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Children’s Literature File Wendy Harp. Table of Content 3-7 PICTURE BOOKS 8-12 TRADITIONAL LITERATURE 13-17 MODERN FANTASY 18-22 POETRY 23-27 CONTEMPORARY.

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1 Children’s Literature File Wendy Harp


3 The Cat in the Hat Comes Back The Cat in the Hat comes back and wants to come in out of the snow, but the children say no! The Cat in the Hat cleans the red spot off of one object and it ends up on another. He tries and tries and always transfers the red spot. He is glad that he has someone to help him clean the spot from the bed. The Little Cats help him to clean up the mess. I love that all of the Little Cats are named by the alphabet from A-Z. This book would be fabulous for a Pre-K class to hear the alphabet in the story and it also teaches children that sometimes it takes working with others to accomplish a task. Author: Seus, Theodor Illustrator: Seus, Theodor Setting: House, modern Date: 1958 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 5-8 Pages: 64 Publisher: Random House Main Character: The Cat in the Hat

4 Fish is Fish Author: Lionni, Leo Illustrator: Lionni, Leo Setting: pond, present Date: 1970 Genre: Picture Book Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Random House Main Character: Tadpole and minnow Two best friends, a tadpole and a minnow share a pond. The tadpole and minnow are best friends that share a pond and they were inseparable. The tadpole grew legs and turned into a frog and left the pond. Upon his return to the pond he told the minnow stories of birds, people, and cows. The minnow jumped out of the pond so he could see these things for himself. The frog saved him and the minnow realized he could not do the same as the frog. There is an incredible lesson to this story that you should be happy as you are and with your surroundings because things can always be worse.

5 Song and Dance Man Grandpa wants to show the kids how he can dance like he did years before across a vaudeville stage. I loved the way Grandpa turned the attic into his own stage to perform for his grandkids. He describes everything in such detail you feel as if were there with him in the good ole days. The illustration for this book is astonishing and the colors are so energetic just like Grandpa. My favorite part of the illustrations was the front cover of the book. The vibrancy of the colors would capture s child’s attention. I thought of my Paw Paw when I was reading this story because he always wanted to spend his time with us. Author: Ackerman, Karen Illustrator: Gammell, Stephen Setting: Dark attic, present Date: 1988 Genre: Picture Book Awards: Caldecott Age: 9-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Main Character: Grandpa

6 The Rainbow Fish Author: Pfister, Marcus Illustrator : Pfister, Marcus Setting: Ocean, present Date: 1992 Genre: Picture Book Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: North-South Books Main Character: Rainbow fish A beautiful fish shares his sparkling silver scales with others in the ocean. This story has always been one of my favorites. The illustration is so radiant and colorful. The story teaches the Rainbow Fish that he doesn’t have to be the most beautiful fish in order to be happy. He realized that once he started sharing his scales, he becomes very happy. I think this is a great lesson for young children. We sometimes need to give to others in order to truly be happy ourselves.

7 Sweet Tooth Author: Palatini, Margie Illustrator: Davis, Jack E. Setting: House, present Date: 2004 Genre: Picture Book Awards: GA. Picture Award Age: 4-8 Pages: 40 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers Main Character: Stewart Stewart has a sweet tooth that always gets him into trouble. The pictures in this story are so detailed and expressive. It was a delight to see the large pictures and I know that children love the pictures because they are large enough for them to see. I also loved the animation of the sweet tooth and when the Tooth Fairy called it rotten. My kids thought this was the most amusing story. I believe it also encouraged them to make sure they brush well and eat healthy.

8 A Giraffe and a Half Author: Silverstein, Shel Illustrator: Silverstein, Shel Setting: All around, present Date: 1964 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 48 Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Main Character: Giraffe If you stretch a giraffe, you get a giraffe and a half. This book is marvelous for kids that like to hear repetition. This book is very engaging to kids because it is so funny and the drawings capture their attention. This book would be prefect to introduce poetry to younger students. I am sure this will be one of the books in my classroom that the children will want to hear over and over again.

