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Mission, Vision and Values

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1 Mission, Vision and Values

2 MCHS Mission Statement
Medical Center Health System is a community-based, teaching organization dedicated to providing high quality healthcare and improving the health and wellness of all residents of the Permian Basin.

3 To be the premier source for health and wellness.
MCHS Vision Statement To be the premier source for health and wellness.

4 Integrity, Customer Centered, Accountability,
MCHS Values I CARE Integrity, Customer Centered, Accountability, Respect, Excellence

5 Always do the Right Thing!
MCHS “I CARE” Values I Integrity Always do the Right Thing! Honesty Trustworthiness Adherence to Principles Consistency

6 C MCHS “I CARE” Values Customer Centered Put the Customer first!
Quality Patient Care Anticipate Customer Needs Values Patients/Customers

7 A MCHS “I CARE” Values Accountability Take Ownership! Responsibility
Discipline Transparency Commit to Results

8 R MCHS “I CARE” Values Respect The Golden Rule! Courtesy
Confidentiality Acknowledgement Politeness Personal Dignity

9 E MCHS “I CARE” Values Excellence Go Above and Beyond!
Premier Performance Teamwork A Healthy Dissatisfaction with the Status Quo

10 Standards of Performance

11 Accountability Standards
Attendance (Work, meetings, be on time) Adherence to Policies and Procedures Staff Engagement Eliminate 3 B’s (Bickering, Back-Biting, Blame)

12 Customer Service Standards
Positive Attitude Professional Demeanor (Neat Scrubs) Greeting (Greet Everyone) No Gossip, Rudeness, Foul Language

13 Communication Standards
Body Language ( What are you saying with you body language) Tone of Voice (Have a Positive Tone) Etiquette (Never Type in All Caps) No Excuses (Positive Communication and Attitude is a Must)

14 Communication Standards
“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.”  ~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin “Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing.” ~Steven Grayhm

15 Telephone Communication Standards
Telephone Greeting ( Thank you for Calling Medical Center Hospital, this is….) Telephone Transfers/Holds (Do not leave customers on hold for extended periods) Personal Telephone Usage (Do not use cell phones in patient care areas) Use of electronic Devices (Do not use iPads etc. in pateint care areas)

16 Personal/Environmental Standards
Professional Appearance (Neat hair and Scrubs) Adherence to Dress Code Policy Trash and Spills (Pick up trash and report spills if you see them) Common Areas Neat/Free of Clutter

17 Elevator/Hallway Standards
Friendly Greeting Offers of Assistance Elevator Etiquette (Don’t talk about patients) Patient and Hospital Privacy (Remember HIPAA)

18 Privacy and Confidentiality Standards
Access Patient Data (Access for work only) Patient Privacy (Keep patient information out of sight) Noise Level (Control your voice in patient care areas) Personal Conversations (Make sure they are in private areas)

19 Excellence Standards Committee/Team Participation
Community Event Participation Educational/Personal Growth Go Above and Beyond

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