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Community Partner On-boarding FALL, 2012 SESSION.

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1 Community Partner On-boarding FALL, 2012 SESSION


3 www.

4 Database and Quality 22 organizations Cityspan, managed by Wilder Tracks participation and demographic info Aggregate school data for organizations Foundational Skills workshops Youth Program Quality Assessment Quality Coaching After-school cohort

5 Gayle J. Smaller, Special Projects Coordinator Office of Family Engagement And Community Partnerships

6 A mutually beneficial relationship between Saint Paul Public Schools and an external entity with the primary goal of improving learner success. What is a partnership?

7 Why are partnerships important? Partnerships are essential to learner success: They provide additional extracurricular activities for our students They help the community participate in the education of our students They provide students to culturally rich learning opportunities schools are unable to provide because of a lack of resources

8 DAT Recommendations Recommendation 1 Recommendation 2 Superintendent as partnership champion: A cultural shift creating accountability for partnerships, making them strategic and coordinated. Commitment of financial resources Establish a community advisory team District-wide infrastructure that includes: Staffing support Infrastructure for organizing partnerships Resources or toolkit to manage partnerships

9 Infrastructure Includes: Single point of entry for partnership Intake New partner routing process On-boarding process for all partners and internal stakeholders Single district-wide partnership database (including online portfolios) Registration process for ALL community partners

10 Infrastructure Objectives New Partner routing process On-boarding process for all partners and relevant internal staff Single point of entry for partnership Intake Single district-wide partnership database (including online portfolios) Registration process for ALL community partners Align Partners with Strong Schools, Strong Communities

11 Partnerships should: Align with SPPS goals Assist with providing a more holistic education to our students Support principals, teachers and families with student development

12 Becoming a partner Fill out online registration form Schedule informational interview with partnership team Review and sign partnership agreement Partnership team submits PA for superintendent approval Partnership letter is sent to partnering organization leadership Organization receives authorization letter within 10 days

13 Communications, Marketing & Development Julie Schultz Brown, Director

14 Grant development Letters of support Routing of MOU’s Our Role:

15 Letters of Support Key Consideration for Letters of Support: TIME - Please notify us at least 10 business days before due

16 To process a request for a letter of support, you will need to submit: A draft of the letter of support A Request for Proposal (the application package for the grant you're applying for) A draft of the grant A draft of the budget

17 Our Department Will: Review and revise as necessary Determine the signatures necessary and route paperwork Return original signed letter according to your directions Please contact for help with these requests.

18 Community Education Lynn Gallandat, Director

19 Our Approach When we partner we think about: The needs and wants of schools, families, students, teachers and community members Assets and gaps in a community or attendance area How an organization could enrich and extend programs/services Specific program, license or grant requirements

20 Community Education Programs in St. Paul Early learning and parent support programming Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) for parents and their children ages birth to five. Youth development programming School age childcare—Discovery Club Service Learning (bringing classroom and community learning together) 21 st Century Community Learning Centers and Youth Enrichment (out-of-school time and summer programs) Adult Learning programming Adult Basic Education (Adult Academics, ELL, Workforce preparation and GED testing) Adults with Disabilities (SEED, CLEAR and Culture Club) Adult Enrichment (educational, recreational and cultural activities/classes) and classes for senior citizens

21 Community Ed. Contacts Adult Basic Education Karen Gerdin Adults with Disabilities Faye Norton Adult Enrichment Kristin Keller Discovery Club Penny Nielsen Early Childhood and Family Education Donald Sysyn 21 st Century Learning Centers Deb Campobasso Youth Enrichment Shaun Walsh

22 Closing Remarks

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