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Latin America Unit For Today 1.Latin American Poster Show 2.Thinkers test will be next Tuesday. 3.Thinkers 19-21.

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1 Latin America Unit For Today 1.Latin American Poster Show 2.Thinkers test will be next Tuesday. 3.Thinkers 19-21.

2 Today in History Nov 7 20002000 Al Gore wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote to George W. Bush 19891989 Douglas Wilder elected 1st U.S. black governor (D- Va) 19831983 Bomb explodes in U.S. Capitol, causing heavy damage but no injuries 19731973 New Jersey becomes 1st state to allow girls into little league 19441944 Franklin D. Roosevelt wins 4th term in office, defeating Thomas E Dewey 19171917 October Revolution (Oct 26 OS) in Russia, Lenin seizes power

3 Latin America Thinkers 1. The Columbian Exchange occurred among Africa, Latin America, North America, and Europe. What is a lasting effect on Latin America from this exchange? 2. What is a significant environmental challenge to developing nations in South America? 3. The use of terrace farming by the Incas is an example of doing what to your environment?

4 Latin America Thinkers Found between 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south of the equator Sailors originally noticed the stillness of the rising air which was not blowing in any direction Officially known as the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone 4. What is the list above describing? 5. What early 1900s construction project of the U. S. has served as a center of urbanization, transportation, and economic activities in Central America? 6. When trade winds converge in the region of the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone in Latin America, what is usually produced?

5 Latin America Thinkers 7. What does ethnocentric mean? 8, What is a cultural lens? 9. What are the 4 regions we split Latin America into?

6 Latin America Thinkers 10. What mountain range was formed by the converging of plates on the Western Coast of South America? 11. What countries does it help to form the border between? 12. Why are the majority of Argentina’s major cities located in the Northern part of the country?

7 Latin America Thinkers 13. What does the term Meso-America mean and what countries does it include? 14. What is subsistence agriculture? 15. What is Nationalism?

8 Latin America Thinkers 16. Murals are used for what purpose in Latin America? 17. What does it mean to Nationalize a company? 18. What was Hispaniola?

9 Latin America Thinkers 19. What is a mestizo? 20. What is a Mulatto? 21. With the arrival of the Europeans what did the most damage to Native Americans in the New World? This is also a negative effect of what?

10 U.S. History Thinkers Unit 4 1. In addition to the Railroad advances in ________, ________, and _________ helped to speed the transfer of information. 2. By 1890 the Literacy Rate in the United States has risen to above ____ %. 3. In 1888 George Eastman introduced his _______ camera which was preloaded with _____ picture roll.

11 U.S. History Thinkers Unit 4 4. Between 1865 and 1895 states passed laws requiring ____ to ____ weeks of school attendance by students between 8 and 14. 5. In 1890 fewer then ____ % of African Americans attended high school. 6. The prominent African-American educator _________________ believed racism would end once black acquired useful labor skills.

12 U.S. History Thinkers Unit 4 7. What was the court case in 1896 which upheld the idea of separate but equal did not violate the constitution? 8. What were poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses designed to do? 9. What were Jim Crow Laws?

13 U.S. History Thinkers Unit 4 10. What was debt peonage? 11. When was peonage declared unconstitutional? 12. What is another term for mass culture and what does it mean?

14 U.S. History Thinkers Unit 4 13. What is Imperialism? 14. The desire to expand the American Nation extended from expansion into the ________ to a desire to establish _________ over seas. 15. Admiral _____________ helped to convince the government that the United States needed a strong ___________.

15 U.S History Assignments for Today You need to find a partner or two to work with. There are 31 in the class and I need 11 groups figure it out. We will be taking notes in groups to present to the class. Each group will be responsible for taking a minimum of 8 key points from your section and finding a creative way to present it to the class. Power point, poster, Prezi, Video, act it out. It is completely up to you and how to present but you must cover the material in your section. We will work today and tomorrow in class and present next Tuesday and Wednesday.

16 U.S History Assignments for Today 1. America Expansionism 342-343 2. U.S. Acquires Alaska/Hawaii 344-34 5 3. Cubans Rebel against Spain 346-347 4. War Fever Escalates 347-348 5. War with Spain Erupts 348-351 6. Ruling Puerto Rico 352-353 7. Cuba and the United States 353 8. Filipinos Rebel/Foreign Influence in China 353-356 9. Impact of Territorial Gains 358 10. Teddy Roosevelt and the World 359-362 11. Woodrow Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy 353-365

17 Latin America Map You must label all the countries with the corresponding numbers below. You must create a key on the back or a separate sheet of paper for the Countries color and number. You must also label the following 4 bodies of water. Bodies of Water: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Caribbean Countries (6) – 1. Cuba 2. Haiti 3. Dominican Republic 4. The Bahamas – 5. Jamaica 6. Puerto Rico Central American Countries (8) – 7. Mexico 8. Guatemala 9. Belize 10. Honduras – 11. El Salvador 12. Nicaragua 13. Costa Rica 14. Panama South America (13) – 15. Colombia 16. Venezuela 17. Guyana 18. Suriname 19. Fr. Guiana – 20. Brazil 21. Ecuador 22. Peru 23. Bolivia 24. Paraguay 25. Chile – 26. Argentina 27. Uruguay

18 Latin America Poster Show We will be completing a poster show for Latin America Requirements for each group. (Maximum of 3 per group) – 8 bullet points of information over your pages. (must be in your own words) – 3 questions typed on my computer with answers on separate page. (must be able to answer off your poster.) – Must have group number and title on the top. – Must have at least one picture or graphic to illustrate your topic.

19 Latin America Poster Show 1. Vast Region/ Mountains and Plateaus (193-196) 2. Lowland Plains/Water Systems/Natural resources (196-198) 3. Climate and Vegetation (199-202) 4. Elevation and Climate (202-203) 5. Human characteristics (211-213) 6. Where Latin Americans Live (213-215) 7. Migration/Growth of Cities (216-217) 8. Passage through Panama (218-219) 9. Mayan (221) 10. Aztec (221) 11. Inca (221) 12. Empires to Nations (222-223) 13. Era of Dictatorships/Movements for Change (224-225) 14. Religions (226-227) 15. Arts (228-229) 16. Everyday Life (229-230) 17. Sports and Leisure (230-231) 18. Agriculture (237-238) 19. Industry (238-240) 20. Trade and Interdependence/NAFTA/Foreign Debts (240) 21. Transportation and Communications (240-241) 22. Managing Rain Forests (242-244) 23. Urban Environments (244-245) 24. Regional and International Issues (245- 246) 25. Disaster Prep/Industrial Pollution (247) 26. Brazil’s Rain Forest (248)

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