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Family Support Training Paul Pedersen Community Outreach Coordinator.

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1 Family Support Training Paul Pedersen Community Outreach Coordinator

2 A WARRIOR “In times of uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call; a common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands along side America’s finest forces to serve his country and the American people, and to protect their way of life.”

3 A Veteran Defined…. Character Personal Integrity Honor Sacrifice

4 “ The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation. “

5 George Washington, President/Commander- in-Chief

6 MACV Mission To provide assistance throughout Minnesota to positively motivated veterans and their families who are homeless or experiencing other life crises. MACV accomplishes this by providing direct services or by collaborating with other agencies/providers.

7 MACV 501c3 Nonprofit Established 1992 Operates 3 Regional offices for statewide outreach: Mankato, Duluth, Twin Cities Certified by MN Charities Review Council Audited ANNUALLY by Larsen Allen and throughout the year by specific funders Total Assets $3,578,507.00

8 Minnesota Locations St. Paul Headquarters: MACV-Metro: 360 Robert Street North One Veterans Drive Suite 306 VAMC Building 47 St. Paul, MN 55101 Minneapolis, MN 55417 651-291-8756 612-726-1327 MACV-Duluth:MACV-Mankato 101 West 2 nd Street12 Civic Center Plaza Duluth, MN 55802Suite 2090 218-722-8763 Mankato, MN 56011 507-345-8258


10 VA Programs There Are over 24.5 million veterans in the U.S. today, representing 1.5% of the total population Veteran Statistics

11 Military and Veterans OEF/OIF Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom NO SAFE PLACE – NO SAFE ROLE

12 Military and Veterans OEF/OIF National Findings Approximately 1.7 million have deployed since 2001 34% have deployed multiple times 28% are National Guard or Reservists (average age is 36 years old) 46% of Regular Forces are under 25 Years Old; for many this is the first time they have left home. Approximately 895,000 OEF/OIF veterans are separated from the military and ELIGIBLE for VA services.

13 Military and Veterans OEF/OIF National Findings Women in the Military An estimated 180,000 OEF/OIF veterans are women Women now make up 15% of active duty military 17% of National Guard/Reserves 20% of New Recruits

14 Military and Veterans OEF/OIF National Findings Roughly one in every 5 suffer from a major depression or PTSD, estimated at 300,000. Only half have sought treatment. As many or more report possible brain injuries from explosions or other head wounds. An estimated 50%-60% of spouses of TBI patients suffer depression. Roughly 50% have spouses and children Reasons for not seeking help were cited as concern over side effects of medication, they believed family and friends would help, or they feared seeking care might damage their military careers.

15 Military and Veterans OEF/OIF National Findings Studies have found that veterans returning from combat are 63% more likely to report new-onset heavy drinking than those not deployed to combat zones; young veterans had the highest risk for developing alcohol- related problems. Alcohol is commonly used as a coping mechanism after traumatic events.

16 Minnesota Military and Veterans 974 Water Towers in Minnesota……..585 have deployed service personnel in OEF/OIF

17 Minnesota Military and Veterans OIF/OEF Comments 20 % of the veterans recently back from tours of duty are UNEMPLOYED. Of those employed since leaving the military, 25% earn less than $21,840/year. Source: Department of Veterans Affairs survey of 1941 veterans

18 Minnesota Military and Veterans OIF/OEF Comments Leading Cause of death of returned veterans: MOTORCYCLES


20 Homelessness Among Veterans National Statistics  Estimated more than 154,000 Homeless Veterans on any given night (NCHV) VA estimates it can meet 20% of the need The other 80% is up to community based organizations.  23% of all homeless are veterans  33% of all homeless men are veterans

21 Homelessness Among Veterans National Statistics Female Veterans  An estimated 6500 female veterans are currently homeless in this country and the number is expected to continue to rise (5% of total homeless veteran population)  A female veteran is four times more likely to be homeless than a female civilian  One out of 10 homeless veterans under the age of 45 is now a woman

22 Homelessness Among Veterans Minnesota Statistics * Approximately 410,000 veterans in MN (23,000 female); approx. 100,000 are getting VA Health Care, but another 70,000 are eligible (for female veterans only 1500 are connected to the VA) Estimated that over 4000 are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless at some point in the year 624 veterans are homeless on any given night; (250 in the Metro area) 1 in 4 homeless men are veterans Veterans represent approx. 13% of the total homeless population (1 in 8) 32% of homeless veterans have served in a combat zone * Wilder Research 2006 Statewide Survey of Homeless Veterans in Minnesota

23 Homelessness Among Veterans Minnesota Statistics * Veterans were older than non-veteran homeless men 92% of homeless veterans had a high school degree 1/3 reported alcohol/drug abuse 60% reported a serious mental illness 52% had a chronic health condition * Wilder Research 2006 Statewide Survey of Homeless Veterans in Minnesota

24 Homelessness Among Veterans Minnesota Statistics - Employment Veterans are more likely to be employed (24%). Barriers to employment are physical health and mental health, lack of transportation, age, criminal background, lack of housing. Unemployment rates as of May 2009: - Duluth – close to 10% - Minneapolis/St. Paul – 9% - St. Cloud – 9.8% - Rochester - 7.3%

25 Homeless Veterans Need…. A coordinated effort that provides secure housing, food, essential physical health care, substance abuse aftercare, mental health counseling, and employment assistance. employment = housing = empowerment HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY

26 Homeless Veterans Need…. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, the cost effective programs are community-based, nonprofit, ‘veterans helping veterans’ groups. Programs that seem to work feature transitional housing settings that offer living in a structured, substance-free environment with fellow veterans. MACV

27 Continuum of Care Prevention: Assisting veterans and their families who are about to lose their residences or are at risk of becoming homeless. Outreach: Veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness.


