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Photos and Written by Mrs. Grilliette’s Class 2011.

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1 Photos and Written by Mrs. Grilliette’s Class 2011

2 Today we are reading a photo essay called Helping Out. We have learned there are many ways we can help others. Helping makes us feel big.

3  When we walk through the school we always walk on the blue lines and keep our hands to ourselves. We are careful not to disturb others while we walk through the halls.

4 It is always important to wash and dry our hands after using the restroom. Don’t forget to put your paper towel in the garbage can.

5 Chavez always uses one squirt of sanitizer to make sure he keeps himself germ free and healthy.

6 Using counters help us learn our fact families. 7+3=10 3+7=10 10-7=3 10-3=7 Math is Great! Making a model of numbers shows us how many groups of tens and ones are in numbers. Emily knows their are three groups of ten and nine ones in the number thirty nine.

7  You must always make sure you pick up your milk, fork, and tray in the lunch line. Don’t forget to tell the lady your lunch number and always be polite.

8  Pizza and Salad are delicious for lunch. Everyone always cleans up our table and floor for the next class.

9  Recess is our favorite part of the day. It is fun to play and make friends with children from other second grade classes.

10  A drink of cold water is nice after playing hard at recess. Kajavious is always careful to not put his mouth on the fountain when he drinks the water.

11  After recess it is time to get back to work.

12 Sometimes we are scientist. We make predictions and do experiments to discover answers. How many drops of water do you predict will the surface of a penny hold? You might be surprised.

13 Learning about different types of pickles was fun, but having a Pickle Party and eating pickles was AWSOME!

14 Our day is over and it is time to go home, but we will be back tomorrow to learn and have fun!

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