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The FEAR FACTOR Overcoming the Spirit of Fear By Dr. Lehomé Bliss.

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1 The FEAR FACTOR Overcoming the Spirit of Fear By Dr. Lehomé Bliss



4  The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7

5 When we are afraid:  Our power is reduced  Our love is compromised  Our minds are unstable

6 The battle is in our minds Cast out the spirit of fear and replace “him” with the Word of God and His love.

7 Perfect Love Cast out All Fear Who is perfect love? Jesus! There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 NLT

8 Fear brings on the very thing we fear

9 OPPOSITE OF FEAR IS FAITH For instance, Peter’s fear of sinking brought on his sinking

10 Jesus is in the Boat and you’re still afraid! Luke 8:22-25

11  Research has shown that 85% of the emotional and physical ills of men are brought on by fear

12 Effect of Fear on the Mind and Body When fear is present, it causes secretion of a hormone called ACTH released by the hypothalamus gland, which causes us to want to fight or run.

13 YOU were Born unafraid –except for the fear of loud noises and fear of falling.


15 Immune System Stress can weaken the immune system, and make us more vulnerable to disease. For example, during stress the body increases the production of corticosteroids. Corticosteroids suppress the functioning of the immune system. Note: Social Support (such as Seasoned Saints) has been shown to buffer the effects of stress and enhance the immune system.

16 The Nervous System Note: During stress, the sympathetic nervous system is activated.

17 Asthma Rooted in Fear John Hopkins University in Baltimore Marylyn agreed that Asthma is a fear and anxiety disorder. It wasn't what the person was breathing that caused the attack. There was something internally that was stiffening the wall. Cell wall rigidity. The toxins are building up in the person from the spiritual root. It only appears those "allergic" things is causing it, but that is the deception. !

18 HIVES  Rooted in fear and anxiety. Over production of histamine.  HAVE YOU EVER HAD HIVES?  Do you remember what happened just before you starting itching?

19 Hodgkins Disease  Spiritual root may be deep-rooted bitterness, resentment and self-hatred coming from rejection by a father, in most cases.  My testimony

20 Auto Immune Diseases  Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crone’s Disease, and other white corpuscle- deviate behavior. (The manifestations of self- hatred, self-guilt, self-conflict, self-rejection, self- bitterness, self-conflict, etc.) As the person attacks himself spiritually, the body attacks the body physically, and the enemy joins in. When we attack ourselves with self-hate and bitterness, we are giving the white corpuscles permission to attack us as well, and giving the enemy permission to do the same!

21 Bone Problems Rooted In FEAR  Unconditional love for everyone Ps. 31:10 – Iniquity causes us to be weakened and our bones waste away. Proverbs 3:6-8 – By acknowledging God in all our ways, but fear the Lord (departing from evil) – not taking your own advice but believing the Word of God, THEN it shall be health to thy navel and MARROW TO THE BONES. Disobedience to God’s word will cause your bones to dry up.

22 Bowel Problems Rooted in Fear  Medical terminology: Cell Wall rigidity = Causes the body to dry up the liquids that should soften the excretion – but it hardens instead and causes problems. Spiritual root is fear – being abandoned, rejected, resulting in self-rejection, self-bitterness, and self-hatred. Not accepting self, due to a broken relationship with another.

23 Congestive Heart Failure  Rooted in fear and anxiety, bitterness and self-rejection. "Men’s hearts fail them for fear" Proverbs. Lack of self-esteem.

24 Migraines Rooted in Fear  Fear and anxiety. Conflict with self. Vasco constriction. It can be defeated easily if you know your enemy. 26 different kinds of pains, some are organic, some are psychosomatic. Migraines are a disease that can be completely healed. Here is how a migraine works: Undersecretion of serotonin and over secretion of histamine.

25 Migraine con’t  Here’s how the mind and body connects: Let’s say you have a conflict with someone or something. It isn’t the conflict that triggers the migraine; it’s the conflict the person is having with himself or herself over that conflict that triggers the migraine. The conflict can be real or imagined or projected. Penial gland regulates serotonin, and when you are struggling with yourself because of this conflict, you will automatically go into serotonin deficiency..

26 Migraine con’t  Now serotonin and histamine are contrary to each other. It’s like having two magnets together that spin apart! When you have histamine secretion into the body, and by the way fear and anxiety in the body causes histamine secretion in the body. Because of all this, now you have vasco dialation, and have an expansion of blood vessels in the cranial region, puts pressure on the nerves.

