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BY SIENA SECTIONS 4 & 5 On the Other Side of the Hill.

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1 BY SIENA SECTIONS 4 & 5 On the Other Side of the Hill

2 Characters in section 4 and 5 Rose Wilder-The main character, at age ten. She isn’t wild or calm, just a kind moderate girl. She owns a terrier that she had found named Fido. Swiney-A boy that is Rose’s age. He has a wild and mischievous personality and lives with his brother. Abe and Effie: Abe Baird and Effie Stubbins got married in the first section of my book. Abe and Swiney’s parents died. One of Effie’s younger siblings is Alva, one of Rose’s best friends. Mr. and Mrs. Wilder- Rose’s parents are Laura and Almanzo Wilder. Blanche and Lydia Coday - Rose’s other best friend. She is pretty rich. Her cousin Lydia is an annoying rich town girl from Chicago. She calls the people in the Ozarks boring, dirty, and poor. She is rude and wishes she could go back to Chicago. Granny Albers-A very old woman who helps woman with having babies, giving the babies their first bath and keeping both the mother and baby healthy. The Cooley Family- The wilder’s good friends. They used to own a hotel in town, but have now moved into a new home with a new farm. They take in boarders instead.

3 Settings in Sections 4 & 5 Rose’s home Blanche’s house The Wilder’s stable, Farmyard, and crop acres. The Baird’s house Under Mr. and Mrs. Wilder’s bed The Mansfield railroads Mr.Wilder’s wagon The town of Mansfield The Ozarks [Where Rose lives]

4 Section 4 Summary Rose Wilder is so glad to be through their long winter. Animals are giving birth all around her, and Effie’s baby is to come soon as well. One of her father’s two Morgans has had a beautiful new foal, who they have named Royal. But one day, Rose was outside by the smokehouse, trying to take out a pullet, when Swiney shouted something to her. She turned around, and saw that there was a huge cyclone [tornado] thundering down the Ozarks, ripping things off the ground. It had even picked up another farmer’s cow! She and Swiney ran into Rose’s parent’s bedroom and dove under the bed. They found out that their family, friends, and all of their animals and livestock were okay, including Rose’s dog, Fido. But then they found a baby that was in a tree! They named it Cyclone Sally and took care of it until the parents came for her. They were very happy to have her back. Rose found out that her real name is Mamie. Meanwhile, the Ozarks are having a drought. Everything is dry and hot.

5 Picture of Tornado

6 Section 5 summary The drought in the Ozarks just keeps on going and going. At the end of the day, Rose is always hot and grimy from working at the barn and hoeing in the Wilder’s crops and garden. The orchard, crops, and garden will be late. Or, there will be small portions of each thing in their land, housing, and farming areas. Pa has been coming inside as dirty, hot, and tired as Rose has, because does most of the farm and crop work, plus he fetches the hay for the Wilder family as well. Ma does most of the housework and cooking, and Rose does a mix of the work to be done around the Wilder landscapes. One day, it was especially hot outside, and people, animals, and crops were thirstier than ever around the Ozarks. There is a odd roaring sound by the Stubbinses farm and house. It was a fire! Ma tore pieces of her apron off. She wetted them and tied them around her head and Rose’s as well to protect them from flying sparks. They wet sacks and fill washtubs, then come outside and whack and drain out the fire. It was flaming in the forest as well. Animals of all kinds were pouring out of the forest and escaping and sheltering somewhere safe and away from the fire. The fire was gone. The stubbinses farm and the woods were burnt down. But all of the forest animals were safe. Suddenly, lightning came, and rain poured down, breaking the drought. It was a miracle for the Ozarks. People were suing the railroad companies because they made the fire. Rose is sad whne she packs up her stuff and gets her donkey, cat and dog. They are moving to town, closer to Blanche. So they emptied the house and left, because a new home was waiting….on the other side of the hill.

7 Picture of Prairie Fire

8 A kind of cool part. “Watch out for snakes!” someone shouted. First a few snakes, then dozens, came slithering out of the woods, parting grass like curving ropes. Rose was very careful where she stepped with her bare feet. There were black snakes and even rattlesnakes. Swiney killed one with a rock, but those snakes were too frightened to stop and bite anyone, with the fire licking at their tails. I think this was kind of cool. Rose was fortunate not to get bitten. I also loved the way that they described this part.

9 Image credits Microsoft powerpoint clip art Google Images-regular search. {Safe Search Strict}

10 Hope you liked it! Some Other Books with Rose’s adventures:

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