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Clothing/Hygiene Drive Heidi Jaros James Ellingson Nikki Baune Amber Kinner Liana McDonald and Lee Yang A Way to Give THANKS This Season.

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1 Clothing/Hygiene Drive Heidi Jaros James Ellingson Nikki Baune Amber Kinner Liana McDonald and Lee Yang A Way to Give THANKS This Season

2 Our Topic and Purpose The clothing/hygiene drive focused on two social problems: poverty and homelessness Through our clothing and hygiene drive, we sought to alleviate the issue of finding clothing that those in poverty and those who are homeless encounter.

3 Stats taken from the Wilder Foundation Statistics In their 2006 survey, The Wilder Foundation found that 42% of the homeless surveyed reported that they accessed free or almost free clothing that day. Therefore, it is safe to assume that many homeless or those living in poverty could benefit from a Clothing/Hygiene supply drive.

4 Statistics The nation has a poverty rate of 12.6% Minnesota has a poverty rate of 8.1% Duluth has a poverty rate of 15.5% Twelve thousand Duluthians live in Poverty St. Louis County Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness & Duluth’s Blueprint to End Poverty

5 Stats-Cont The number of homeless children in St. Louis County has tripled since 1991, and children now make up 40% of the county’s homeless persons. Veterans and people of color are also disproportionately represented among the homeless.

6 The Problem and its Causes Poverty and Homelessness have long been issues in Duluth. The problem is indeed widespread and it affects everyone. There is no one cause of homelessness, the following issues all contribute to the problem : non-livable wages lack of affordable housing racism mental/physical illness disability personal crisis

7 Cont- When someone is living in poverty or experiencing homeless, clothing is far down on the priority list. Homan (2004) stated, "Recognizing issues means that you will have to identify the current situation as unacceptable, and then you will have to respond" (p. 79).

8 Goals and Interventions Goal: To collect and distribute clothing and hygiene items to as many area agencies as possible. The donations collected went to the following agencies:  Damiano Center  Safe Haven Shelter  Street Outreach  Life House  Bethany Crisis Nursery  Kids Closet  Teens Closet  San Marco  CHUM

9 Goals and Interventions Intervention: Area agencies would then be better able to support those in poverty and those experiencing homelessness.

10 A Specific Plan of Intervention How We Organized Leadership Contacted Agencies Identified Drop-Off Points Advertising Materials – Boxes & Fliers Collected Items Distributed Donations Plan for Intervention:

11 -Cont Implementing the Plan –Getting the Word Out (fliers, email, word of mouth) –Set Out Boxes –Collected, Sorted and Distributed Clothing

12 Minutes 12-8-07 Minutes from 12-8-07 -Talked about Schedule for pick ups -Decorating boxes -Sorting and drop offs Updates -Schedule Mon-amber and james Tues- Heidi and Nikki Wed-Lee and Amber Thurs-Lee and Liana, ?Heidi? Fri-Liana and James Call or talk to your partner for the day which boxes you are going to check, If you cannot make it call your partner or James to cover, if you do not know where the boxes are call James, Nikki, or Amber Boxes that need to be picked up are, Kirby (by the bus stop), Library, SW Lounge, Multi-cultural center by front desk, Theater department, Children's Center The children's center box needs to be checked before 5 pm. James will keep an eye on the Dinning Center box. There had been some miscommunication with the multicultural center and they allowed us to have a box there now. This box needs to be checked EVERYDAY. Things will be stored at James's place so hang on to the stuff till you see him. -Boxes where decorated on Sun by Amber, Nikki, and James Agenda for next meeting tuesday, maybe -sorting and drop offs, presentations,

13 Mass Email Students, Faculty, and Staff, The Social Work Student Association will be collecting donations for the homeless and those living in poverty in Duluth during the week of November 12th through November 16th. You can help by contributing clean cloths in good condition (infant to adult), toiletries and hygiene supplies, and blankets. Please bring you donation to one of the following campus locations or we can pick it up by emailing us at Social Work Lounge in Bohannon 240. Multi-Cultural Center. Kirby Plaza (next to the bus stop). Library. Dining Center. Theater Department. Child Care Center Thank you for your support! Social Work Student Association

14 Email I have many huge garbage bags stuffed full of clothing (some mens - mostly misses/ womens clothing) and some boxes of household items leftover from my fall garage sale - It is probably almost a pickup truckful - if someone would want to pick it up that would be super helpful, (My husband wants to know if it will cost anything) however I live in Superior - Otherwise it is up to my husband to drop the stuff off and I'm not sure if that will happen during hunting season. If you are interested - give my cell phone a call AAAAAAA to set up a time and get directions. AAAAAAAA AAAA Cohort Program University of Minnesota Duluth ---------------------------------------------------------------- This message was sent using IMP, the Internet Messaging Program.

15 Flyer Doc2.mht

16 Strategies of Change The main focus of our project was at the mezzo level. We impacted a variety of agencies that in turn do micro-level work by taking care of the direct needs of individuals.

17 -Cont We hoped to make an impact by allowing those in poverty and those experiencing homelessness to have basic needs such as clothing and hygiene supplies taken care of so that they can focus on more important issues like food and housing.

18 Successes  Overall the clothing/hygiene drive was a huge SUCCESS!!!  We collected a total of 37 bags of clothing, not counting the numerous bags of miscellaneous items like: belts, purses, household items, blankets, hygiene supplies. We raised awareness of the issues of poverty and homelessness in Duluth to those on the UMD campus.

19 Cont- The agenies were very appreciative! We got a Thank You card from Bethany Crisis Nursery and the Domiano was excited that we got so many mens clothes. We were able to familarize ourselves with the various agencies in Duluth. It was organized and planned effectively Everyone worked together and communicated well.

20 Miscommunication – We could have double checked with the areas we placed a donation box prior to the boxes placement. This may have reduced the confusion for all parties on where the boxes would be located. On a positive note, this miscommunication forced us to network and as a resulted in getting the MSWSA name out in a positive manner. Problems

21 A bit too successful? Lack of storage was a significant issue. The agencies we donated to have a limited amount of storage space. Opps, we forgot to pick up all the boxes – so people were still placing items in the box that was forgotten We are still receiving Donations -People continued to leave bags of clothes where the boxes used to be – even after the boxes were removed.

22 Conclusion What We Learned Organizing takes a lot of time, planning, and preparation Reliable group members and clear communication are very important

23 Conclusion What We Would Do Differently More clear communication with UMD facilities management Try to get more involvement from other MSW Students

24 Summary Homelessness and poverty are significant issues in Duluth. Collecting and donating clothing and hygiene supplies are one small way we can help to alleviate some of the day to day stresses those experiencing poverty and homelessness face. There is a great need for services that provide to people who are homeless and low-income.

25 Summary We’ve shared with you: Our project’s topic and purpose The goals and interventions The problem and its causes Our specific plan of intervention Our strategies of change The systems we impacted Our success Our problems What we’ve learned from this experience What we would do differently in the future

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