9 Where the Sidewalk Ends Author: Silverstein, Shel Illustrator: Silverstein, Shel Setting: Everywhere, present Date: 1974 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 4-10 Pages: 176 Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Main Character: Many A collection of poetry to lighten and brighten your day. A collection of poetry and drawings that are hilarious and sure to brighten the day of children in the classroom. I particularly enjoyed Dancing Pants, Lazy Jane, and Drats. This book of 130 poems will definitely be on my shelf in my classroom. Many of the poems are naughty and many are nice, but no matter which category you enjoy, there is a poem for you in this book.

10 Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices Author: Fleischman, Paul Illustrator: Beddows, Eric Setting: Outdoors, present Date: 1988 Genre: Poetry Awards: Newbery Medal Age: 9-12 Pages: 64 Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers Main Character: Insects A collection of poetry about insects. A book of poetry about insects including fireflies, house crickets, book lice, and much more. The poems are written from the insects’ point of view. The insects in the poems let us humans know about the world they live in and their concerns. It is as if the author knew exactly how the insects felt about everything. When reading the poems you can imagine the sounds of the insects. The poetry in this book would really engage a child to use their imagination.

11 Meet Danitra Brown Author: Grimes, Nikki Illustrator: Cooper, Floyd Setting: City, present Date: 1994 Genre: Poetry Awards: Coretta Scott King Age: 9-12 Pages: 32 Publisher: Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard Main Character: Danitra Brown Danitra Brown just wanted be an ordinary girl. Danitra couldn’t be an ordinary girl because many people gave her a hard time and picked on her. As a result of this she just looked passed them and stayed herself. I felt this was a realistic story because it told of events and things that could happen to anyone and everyone. There will be times, that everyone is going to have a bad day or something is going to go wrong. Danitra always kept her head up and stayed positive. The illustration in the book all were done in oil that were earth tone colors that would give the reader a sense of calm and ease.

12 Once I Ate a Pie Author: MacLachlan, Patricia & Charest, Emily Illustrator: Schneider, Katy Setting: In the house, present Date: 2006 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 6-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: Dogs A collection of dogs with so much to say about their lives. I absolutely love the illustration in this book. The pictures seem to be done using acrylic paints. The dogs look so real that I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see the next. The two dogs, Tillie and Maude, reminded me of my two little girls. This book is ideal to teach children how different breeds of dogs look and also that all humans look different in many ways.

13 Cinderella Author: Brown, Marcia Illustrator: Brown, Marcia Setting: Palace, long ago Date: 1954 Genre: Traditional Fantasy Awards: Caldecott Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons Main Character: Cinderella Cinderella just wants to go to the ball. This story is known around the world. All little girls sometimes feel like Cinderella. We all want to be treated fairly, but Cinderella was always mistreated by her step mother and step sisters. The illustration in this book look to have been done in colored pencil. The pages are filled with color that bring magic and enchantment to the story.

14 Snow White Author: Heins, Paul Illustrator: Hyman, Trina Hyman Setting: woods, past Date: 1974 Genre: Traditional Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 48 Publisher: Little, Brown and Company Main Character: Snow White Snow White finds a home in the woods. This story is a classic and loved by everyone. The best thing to learn from the story is that good will prevail over evil. The pictures in the book are brilliantly painted in great detail however, they are dark and not what one would expect. I think this version of the story should be read to students rather than the Disney version.

15 Lon Po Po Author: Young, Ed Illustrator: Young, Ed Setting: China, long ago Date: 1989 Genre: Traditional Fantasy Awards: Caldecott Medal Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Philomel Main Character: Lon Po Po Lon Po Po tries to trick the three girls. I loved this version of Red-Riding Hood. It was much different to me than the version I have heard all of my life. The three sisters work together to capture Lon Po Po and kill him. The wolf thought she was clever until she met these three. The detail and vibrant color of the illustration was amazing. The colors on the pages reminded me of oriental paintings. I especially liked the page where the girls see the wolf and the picture of the face of the wolf and her teeth. I will read this story and Red Riding Hood in my class and have students use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the stories.

