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 We need to build on it.  Rajas : building  Tamas : destruction  Sattva : maintaining  Vishnu is the God of maintenance.  India is dominated by.

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2  We need to build on it.

3  Rajas : building  Tamas : destruction  Sattva : maintaining  Vishnu is the God of maintenance.  India is dominated by rajas and tamas. What is the point of making nice things if there is no maintenance?  Will the Vrindavan Project come to nought, just like so many temples have fallen into ruin?




7 Open your eyes and see!

8  India wants to become world class. THIS is where to begin!  We are trying to attract tourists.  Foreigners come and see what people here have stopped seeing.  Indians who have traveled see it: There is NO country in the world that is this dirty.  What principles are we teaching the deshi pilgrims who come here?  We are reinforcing the negative traits rather than building positive ones.


10  Even animals keep themselves clean.  Cleanliness prevents disease.  Purity is a universal principle of sädhana : sattva-çuddhau dhruvänusmåtiù….  Personal purity is related to environmental purity.  Purity is related to the aesthetic sense. The awareness of attraction of beauty. Krishna is all attractive, all beautiful. So should be his Dham.

11  The whole world is sacred, the presence of God is everywhere, but we must start with this awareness in our holy places.  Love means mamatä. Vrindavan is mine. I take care of what is mine.  At the same time, the public space belongs to all of us in common. We share responsibility.  At the same time, Vrindavan belongs to Radha and Krishna and we are their servants.

12 राधामाधवयोर्यशांसि सततं गायंस्तथा कर्णयन् तज्जीवेषु च वर्णयन् समरसैः सम्भूय सन्तर्कयन्। कुञ्जं कुञ्जमनारतं बहु परिष्कुर्वन् महाभावतो देहादौ कृतहेलनो दयित हे वृन्दाटवीमावस॥  O dear one, Constantly singing and hearing the praises of Radha and Madhava, describing the same to the creatures of Vrindavan, seeing them all with the same vision, going from kunja to kunja, cleaning without stop in ecstatic service mood, give up all thought of your body and reside in Vrindavan Dham. ( Våndävana-mahimämåtam 1.59)

13  People in poor countries around the world keep their homes clean  Poverty is NO EXCUSE  This is everybody’s responsibility  Where there is a will, there is a way. There is no will.  It may take generations to make a change.  Schools, parental guidance, social condemnation.

14  The world is false prabhu kahe vaiñëava ‑ deha präkåta kabhu naya apräkåta deha bhaktera cid ‑ änanda ‑ maya  An incorrect understanding of renunciation na dveñöy akuçalaà karma kuçale nänuñajjate | tyägé sattva-samäviñöo medhävé chinna-saàçayaù ||10||  Absence of bhakti seva spirit

15  The caste system  Safai karmis are human beings, eligible for devotion, and Krishna is their God too  The work they do is not validated  Cleanliness and service to the environment are jobs for everyone, not just caste sweepers  It is not the person who cleans who is unclean,  It is the person who makes filth who is dirty.


17  Too much for any one group.  Too much for voluntarism alone.  A systematic plan with government involvement is needed.

18 * Krishna Kripa Ashram * Friends of Vrindavan * Food for Life Vrindavan * Prayaas Pariwar * Vrinda Kunj

19 1. Actually cleaning Vrindavan 2. Setting the example 3. Creating awareness 4. Demanding government action

20  A massive effort to make a real difference  Efforts of NGOs like FOV providing their facilities  Monetary donations to engage regular safai karmis.  Groups of volunteers from different sansthas with banners  Self identifying  Identifying the program  Competition?

21  All the dharma acharyas must come on board.  All sadhus must participate.  Volunteers are needed to go to visit and invite these leaders to come with their disciples and participate directly.  Like Prataparudra  Like Narottama Das


23  Billboards and pamphlets announcing upcoming event  A special Hindi edition of Vrindavan Today on paper, to be distributed as a part of the cleaning activity  Pamphlets to be distributed to incoming visitors  Evening programs with speeches, etc.,

24  The municipality must provide garbage collection services (public or private sector).  Appropriate facilities must be provided for collection and disposal.  Communities must be organized and self policing.  The municipality must levy fines for leaving refuse and rubbish in the streets. A special patrol for that purpose must be created and empowered.


26  Acting in faith confirms faith.  If we sit back, our faith will be weakened.  We will ask, “How can any religion that results in such indifference to its sacred symbols be true?”  The PIZZA EFFECT.

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