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Who is Berghahn Books? Berghahn Books is an independent scholarly publisher in the humanities and social sciences, with a focus on History, Politics &

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2 Who is Berghahn Books? Berghahn Books is an independent scholarly publisher in the humanities and social sciences, with a focus on History, Politics & Economics, Cultural and Media Studies, Anthropology & Sociology, International Relations, and Migration Studies. A peer-review press, Berghahn is committed to the highest academic standards and seeks to enable innovative contributions to the scholarship in its fields of specialty. Thanks to a strong transatlantic position and close links to Continental Europe, the press sees it as one of its important roles to further the dialogue between European and American scholars. The Berghahn publishing programs are widely recognized for the quality both of their lists and of the production of their books and journals.

3 ESCAPE FROM HELL The True Story of the Auschwitz Protocol Alfred Wetzler "Alfred Wetzler was a true hero. His escape from Auschwitz, and the report he helped compile, telling for the first time the truth about the camp as a place of mass murder, led directly to saving the lives of 120,000 Jews: the Jews of Budapest who were about to be deported to their deaths. No other single act in the Second World War saved so many Jews from the fate that Hitler and the SS had determined for them. This book tells Wetzler's story." · Sir Martin Gilbert 2007, 288 pages, appendices, index ISBN 978-1-84545-183-7 hardback $34.95 / £19.95

4 TURNING THE KALEIDOSCOPE Perspectives on European Jewry Edited by Sandra Lustig and Ian Leveson This volume explores such key questions as the new roles for Jews in Europe; models of Jewish community organization in Europe; concepts of diaspora and galut; a European-Jewish way of life in the era of globalization; and European Jews' relationship to Israel and to non-Jews. Some contributions highlight experiences of Jews in Britain, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. Helping us to understand the special and common characteristics of European Jewry, this collection offers a valuable contribution to the continued rebuilding of Jewish life in the postwar era. 2006, 288 pages ISBN 978-1-84545-076-2 hardback $90.00 / £45.00 ISBN 978-1-84545-535-4 paperback $34.95 / £19.95

5 BETWEEN MARX AND COCA-COLA Youth Cultures in Changing European Societies, 1960- 1980 Edited by Axel Schildt and Detlef Siegfried “…undergraduates who purchase this book will not sell it back to the bookstore at the end of the semester. It is thoroughly readable and the translations and writings of non-native English speakers flow very well. It is also engaging and thought-provoking, with something to offer everyone, from the college student activist to the expert on youth culture and rebellion...In an impressive display of thematic unity for an edited volume, the authors' contributions are in dialogue with one another… the volume is one of the year's best books…By demonstrating the varying aspects of youth movements in different national settings, this volume takes the reader far beyond the parts of its whole.” · H-German 2005, 434 pages ISBN 978-1-84545-009-0 hardback $85.00 / £50.00 ISBN 978-1-84545-333-6 paperback $29.95 / £19.95

6 THE HISTORY OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus Vahakn N. Dadrian "... totally innovative... Dadrian exhibits exemplary objectivity and provides us with the fruits of a life of scholarship and research. An inestimable contribution to our knowledge of history." · Journal of the Society of Armenian Studies ”... marshals considerable evidence to show how the development of the Turkish-Armenian conflict escalated to the point of genocide... Dadrian makes [an] important contribution to our understanding of the dynamics of the Ottoman decision to destroy its Armenian subjects." · MESA Bulletin 2003, 480 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-666-5 paperback $29.95 / £20.00

7 PORTRAITS OF HOPE Armenians in the Contemporary World Edited by Huberta von Voss “…certainly a well-put together and edited compendium of Armenian socio-political and cultural essays...And it has a great deal to offer both the educated and altruistic reader alike about the passionate and fatalistic woven threads that compose Armenian life and identity today.” · Armenian Weekly “…highly informative and important for the understanding not only of an ignored past…One reads with astonishment how much creative potential the oldest Christian people still has.” · Die Welt 2007, 400 pages, photographs ISBN 978-1-84545-257-5 hardback $39.95 / £25.00

8 (RE)CONSTRUCTING ARMENIA IN LEBANON AND SYRIA Ethno-Cultural Diversity & the State in the Aftermath of a Refugee Crisis Nicola Migliorino The author shows that, while in Lebanon the state has facilitated the development of an extensive and effective system of Armenian ethno-cultural preservation, in Syria the emergence of centralizing, authoritarian regimes in the 1950s and 1960s has severely damaged the autonomy and cultural diversity of the Armenian community. 2008, 256 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-352-7 hardback $75.00 / £35.00

9 A FOREIGN AFFAIR Billy Wilder’s American Films Gerd Gemünden "Billy Wilder is hard to trump, because everything one writes about him is only half as entertaining as his great sense of humor. Gerd Gemünden, however, achieves a small miracle: his A Foreign Affair is a highly readable yet serious critical study that reveals Wilder, the alleged cynic, as the moralist he really was." · Volker Schlöndorff Volume 5, Film Europa 2008, 206 pages, 36 ills, chronology, filmography, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-418-0 hardback $85.00 / £42.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-419-7 paperback $27.95 / £15.00