16 Jack and the Beanstalk Author: Kellogg, Steven Illustrator: Kellogg, Steven Setting: Beanstalk, long ago Date: 1991 Genre: Traditional Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 48 Publisher: Mulberry Paperback Books Main Character: Jack Jack climbs a giant beanstalk. Jack and the Beanstalk has always been my favorite fairy tale. Jack gets into trouble trying to figure out how to get money for his mother. The illustrations are magical but a little dark and scary. The pictures look like they were painted with watercolors. I would read this to my students but not to the little ones because of the pictures of the ogre. The story does have a happily ever after ending which we all love to see.

17 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Author: Donehoo, Timothy S. Illustrator: Elizalde, Marcelo Setting: Deep dark woods, past Date: 2006 Genre: Traditional Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Meredith Books Main Character: Goldilocks Goldilocks visits the house in the deep dark woods. This is the perfect book to read to younger students. They can learn may things from this story. You can describe size, order, and feeling while reading this story to the students. The book can also teach students not to bother things that don’t belong to them. This story is a classic and very easy for students to remember. The pictures also show the size and detail of the items that Goldilocks test while being in the three bears cabin. The pictures look like painted cartoons.

18 Millions of Cats Author: Ga’g, Wanda Illustrator: Ga’g, Wanda Setting: Clean little house, past Date: 1929 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: Newbery Honor Age: 8-10 Pages: 32 Publisher: Coward-McCann Main Character: Little old man and woman. The old lady wanted a cat. This book would be an ideal book for most children. I think it would be better received by students who like cats. The illustrations in this book are good but didn’t seem to display much color. The pictures seem to all be done in pencil and pen. I feel the book needed more color to entice the children. The fact that the cats must decide which will stay with the old lady was very humorous to me because cats always want to be the center of attention.

19 Big Bad Bruce Author: Peet, Bill Illustrator: Peet, Bill Setting: Forevergreen Forest, present Date: 1977 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: Georgia Picture Award Age: 4-8 Pages: 48 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Main Character: Bruce Bruce is the bully of the Forevergreen Forest. He learns his lesson when he goes against a small witch. The moral of the story is not to be a big bad bully like Big Bad Bruce the Bear. This was a very good story with a lesson to be learned from it. I read this to the first grade at my daughter’s school and it was a hit. The pictures look like they were done with chalk or colored pencils and they were very colorful and humorous.

20 Hey, Al Author: Yorinks, Arthur Illustrator: Egielski, Richard Setting: One room on the West Side, present Date: 1986 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: Caldecott Medal Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux Main Character: Al and Eddie Al and Eddie are not happy with their lives. Al and his dog Eddie get an offer from a bird to change their lives. They thought they would be happier on the island but soon realized it was not where they wanted to be. I really loved the illustrations in this story. They were all so colorful when Al got to the island. I especially enjoyed the pictures with all of the vibrant colored animals. The story teaches us that home is where the heart is and there's no place like home.

21 Officer Buckle and Gloria Author: Rathmann, Peggy Illustrator: Rathmann, Peggy Setting: Present and Napville Date: 1995 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: The Caldecott Medal Age: 4-8 Pages: 40 Publisher: Putnam Main Character: Officer Buckle and Gloria Officer Buckle and his police dog Gloria visit the schools of Napville to teach the children safety tips This book demonstrates how it sometimes takes two people working together to reach their goal. Officer Buckle tries so hard to teach the children of Napville about safety. The children never really notice Officer Buckle until he brings his police dog Gloria along. This story teaches children to never give up and always have someone important in your life. The vibrant colors of the illustration catch your eyes with each turn of the page. I will definitely read this story to my classroom and hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

22 Puff the Magic Dragon Author: Yarrow, Peter/ Lipton, Lenny Illustrator: Puybaret, Eric Setting: Honalee, medieval Date: 2007 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 5-7 Pages: 24 Publisher: Sterling Main Character: Puff the Magic Dragon & Jackie Paper Puff the Magic Dragon was very sad when his friend left him. This book reminds me of losing my childhood friend. She moved away and I never saw her again and it to made me very sad. Whether a dragon, an imaginary friend, or another boy or girl, we all need someone special in our life. There are many things that can make people smile and be happy; in this case it was a green dragon that made Jackie feel joy. The pictures in this book seem smooth and flow well. The illustrations can take you to a magical land with it’s amazing colors.

