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Shampoo & Condition Unit 003 Task A.

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1 Shampoo & Condition Unit 003 Task A

2 Connect Activity To previous unit 102 Fruit Machine or words

3 Aims and Outcomes Introduce the learners to the hair structure, the main hair conditions and what shampoo does to the hair and scalp. Learners outcomes Illustrate understanding by creating a model of the hair structure (LO3) Identify the main hair conditions (LO1) Explain what shampoo does to the hair and scalp (LO2) Describe what conditioner does to the hair and scalp (LO1)

4 Structure of the Hair Think of each hair as being like a pencil
The paint on the outside The wood is the main part The lead that runs through the middle

5 Hair under a microscope
The hair structure

6 Structure of the hair The hair is made up of 3 main parts The Cuticle
The Cortex The Medulla

7 The Cuticle This is the outer layer of the hair
Cuticle scales are like roof slates or fish scales They overlap down the hair shaft They are translucent so you can see the hair colour underneath them Hair in good condition has very tightly closed cuticles Hair in bad condition has open, damaged cuticles

8 The Cortex This is the inner part of the hair
This is where any changes to the hair take place If we blow dry or straighten hair it is this part that changes If we colour or perm our hair it is this part that changes We can damage the cortex if we use harsh chemicals If the cortex is damaged the hair will have high elasticity (stretch and snap) Try stretching your hair to determine if it damaged.

9 The Medulla This is the central layer of the hair
It is simply made up of air spaces It has no real purpose It is not always present in fine hair

10 Main Hair Conditions Normal (no problems, fruit based)
Greasy (a lot of natural sebum is produced, lemon) Dry (not enough natural sebum is produced, oil) Chemically Damaged (over use of harsh chemicals, protein)

11 What Does Shampoo do to the Hair & Scalp?
Shampoo contains detergent molecules Shampoo mixes easily with water This allows the grease and dirt to be caught up in the lather and rinsed away Shampoo cleans the hair & scalp getting it ready for the next service

12 What Does Conditioner do to the Hair?
Surface conditioners Coat the hair shaft smooth down the cuticle Penetrating Treatment Conditioners Strengthen the cortex Replace moisture

13 The Hair Shaft Task Create a model of the hair shaft using the materials provided. Brief description of the three main parts. Plan Remember your pencil?

14 Recall Name the outer layer of the hair?
Name the inner layer of the hair? Name the innermost part of the hair? Is the cuticle see through? Name 1 type of chemical damage? Name 1 piece of electrical equipment that may damage the hair? Describe what the cuticle looks like? If the cuticle is smooth and closed would you expect the hair to be healthy? Why would you think of a pencil? Can you predict which part of the hair will become damaged with bleach? Can you see through the cuticle?

15 Review of Learning On the wipe board write down three key words you have learned Or three things you have learned

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