10 WOMEN IN POLISH CINEMA Ewa Mazierska and Elzbieta Ostrowska “… an important contribution to film studies not only in Poland, but in Eastern and Central Europe in general. The authors demonstrate that women are both revered and despised in Polish culture, a phenomenon Mazierska and Ostrowska attribute to the persistence of overt patriarchy in both social relations and culture. This system of thought, they aver, has ‘shaped and policed the lives of Polish women’ for generations.” · Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 2006, 256 pages, 36 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-57181-947-5 hardback $75.00 / £45.00 ISBN 978-1-57181-948-2 paperback $25.00 / £15.00

11 MOZART The First Biography Franz Xaver Niemetschek “It is perhaps not for the critique of contemporaneous music that we turn to Niemetschek but, rather, to enjoy the warmth and affection that shine through in a manner rare in biography.” · Music and Letters “…this book includes much contemporary debate (on whether music is a victim of fashion, for instance, or on the paucity of good musical education), and is absorbing to read.” · Jane Glover in Times Literary Supplement 2006, 96 pages, 6 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-231-5 hardback $29.95 / £17.50

12 AN ACADEMIC SKATING ON THIN ICE Peter Worsley “Peter Worsley's vividly remembered and incisively told Autobiography is an important addition to the history of the social sciences. He is a major figure in both anthropology and sociology, whose work is widely read and discussed today. A formidable thinker who introduced 'The Third World' into English, he is not only an important theoretician and ethnographer, but also a central founding member of the 'New Left' in Britain. This is a book which captures with great honesty a rich and varied life and a major moment in British intellectual history.” · Alan Macfarlane, Professor of Anthropological Science at the University of Cambridge 2008, 296 pages, 12 ills, index ISBN 978-1-84545-370-1 hardback $39.95 / £22.00

13 THE VOICE OF PROPHECY And Other Essays Edwin Ardener “His voice is as deeply needed as ever. Ardener anticipated numerous central issues in the social sciences today…This publishing event will achieve something much more significant still: a long-overdue recognition that Ardener not only forged ahead of today’s mainstream but bequeathed a legacy of ideas that can regenerate and redirect anthropological thought today. This new edition will allow a new and more receptive audience to come to grips with Ardener’s distinctive mode of analysis and understanding, bringing it more clearly into the mainstream of anthropological thought not only as a historical contribution but also, and especially, as a source of new reflections.” (From the Foreword) “The intellectual bequest of a brilliant and compassionate human being.” · Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University 2006, 326 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-331-2 hardback $27.50 / £16.50

14 HEART OF LIGHTNESS The Life Story of an Anthropologist Edith Turner "Edith and Victor Turner were among the most influential researchers and teachers and social and cultural anthropology in the twentieth century. Together they, and Edie alone after Vic's death, raised the idea of participant observation (and indeed of team learning) to heights and depth most anthropologists never achieve." [From the Foreword] This fascinating memoir is a lively testimony to a remarkable partnership and to Edie Turner's own achievements during more than two decades after Victor's untimely death. 2006,320 pages, 46 photos, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-8454-5126-4 hardback $85.00 / £47.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-127-1 paperback $27.95 / £15.00

15 POSTSOCIALISM Politics and Emotions in Central and Eastern Europe Edited by Maruska Svasek This volume proves the significance of emotions to post- socialist political processes as an inherent part of the transformations and sheds new light on the impact of local, national, and transnational political forces that have given rise to the resurgence of nationalist sentiments, increasing poverty and marginalization, conflicts arising from the restitution of state property, constitutional changes, and economic deprivation. 2006, 224 pages, index ISBN 978-1-8454-124-0 hardback $75.00 / £37.50 ISBN 978-1-84545534-7 paperback $27.95 / £15.00 (2007)

16 PRACTICING PUBLIC DIPLOMACY A Cold War Odyssey Yale Richmond “This short, readable volume is a treasure trove of sound advice wrapped in the recollections of one of America’s leading public diplomacy practitioners and top Soviet hands whose lengthy US government career spanned 44 years.” · WhirledView “instructive book…[is] much more enlightening about down-to-earth public diplomacy than a training manual or abstract academic treatise can ever be…a delightful volume.” · 2007, 192 pages, 12 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-8454-475-3 hardback $29.95 / £16.50

17 ON PERPETUAL PEACE A Tinely Assessment Dieter Senghaas Dieter Senghaas today is the world’s leading figure in the field of conflict research, conflict management research, and the study of the prerequisites of lasting peace. The fact that virulent conflict within what Senghaas calls the OECD world, essentially the European Union, has become unthinkable over the past half-century encourages him – in the face of violent conflict in many parts of the world – to be reasonably optimistic about the prospect for our planet as a whole. 2007 216 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-8454-324-4 hardback $75.00 / £37.50 ISBN 978-1-8454-325-1 paperback $27.95 / £15.00

18 A DIFFERENT KIND OF WAR The UN Sanctions Regime in Iraq H. C. von Sponeck “It is necessary reading, with crucial lessons for the immediate future as well. And immensely sad". · Noam Chomsky "This is one of the most important books I can remember." · John Pilger "This book is my personal history. I grew up during the embargo years - no health care, poor education, not enough food. God and my parents helped me to survive." · Wissam Khalifa (18), Al-Fallujah/Iraq 2006, 336 pages ISBN 978-1-84545-222-3 Hb $39.95/£22.95


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