23 The Snowy Day Author: Keats, Ezra Jack Illustrator: Keats, Ezra Jack Setting: Outside in the city, present Date: 1962 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: Caldecott Medal Age: 4-8 Pages: 40 Publisher: The Viking Press Main Character: Peter A little boy named Peter played on a very snowy day. This is an ideal book for younger children to read because they can relate to playing out in the snow as Peter did. The illustrations are very bright, cheerful, and colorful. They are kind of abstract but are done in a simple, soothing way. It appears to be a collage. I love the red that Peter wears when he is outside playing in the snow. I do feel bad for Peter when his snowball melts in his pocket.

24 Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs Author: dePaola, Tomie Illustrator: dePaola, Tomie Setting: Nana’s house, modern Date: 1973 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-11 Pages: 42 Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons Main Character: Tommy, Nana Upstairs, & Nana Downstairs Tommy felt much love and respect for both of his Nanas. This book was absolutely amazing in so many ways. My grandmother raised me and I am lucky to have been able to spend so much of my life with her. She taught me so many life lessons and how to be a good person. I also was blessed to have my great-grandmother until she was 97 years old. This book reminded me of how fortunate I am to have been loved and cared for by to special women. The illustrations in the book are smooth and nicely done.

25 The Patchwork Quilt Author: Flournoy, Valerie Illustrator: Pickney, Jerry Setting: House, present Date: 1985 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: Coretta Scott King Award Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Dial Books Main Character: Grandma & Tanya Tanya uses scraps to make a quilt with Grandma. The story reminded me so much of my childhood. I also sewed with my grandmother. I had to stop reading several times because I was in tears. This family came together to finish the quilt because they knew how important it was to Grandma and Tanya. They also knew this would probably be the last quilt Grandma would make. This is a wonderful story that can show children how important it is to always finish what you start no matter the obstacles that maybe in your way.

26 Thunder Cake Author: Polacco, Patricia Illustrator: Polacco, Patricia Setting: Michigan, present Date: 1997 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Puffin Main Character: Patricia & Grandma A little girls overcomes her fear. I loved the way the Grandma took the girls mind off of the storm to help her to overcome her fear of thunderstorms. I guess if we stare our fears in the face, we will triumph over them. I to loved the name of the cake they bake, Thunder Cake. This book had wonderfully bright and colorful illustrations and the pictures have a cartoon look to them. This is a book for children to read to build their confidence.

27 Kitten’s First Full Moon Author: Henkes, Kevin Illustrator: Henkes, Kevin Setting: Dark night, present Date: 2004 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: Caldecott Medal Age: 3-5 Pages: 32 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Kitten Kitten just wanted a bowl of milk. This book demonstrated the concept of not giving up and to keep trying new ways to achieve your goal. I was very happy at the end of the story when kitten came home and had a bowl of milk waiting. I certainly enjoyed the illustrations in this book. The pictures were done in black and white and looked to be done in pencil. I enjoyed the illustrations because they were soothing, calm and not too overwhelming. My children enjoyed listening to me read this book to them at bed time.

28 Sam The Minute Man Author: Benchley, Nathaniel Illustrator: Lobel, Arnold Setting: Massachusetts, past Date: 1969 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 62 Publisher: Harper & Row Main Character: Sam Sam helped his father defend America against the British. Sam and his father met others to help fight the British to win their freedom from England. I really enjoyed this book because it described how the American Revolution began from the eyes of a child. This is a perfect way to familiarize children with the American Revolution. The illustrations appear to be in colored pencil and are very detailed. There is not to much color in the illustrations but the red coats seem to stick out.

