB COFFEE TALK

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