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And what the job means By Zoe A-Z Occupation jobs.

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2 And what the job means By Zoe A-Z Occupation jobs

3 Actor: someone who does shows Artist: someone who creates things Autoelectrition: does all the wires Author: writes books Astronaut: goes into space Accountant: keeps money records A

4 Bus driver: drives buses Bar maid: a woman at a bar Barber: does peoples hair Butcher: sells, cooks etc. with meat Broadcaster: work on radio/TV Builder: creates buildings B

5 Crane driver: controls cranes CEO: chief executive officer Cowboy: American cattle worker Composer: writes music Clown: entertains people Comedian: makes people laugh C

6 Dancer: performs shows Dentist: checks people’s mouths Driver: drives vehicles Doctor: checks people’s health Detective: finds out mysteries Dog walker: walks others dogs D

7 Engineer: constructs machines Electrician: does your electronics Editor: checks the writing for books Events manager: organises events Eye doctor: checks people’s eyes Ear doctor: checks people’s ears E

8 Footballer: plays soccer Fisherman: catches fish Fashion designer: designs clothes Film star: acts in movies Firemen: is on patrol to stop fires Felon: makes a career out of crime F

9 Gymnastics coach: coaches gym Gardener: plants plants Golfer: plays golf Glass blowing: makes glass things Geologist: studies earth Gymnast: does gymnastics G

10 Housekeeper: cleans houses Hairdresser: cares for your hair Helicopter pilot: flies helicopters Historian: studies history Hero: saves people Hollywood star: film star (see f) H

11 Importer: sells overseas goods Illustrator: puts pictures into books Ice-skater: skates on ice Inventor: invents things Illusionist: makes illusions Intelligence officer: gathers info I

12 Jester: entertained king in past Jockey: rides racing horses Journalist: writes newspapers Jeweller: makes jewellery Jail guard: guards prisoners Jam taster: tastes jam J

13 Key cutter: cuts keys Key maker: makes keys Knife sharpener: sharpens knifes Kinesiologist: studies movement King: head of state Kindergarten teacher: teaches tots K

14 Lollipop maker: makes lollipops Lawyer: works in courts Labourer: does physical work Lion tamer: trains lions Loan shark: borrows peoples money Librarian: works at a library L

15 Midwife: helps babies come out Miner: digs underground Musician: plays music Mail sorter: sorts out letters Magistrate: runs the court Magician: makes illusions M

16 Netball player: plays netball Nurse: cares for patients Nail artist: does people’s nails Nutritionist: plans diets Natural path: natural remedies Novelist: writes novels N

17 Orthodontist: special dental work Om buds man: handles complaints Osteopath: fixes backs Orderly: helps hospital patients Organist: plays an organ Oceanographer: studies the ocean O

18 Pie baker: bakes pies PE teacher: teaches sport at school Painter: paints things like buildings Pill sorter: sorts pills into sections Pea picker: picks peas of pea plants Photographer: a photo taker P

19 Queen: female version of king Quarryman: works in a quarry Quartermaster: runs army supplies Quiz master: runs quizzes Quilter: makes quilts Quality Analyst: ensure good products Q

20 Reporter: writes news stories Researcher: conduct research Roustabout: oil field worker Radiographer: scans and x-rays Roofer: builds and fixes roofs Receptionist: greets people at office R

21 Scientist: does experiments Sailor: mans ships Singer: writes and sings songs Sportsman: gets $ for playing sport Sectary general: heads UN Salesman: sales products S

22 Tradesman: work in construction Travel agent: sales tickets Tour guide: guides tourists Truck driver: drives trucks Tennis player: plays tennis for $ Talent scout: find gifted peeps T

23 Undertaker: runs funerals Umbrella maker: makes umbrellas Union organiser: helps run unions Under secretary: helps politician Under writer: write insurance Upholsterer: covers furniture U

24 Vet: cares for animals Valour: gives price assement Vase maker: makes vases Video saler: sales videos Viticulturist: makes wines Volcanologist: studies volcanos V

25 Weaver: weaves fabric Writer: writes articles Weather forecaster: predicts climate Waiter: wait on people in restaurants Wig maker: makes wigs Winemaker: creates wine W

26 Xylophone maker: makes it Xylophone player: plays it Xylophone teacher: teaches it Xylophonist: plays for $ X-ray operator: works the x-rays X-ray maker: makes x-rays X

27 Yachtie: sales yachts Yogi: occupy themselves with god Yoga teacher: teaches yoga Youth worker: youth at risk Youth counsellor: council youth Yogurt maker: makes yogurt Y

28 Zookeeper: cares for animals in public Zen master: teaches Zen meditation Zoologist: studies animals Zoo owner: owns a zoo Zip maker: creates zips Zout: ????????????????????????? Z

29 Thank you for listening happy Easter!!!

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