29 MACV 2009 STATISTICS Close to 12,000 contacts annually In 2009, we assisted over 840 veterans and their families with direct services; a 58% increase over 2007. Female Veterans: 10% and rising Veterans with a Disability: 65% OIF/OEF Veterans: 21% and rising

30 Services: Intensive case management, and other supportive services such as training, education, etc. Assistance: Direct assistance including short-term rent assistance, security deposits, mortgage assistance, utility assistance, transportation assistance, food vouchers, etc. MACV PROGRAMS

31 In our attempt to not duplicate any service already available to a veteran, we make sure a referral is made to the CVSO (County Veterans Service Officer) in order that the veteran can be assessed for eligibility in county/state programs such as: State Soldiers Assistance Program Special Needs Dental and Eye Care Education Benefits MDVA PROGRAMS

32 MACV Funding Sources Program Fees from the Veteran Participants Federal VA Grant & Per Diem – Building 47 State Grants from MN Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Economic Opportunity Federal Grants: DOL HVRP, HUD, EFSP, ESG –ARRA HPRP Stimulus Funds in Specific Regions Donations (Unrestricted and Restricted) –Foundations, Corporate Giving, Individuals Fundraising Events/Campaigns

33 Eligibility for Services Veteran status verified – DD214 - 181 days Active Duty Service Homeless Status (some programs) Prevention (some programs); must demonstrate financial need and meet program guidelines Minnesota Resident (30 days most programs) Must be Positively Motivated to Make a Change

34 What we Assess with the Veteran Housing Status Health Status, mental & chemical Medical Problems Employment & Income Status Appropriate Housing Living Skills Eye & Dental Care Legal Issues

35 What we Provide…… Transitional & Permanent Housing with Supportive Services Eviction Prevention Mortgage Foreclosures Utility Payments Transportation Bus passes Gas Cards Food Vouchers Clothing Vouchers Employment Assistance Tax & Legal Referrals Case Management Network of Providers for Referrals

36 Desired Outcomes Placement in appropriate housing Increased level of life/living skills Increased level of income Increased level of financial responsibility Increased level of health (mental & physical) Increased level of responsibility and connection to the community Increased ability to interact in relationships

37 MACV - HQ Kathleen Vitalis – Executive Director 651-222-0613 Cari Jaksha– Operations Administrator 651-291-8756 360 Robert St. N. Suite 306 St. Paul, MN 55101

38 MACV – METRO REGION Jimmy Collier – Regional Director 612-726-1327 Kimoja Emeka – Outreach Case Manager Nathaniel Saltz – Program Manager – Bldg. 47 Edwin Williams – SIL Housing Case Manager Doran Hocker – Case Manager Brian Madson – Community Outreach & Employment Coordinator

39 MACV METRO Transitional Housing Minneapolis Building 47 - 13 Veterans SIL Houses - 24 Veterans


41 VA GRANT & PER DIEM Must be found eligible by the VA Health Care for Homeless Veterans Outreach Team to be funded by this grant 13 Beds Can be up to 2 years VA & MACV co-case manage each veteran Reimbursed only for total expenditures @ $34.40/day*

42 Structured Independent Living SIL Housing 8 SIL houses with supportive services - 6 Minneapolis, 1 Richfield, 1 St. Cloud Transitional Housing: Temporary housing combined with supportive services to assist veterans overcome the problems and conditions that resulted in their having become homeless- can be up to 24 months

43 Richfield

44 Minneapolis




48 Durbin M. Keeney – Regional Director 101 West 2 nd Street Duluth, MN 55802 1-218-722-8763 Cliff Gawne-Mark – Program Manager Steve Saari – Program Manager Paul Pedersen – Community Outreach Coordinator Michael Dickinson – PT Discharge Planner

49 DULUTH – Major Programs HUD NE Minnesota Counties - 6 Disabled Veterans & their Families HUD – St. Louis County – Supportive Services Discharge Planning Pilot – St. Louis County 38 County Outreach Program

50 DULUTH VETERANS’ PLACE Ramsey Neighborhood – West Duluth In partnership with Northern Communities Land Trust (Developer) – Project is a Priority within ‘Heading Home St. Louis County’ Plan to End Homelessness. 5 Units of Transitional Housing 11 Units of Permanent Housing with Supportive Services for veterans Duluth Office Co-located

51 DULUTH VETERANS’ PLACE Estimated Completion - FALL 2010 Construction Began FEB.15 th WALL BREAKING CEREMONY





56 MACV - MANKATO Sue Sorenson – Regional Director Gretchen Blais – Case Manager 12 Civic Center Plaza Suite 2090 Mankato, MN 56001 1-507-345-8258

57 MANKATO HOUSING Paul & Dorothy Radichel Town Homes 11 Units Permanent Housing with Supportive Services for Disabled Veterans Opened Fall 2006


59 VETLAW Veterans Employed Through Legal Advocacy Work Removes legal barriers to employment or housing Must be a MACV participant enrolled in one of our programs No criminal/defense cases

60 MACV 2009 STATISTICS - Close to 12,000 contacts annually - In 2009, over 840 clients were assisted with direct services statewide in 62 counties.