29 The Drinking Gourd Author: Monjo F.N Illustrator: Brenner, Fred Setting: Small town, past Date: 1970 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-11 Pages: 62 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: Tommy Fuller Tommy wanted to help slaves get to Canada. I really enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to children and adults. The book is extremely exciting and you become anxious to read more and more. The pictures in the book bring a better understanding to the story and they appear to be drawn in pen. This was one of my favorite books on my Literature list.

30 Mountain Boy Author: Josephs, Anna Catherine Illustrator: Ersland, Bill Setting: North Carolina mountains, past Date: 1985 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 9-12 Pages: 32 Publisher: Steck-Vaughn Library Main Character: Tommy Tommy helps Union prisoners. This book was definitely written for older students. It gives in great detail the horrors of war time and prisons. I do believe this would be a great book for older children because it will help them realize that there is more to war than just being on the battlefield or the front lines. The illustrations were done with vibrant watercolors and were incredibly well done.

31 The Watsons go to Birmingham- 1963 Author: Curtis, Christopher Paul Illustrator: Curtis, Christopher Paul Setting: Birmingham, past Date: 1997 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: Newbery & Coretta Scott King Age: 9-15 Pages: 224 Publisher: Laurel-Leaf Main Character: Byron & Kenny The Watsons take a trip to Birmingham, Alabama. The Watson’s take their unruly son, Byron, to stay with his strict Grandma in Birmingham. Byron’s brother Kenny also gets into trouble once they arrive in Birmingham. Traumatic events occur while the family is in Birmingham that change the boys. This book was hard to read and follow for me because of the incorrect grammar. I also believe that many students would find it hard to follow and understand. I understand there can be a lot to learn about history from this book but I really didn’t like the book.

32 Henry’s Freedom Box : A True Story from the Underground Railroad Author: Levine, Ellen Illustrator: Nelson, Kadir Setting: The South, 1880 Date: 2007 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: Caldecott Honor Age: 8-10 Pages: 40 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Henry Henry wanted to be free but he was a slave. This was an amazing book, however, I am not so sure I would recommend it to younger students. The book is very informative about slavery and explains how slaves were treated. This book was very sad and could be too much for young readers; Henry had to endure so much. The illustrations look to be done in paint and I believe pen was used to accent the pictures. I especially loved the cover of the book. It brought Henry to life to be able to see him and his sweet little face.

33 Tom Edison Finds Out Author: Lowitz, Sadyebeth & Anson Illustrator: The Latter Setting: U.S.A. & Canada, past Date: 1967 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 48 Publisher: Lerner Main Character: Tom Edison Tom begins to invent things instead of going to school. This book is filled with a great deal of interesting facts about Tom Edison. Tom had many obstacles in his way while trying to do his inventions. The book’s Illustrations are not done in color, yet still help the reader understand how hard it was for Tom during this time and place in history. This would be an ideal book for children to use to do research about Tom Edison.

34 Rosa Parks Author: Greenfield, Eloise Illustrator: Marlow, Eric Setting: Montgomery, past Date: 1973 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 32 Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Main Character: Rosa Parks Rosa Parks wanted to treated as an equal. Rosa Parks was truly an inspirational and amazing women. This book describes the courage that she displayed during the civil rights movement in Montgomery. Rosa Parks made a stand for what she believed in and for what she believed was right. This book could inspire young children and help them believe in themselves and understand their actions can make a difference. The pictures were neutral in color and look to have been painted.

35 A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. Author: Adler, David A. Illustrator: Casilla, Robert Setting: 1950, The South Date: 1989 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Holiday House Main Character: Martin Luther King, Jr. A biography of the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. who won equal rights for African Americans I have heard many stories of the amazing things that Martin Luther King, Jr. did for civil rights.. This story should definitely be shared with all children in the classroom. The illustration in the book was beautiful and could definitely catch the eyes of children and keep them interested in the life story of Martin Luther King, Jr.. This book just gave me a great reminder of the hardship and struggles of African Americans during the civil rights movement.

