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Sugar in a Lifetime Soda IS Sugar Portion Distortion.

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2 Sugar in a Lifetime

3 Soda IS Sugar

4 Portion Distortion

5 Serving vs Portion Size 8 oz = 2.5 servings/bottle 31 g x 2.5 = 77.5 g of sugar 77.5 g / 4.2 g = 18.5 teaspoons of sugar!

6 Rising Sugar Consumption

7 The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster Soda IS Sugar – ~27 g/cup (6.5 tsp) Energy Highs: - Weight Gain - Mood Swings - Brain Fog Energy Lows Energy Lows: - Sugar Cravings - Fatigue - More Brain Fog

8 Soda Linked to Acne

9 Soda Rots Your Teeth rRd-IQ

10 Your Bones on Soda Normal Bones Years of Heavy Soda Intake

11 DON’T Drink Diet! Artificial sweeteners are toxic! – Sucralose: (Splenda) breaks down to chlorine (cleans your pool) – Aspartame: (Equal) breaks down to formaldehyde (preserves dead bodies) – Saccharin (Sweet’N Low): breaks down to methanol (anti-freeze; biodiesel) All lead to hunger, weight gain and brain cell death!

12 Healthy People Traditional societies, eating a natural-food diet had straight teeth, and little dental decay!

13 The Effects of Sugar Dental health is a major indicator of overall health!

14 Marketing is Hype

15 What Do I Drink Instead? Water – your body is 70% water Unsweetened Ice Tea 70% Water & 30% Juice 100% Fruit Juice Herbal tea & splash of juice Sparkling water & splash of juice Coconut water

16 Water is Vital! The elixir of life itself! Helps all cells function optimally – Boosts metabolism and weight loss – Medium for all biochemical processes – Aids in nutrient absorption and transport – Helps the body remove toxins

17 Toxic Sugar es/3821440.htm

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