27 Depression  “ Hope deferred makes the heart sick” Proverbs 13:2.  Depression comes from anxiety  Generic term. It is a result of chemical imbalance and each person needs to have considerable investigation. Depression is caused from an unloving spirit toward self, resulting in self- rejection or rejection of another.  Chronic depression can be caused by suppressed anger. Crying is a natural cleanser. Confess your sins (faults) that you may be healed (James 5:16).

28 Elevated Cholesterol Rooted in fear. Only certain people have a pre-disposition to hardening of the arteries. Triglycerides can be related to a certain inherited problem. The Bible says that all heart problems are related to fear. If you have a cholesterol problem and hardening of arteries, you are going to find fear and anxiety right around the corner.

29 SELECT ONE AS YOUR DEFINITE PURPOSE IN LIFE RIGHT NOW ScriptureReferenceProduces Hope deferred makes the heart sickProverbs 13:12 Depression, self-pity, doubt and unbelief, heart problems, anxiety and stress, Parkinson’s A merry heart does good like a medicineProverbs 17:22Joy, peace, health A broken spirit dries up the bonesProverbs 17:22Brittle bones, allergies, fear Shame to a husband is rottenness to his bonesProverbs 12:4 When women shame their husbands, it can produce health issues in a husbands bones A curse causeless shall not comeProverbs 26:2 There is a reason to everything that happens. Take a look at Deuteronomy 28 to see the list of diseases - these are listed as curses. Envy is rottenness to the bonesProverbs 14:30Another bone disease Critical and perverse lipsProverbs 4:24Bitterness, strive and every evil thing God has not given us the spirit of fearII Timothy 1:7 Fear is a spirit that God has not given. Many roots to dis-ease starts with fear. He that hates reproof shall dieProverbs 12:1 Not much clearer than that. The body begins dying at the cellular level. We have time to get things right in our heart long before final death happens. He that trusts in the Lord happy is heProverbs 16:20 When we truly trust God, we will have peace and peace produces health and health produces happiness Death and life are in the power of the tongueProverbs 18:21 Our words do matter, it can cause others to feel good or to feel terrible which can, if long term, produce illness. The following are things found in the Bible that affect our health:

30 Fear of failure:  Is a conditioned response learned in childhood DECIDE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO THEN ACT AS IF IT WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL


32  It matters not if you try and fail and try and fail again  It matters a great deal, if you fail to try.

33  It is either faith or fear … Isaiah 26:3Isaiah 26:3

34 THE WORLD OPENS UP FOR WINNERS The world opens up for winners, Winners exactly like you People who welcome a challenge Who are willing to see a task through.

35 Fear and love cannot reside at the same time. If you are afraid, you are not being made perfect in love.

36  Fear is the devil's faith and anytime evil is present, fear is present!  Fear is the direct opposite of love.

37 Graphics by Lehman Bliss  He who never fell never climbed.  Never…Never…Never Quit!!!

38 IT’s Time to Get Started  Webster wrote his dictionary at age 70  Moses was 80 when he lead Israel out of bondage  ate Bloomers After 50  Colonel Harland Sanders – started the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise at age 65.  Grandma Moses – began painting at 76, after arthritis forced her to give up embroidery. She continued painting until 101.  Julia Child – became a chef after many years as a secret intelligence officer. She was 49 when her first book was published, 51 when her TV program “The French Chef” first aired.  Ray Kroc – went from being a salesman to opening the first McDonalds at age 52.  Sister Marion Irvine – started running at age 47, when she was overweight and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Went on to qualify for the Olympic marathon trials at age 54.  Laura Ingalls Wilder – published the first book in the “Little House on the Prairie” series at 65.  Maya Angelou – was in her 60s when her poetry and books became popular.  Alfred Hitchcock – directed his best films between the ages of 54 and 61.  Susan Boyle – achieved worldwide recognition for her singing talent at age 48


40 SONG 

41 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Hark! the herald angels sing Glory to the newborn King Peace on earth and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled Joyful all ye nations rise Join the triumph of the skies With angelic hosts proclaim Christ is born in Bethlehem Hark! the herald angels sing Glory to the new born King Hark, the herald angels sing Glory to the newborn king Peace on earth and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled Joyful all ye nations rise Join the triumph of the skies With angelic hosts, proclaim Christ is born in Bethlehem Hark, the herald angels sing Glory to the newborn king


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