36 A Girl Named Helen Keller Author: Lundell, Margo Illustrator: Trivas, Irene Setting: Alabama, past Date: 1995 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 5-8 Pages: 48 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Helen An inspiring story of the life of Helen Keller. This was a remarkable book which I enjoyed reading very much. It was truly inspiring to read about the challenges and triumphs of Helen Keller. It was amazing to learn how Helen was educated and all of the things that she learned to do, despite her being deaf and blind. The illustrations in the book are soft and calming. They appear to be done in chalk. Helen Keller led an amazing life and this story could inspire children to welcome challenges into their life.

37 Sequoyah, The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing Author: Rumford, James Illustrator: Huckaby, Anna Sixkiller Setting: Tennessee, past Date: 2004 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: Sibert Award Age: 5-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Main Character: Sequoyah Sequoyah taught his people how to write. Every student should read this book. I found it interesting that the words were also translated into the Cherokee language. Sequoyah was a brave and very smart man. He taught the Cherokee people so much and improved their lives. The illustrations are fantastic. The look to have been done with watercolors and pencil. The use of earth tone colors really bring this story to life.

38 Author: Garten, Jan Illustrator: Batherman, Muriel Setting: N/A Date: 1964 Genre: Informational Awards: N/A Age: 3-6 Pages: 56 Publisher: Greenwillow Books Main Character: Animals Guess who’s tail it is? The Alphabet Tale I really loved this book. I will have this for my classroom. It keeps children guessing on each page and that helps keep their attention. The illustrations of the animals look like they were drawn and colored with markers by children. Simple, yet colorful and realistic to children.

39 Butterflies Author: Mousdale, John Illustration: Mousdale, John Setting: outside, present Date: 1973 Genre: Informational Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 25 Publisher: Wonder Books Main Character: Butterflies The story of a butterflies life cycle. This book would be great to use to describe the life cycle of a butterfly to the classroom. The pictures in the book show the different stages, from Caterpillar to Butterfly. The back of the book has butterfly words and pictures to show the meaning of the words. The illustrations appear to have been done with colored pencil and are very colorful.

40 Tractors Author: Thompson, Graham Illustration: Thompson, Graham Setting: Outside, present Date: 1986 Genre: Informational Awards: N/A Age: 4-7 Pages: 24 Publisher: Gareth Stevens Main Character: Farmers The description of many different tractors. This book is perfect for little boys. I really like that it shows the many different tractors and how they are used. I would use this book in the classroom to add to a unit on planting, soil, or even fall. It would also be good to use for a short book report for younger students. The illustrations are colorful and seem to be done in watercolors.

41 The Polar Bear Author: Tracqui, Valerie Illustrator: Tracqui, Valerie Setting: Artic Circle, present Date: 1991 Genre: Informational Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 27 Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing Main Character: Polar Bear A closer look into a Polar Bears life and journeys in the Artic Circle. This book shared a great deal of information about Polar Bears. It would be perfect for a boy or a girl. The pictures are detailed and go great with the information about Polar Bears and their life in the Artic Circle. I would use this book in my classroom and then have the students either write me a short report about Polar Bears or draw me pictures of Polar Bears in the Artic.

42 Blizzard, The Storm that Changed America Author: Murphy, Jim Illustrator: Murphy, Jim Setting: Northeastern US, past Date: 2000 Genre: Informational Awards: Sibert Award Age: 9-12 Pages: 144 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Many people A snow storm hits the East Coast. This was an incredible story that I had never heard about. The obstacles these poor people faced were enormous. People were very determined and willing to help each other. This book was a little long and would definitely be for an older student. The illustrations appear to be done in pencil and have amazing detail and are so realistic.

