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Eugene 4J Navigation Guide for Parents of Children who are.

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1 Eugene 4J Navigation Guide for Parents of Children who are

2  High scores on standardized tests  97% percentile or above OAKS  Overachiever  Learns new concepts quickly  Thinks “differently”  Bored in class  Underachiever  Refuses to “show work”  Disruptive behavior  Bored in class


4  OARS State mandates  Identification  Meet students at their rate and level “Parents are passionate advocates for their children… Parents have the right to request evaluation, to have a say in the TAG plan for their child, to navigate the system and to advocate for their child’s needs.” Kerri Sage, 4J Talented and Gifted Program Specialist


6  Identification  Referral for evaluation  Co-create a TAG Plan “The State is in really bad shape right now. There’s no funding available for TAG and additionally, there’s no art teachers, music teachers, or specialists on staff in the schools. The kids need exposure. ” Cindy Sainz, Principal and TAG Coordinator, Adams Elementary School


8  Accelerated placement  70% or better on entrance exam  93% or higher on EasyCBM “We have a Math Club that is a very good source of enrichment… The club competes in several national and state competitions. We just placed first in the regionals.” Craig McKenzie, Math Dept Head, Roosevelt Middle School


10  Enrichment programs  UO Super Summers, Saturdays  Scholarships available “By the time the kids get to us they are bored and the parents are really frustrated. ” Lauren Richardson, TAG Coordinator, Roosevelt Middle School  Web resources  Khan Academy  Hoagie’s Gifted  Oregon Association for Talented & Gifted


12  Differentiated classes  Don’t make them sit through standard classes  Let them work on their own without distraction  Emphasize challenging problems and understanding concepts “4J has adopted a good Algebra 1 textbook, actually... There are also inexpensive texts from the Singapore Project.” Shlomo Libeskind, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oregon


14  Better school experience  Better curricula  Better funding  Better future

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