61 StandDowns 2010 Minneapolis - May 25th and 26 th 2009: 411 Veterans served – 50 Service Providers – 150 Volunteers International Falls – TBD 2009: 80 Veterans served – 40 Service Providers – 45 Volunteers Bemidji – TBD 2009: 60 Veterans served – 40 Service Providers – 25 Volunteers Duluth - August 29th 2009: 150 Veterans served – 40 Service Providers – 30 Volunteers Mankato - November 9th 2009: 277 Veterans served – 35 Service Providers Rochester - New for 2010 - TBD

62 WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR US Provide as much detailed information as possible when you make the referral Leverage other sources of funding Make a connection with the CVSO PLEASE CALL WITH QUESTIONS

63 TO SUMMARIZE… We fill the gaps……………… Some programs have very strict income guidelines that even though you are unemployed, they base your income off the past 3 months which disqualifies the applicant Others have restrictions based on disabilities Other programs, you MUST be employed Assistance such as energy or even benefits that have been applied for, experience a time lag from application to actual benefit received of 1-4 months. AND IN THE MEANTIME, WHILE THEY WAIT………….

64 TO SUMMARIZE… ……….things get worse.

65 KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS STATEWIDE Non-Duplicated Services Leveraged Sources of Funding Partners & Collaborators Case Management Bridge the Gap – Be The Safety Net



68 Veterans’ Offices and Resources Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans: Provides assistance throughout Minnesota to positively motivated veterans and their families who are homeless or experiencing other life crises. County Veteran Service Officers: First point of contact to assist Veterans. Directory: A listing of all the County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO) in each county. The listing is available in both on-line and PDF versions. Minnesota Veteran One Stop Website: This website was developed to provide Minnesota Veterans, their families and employers a one stop location for information or links available for veterans.

69 VETERAN RESOURCES Veterans Linkage Line 1-888-LINKVET (546-5838) For active duty military members to retirees to veterans and all concerned family members MDVA manages the LinkVet call center During business hours, MDVA staff provide information on veterans' benefits, healthcare, education, and reintegration. The line will roll to Crisis Connection counselors for 24-hour, seven days a week coverage (including holidays) for immediate crisis intervention and psychological counseling.


71 “We are a National Guard Family. Recently my husband lost his job due to active duty orders. This is being investigated through federal and state agencies, but we are about to be evicted and our utilities shut off. We are the parents of twin girls and we are frantic. He has lost a lot of wages due to this ignorant employer. Do you help people like us or do you know who can? We are desperate…………….”

72 An 89 year old decorated Army AF Fighter Pilot WWII (1942-1945). Facing a financial setback due to some unexpected bills, he and his wife were facing a shut off notice from the gas company.

73 OIF Veteran is going through several surgeries that are service related and in and out of work; he is supposed to have 100% rating but has not yet been received (7 weeks) Homeless, Married, disabled Army veteran with 2 minor children; connected to HUD VASH, but needed first month rent.

74 Collaboration with Family Assistance Center and County VSO; veteran laid off and unable to pay rent; FAC helping with food; MACV paying one month rent to prevent eviction Collaboration with County VSO for disabled veteran with multiple health issues; VSO is in process of submitting VA claims to increase income; MACV providing mortgage assistance to prevent foreclosure.

75 30 year old OIF Veteran with a spouse and 3 children in need of rental assistance; collaboration with VSO and FAC. 56 year old homeless veteran in need of first month’s rent; collaboration with Workforce Center. Female Marine Veteran with 2 children needs to move out of extremely overcrowded trailer; 20% service connected disability; we will provide ongoing case management and first month rent; veteran has applied for Voc Rehab with CVSO and plans to attend local CC using GI Bill.

76 “Keeping Faith with those who serve must always be a core American value and a cornerstone of American patriotism. Because America’s commitment to its servicemen and women begins at enlistment, and it must never end.” --President Barack Obama

77 Thank you for having us ……Questions?

78 Minnesota Locations St. Paul Headquarters: MACV-Metro: 360 Robert Street North One Veterans Drive Suite 306 VAMC Building 47 St. Paul, MN 55101 Minneapolis, MN 55417 651-291-8756 612-726-1327 MACV-Duluth:MACV-Mankato 101 West 2 nd Street12 Civic Center Plaza Duluth, MN 55802Suite 2090 218-722-8763 Mankato, MN 56011 507-345-8258

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