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Parent Meeting Information & Expectations Athletic Policies 1.

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1 Parent Meeting Information & Expectations Athletic Policies 1

2 Meeting Agenda Introduce coaches Athletic policy Football Athlete Equipment Issue Parent Questions Turn in/Complete Required Forms Please be sure to fill out email form being passed around before you leave 2

3 COACHES INTRODUCTIONS Joseph Evans – Coordinator 8 th Football*, Track James Cannida 7 th Football, 7 th Basketball, Track, Tennis* Jason Carpenter 8 th FB, 8 th BB*, Track Louis Goeke Track*, 7 th Football*, Cross-Country* Marcus Price 8 th Football, 8 th Basketball, Track Kyle Buescher 7 th Football, 7 th Basketball*, Track Charles Wilder Soccer Kevin Thomas 7 th and 8 th Football, Soccer 3


5 General Policies Develop athletes’ overall education Scholastic achievement Benefit of hard work, teamwork Sportsmanship Physical fitness Appreciation of sports and general athletics Athletics is a privilege, therefore, high standards are expected 5

6 Boys Sports Offered Football Basketball Cross Country Track Soccer Tennis 6

7 Attendance Attendance is mandatory; skipping is not allowed Practice will take place before school Notify coaches if absence is inevitable (phone/email) Phone- Office# 469-633-5190 CELL# 214-616-7518 Email- 7

8 Attendance Continued Injuries- Parent note needed to be excused from workout If an athlete is unable to work out for more than 3 days in a row, a doctor’s note will be required Trainer- Joseph White, Liberty HS If Coaches deem injury serious we will send athlete to be seen by the trainer He is trained to treat athletic injuries 8

9 Physicals All athletes must have all forms on file before they can participate Incoming 7 th graders MUST have a new physical Returning 8 th graders MUST have a new physical. Check to be sure we received it from your previous school 9

10 Game Day Attendance- be at school on game day Special circumstances (i.e. funeral, religious ceremony, etc.) need to be brought to the attention of the Athletic Coordinator before the absence occurs Dress- Dress for Success Look, Act, Play Professionally Dress pants, shirt, tie, dress shoes Trouble acquiring items- see Athletic Coordinator privately 10

11 Outside Sports & Activities We encourage our athletes to play as many sports as possible We will do our best to accommodate conflicts Scoggins Athletics should have top priority over all outside sports including, but not limited to: club soccer, AAU, baseball, etc. 11

12 Transportation Provided to and from all games We ask that athletes ride the bus to and from games to promote team unity Special (i.e. emergency) circumstances need Athletic Coordinator approval Pick up at school 12

13 Conduct Athletes are held to a higher standard than rest of school- role models for all Should exhibit acceptable and proper conduct in the school and the community as they are representatives of the school and athletic program 13

14 Locker Room, Equipment, & Theft Issued equipment stays at school unless instructed otherwise Coaches will wash all athletic clothes so they should not leave the building Athlete’s responsibility to take care of his equipment Locker is LOCKED at all times Locker Organization Electronic devices- bring at your own risk Periodic locker checks will be done 14

15 Locker Room, Equipment, & Theft continued Locker Room is expected to stay clean & clear of equipment Helps combat MRSA/Staph infection Cleanliness is the key!!! Theft will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from program 15

16 Athletes’ Lockers What to Keep in Them Jock Strap or Compression Shorts Athletic shoes Cleats Deodorant Soap Hair products Any school issued equipment or clothing All other stuff taken home daily Shower shoes are preferred What NOT to Keep in Them Personal Clothing Items Hangers Dress Shoes School Books, Binders, etc. Electronic devices Money Piles of clothes Reason: Germs and viruses like Staph and MRSA love to grow in wet, dingy places. Less Clutter = Less Germs 16

17 Grooming Hair cuts: out of the eyes, above the collar No bleaching hair for athletes No Mohawks or Fro-hawks No coloring of hair or exotic designs No facial hair No jewelry, piercings, or visible tattoos All athletes expected to take showers after each workout Items to keep in locker: deodorant, soap, shampoo, comb, hair gel, etc. No aerosol deodorants or colognes 17

18 Eligibility Athletes must maintain a 70% in all classes to participate Athletes who fail to pass for two consecutive six week period may be removed from program Athletes are encouraged to attend tutorials for classes in which they are struggling 18

19 Grading Participation, attitude, work ethic, compliance with policies constitute 100% of the six weeks grade Athletes must be on time and suited out for workout, even if injured Attendance at practices and games is mandatory, even if injured 19

20 Athlete/Parent Concerns Please use the flow chart below to bring concerns to our attention. Athlete/ParentTeam CoachHead CoachCoordinatorAssistant Principal 20

21 Other Information/Policies No physical after 2nd week of school - student placed into another elective Parent Meeting/Equipment Issue- August 23, 2014 at 9:00 AM. Current enrollment and corresponding number of teams There will be a Basketball Off-season 21

22 Football Info 22

23 FOOTBALL INFO Practice will begin promptly at 7 a.m. Athletes are expected to be on the field ready to begin practice at 7 Locker room will open at 6:00 a.m. Games played on Mondays and Tuesdays unless otherwise noted on schedule 1 st game starts at 5:30 with second game starting at 7:00 Schedule found on school website 23

24 FOOTBALL INFO Tutorials We encourage all athletes to get the help they need in all their classes. However, in order to hold practice with the least amount of interruptions & distractions we ask that athletes attend tutorials in the afternoon as much as possible We understand that some circumstances may make this impossible and will accommodate the athlete as this occurs, but ask that all athletes make this a priority. A note from the teacher or a parent is needed for an athlete to attend tutorials in the morning 24

25 FOOTBALL INFO Athletes will be placed on teams according to grade and ability levels Possibility of only having 1 team per grade – game times might be different We will run Independence High School’s Offense, Defense, and Special Teams Offense – Multiple Set Spread Offense Defense – Attacking 4-2-5 Scheme 25

26 FOOTBALL INFO Game Day Meals A pre-game meal should be provided to your child on game days You can either provide your own (either send with athlete or drop off at school at the South Athletic Hallway doors after 4:15 PM. OR pay for a meal plan. Information Form Contact _Joseph Evans_ with questions or for more info 26

27 FOOTBALL INFO ADMISSION COST FOR ATHLETIC EVENTS Middle School - all athletic events Adult-$4.00 Student-$2.00 Admission for Students from the FISD middle school participating in the event will be FREE with their Student ID. **All Season Pass** Pass is good for all High school and Middle school athletic events EXCEPT Varsity Football. Adult-$75.00 Student-$50.00

28 Please be sure to fill out email form being passed around before you leave 28

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