43 The Story about Ping Author: Flack, Marjorie Illustrator: Wiese, Kurt Setting: Yangtze River, present Date: 1933 Genre: Multicultural/International Awards: N/A Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: McMillan Main Character: Ping Ping gets lost on the Yangtze River. This is a great little story. Ping reminds me of my girls. Children would benefit from the lesson of the story to be responsible and be punctual. The book also reminds me to always be grateful and there’s no place like home. The illustrations are bright and colorful. They bring the boats and animals of the Yangtze River to life. The pictures appear to be done with pencil.

44 Africa Dream Author: Greenfield, Eloise Illustrator: Byard, Carole Setting: Dream, modern Date: 1977 Genre: Multicultural/International Awards: Coretta Scott King Age: 7-9 Pages: 32 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: girl The little girl dreamed of going to Africa. The illustration in this book was peculiar. The pictures appeared to be roughly sketched out sort of as a rough draft. The illustrations were made up of gray and black. This was a very calming and peaceful book. This dream took the little girl to a far off land of wonder and beauty. If I had a dream like this, I would never want to leave this land and definitely would not want to awake from my peaceful dream. I believe would enjoy reading this book and maybe they could draw a picture of a land that they have dreamed of.

45 The Keeping Quilt Author: Polacco, Patricia Illustrator: Polacco, Patricia Setting: New York, past Date: 1988 Genre: Multicultural/International Awards: N/A Age: 9-12 Pages: 32 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Main Character: Anna The quilt was passed down from generation to generation. I really enjoyed reading this book because it reminded me so much of my grandmother. My grandmother would use any scrap of material from anything to make a quilt square for her quilts. I now own many of her quilts that we made when I was a child. The illustrations were are all in black and white except for the quilt. The quilt stood out because it was the only thing in color. Many of the illustrations were done in charcoal. This book warmed my heart and brought back so many memories.

46 Tar Beach Author: Ringgold, Faith Illustrator: Ringgold, Faith Setting: Harlem, past Date: 1991 Genre: Multicultural/International Awards: Caldecott Honor Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Crown Books Main Character: Cassie Cassie has a picnic on the roof. I absolutely loved everything about this book. The story was so inspiring and the illustrations were indescribable. The pictures looked as if they were painted using acrylic on an artist canvas. The colors were so deep and creative in design. Cassie has such a great attitude and felt she could overcome anything including her socioeconomic boundaries. This story encourages children to never give up on their dreams.

47 The Wall Author: Sis, Peter Illustrator: Sis, Peter Setting: All over the world, present Date: 2007 Genre: Multicultural/International Awards: Sibert Medal Age: 9-12 Pages: 56 Publisher: Frances Foster Main Character: Peter Sis Peter drew pictures of his life events. I think this is sincerely an amazing book. The illustrations are phenomenal and appear to be done in pencil with little color. Red is the only color that is consistent throughout this book and appears in every illustration. This book teaches a considerable amount about history. Peter gives insight into what he went through and how it appeared through his eyes. It felt as if he was talking directly to me about his life experiences.

48 Sounder Author: Armstrong, William H. Illustrator: Barkley, James Setting: South (Georgia) Nineteenth Century Date: 1969 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Newbery Medal Age: 9-13 Pages: 116 Publisher: Harper & Row Main Character: Boy and dog, Sounder A poor boy lives in a cabin in the woods with his family and dog. I really loved this story although there were many parts in the book that made me sad, angry, and grateful. The boy wanted so desperately to learn to read and always thought of what it would be like to own a book of his own. There were so many emotions expressed by the boy in the story and you couldn’t help to feel his loneliness, sadness, and anger. I think all children should read or have this book read to them. I am so proud of the boy for overcoming his hardships and learning to read.

49 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Author: Blume, Judy Illustrator: Doty, Roy Setting: New York City, modern Date: 1972 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Georgia Book Award/Writing Age: 8-12 Pages: 120 Publisher: Dutton Main Character: Peter Hatcher & Fudge Peter did not want to be ignored but his younger brother Fudge received all of the attention. The book was comical and very entertaining. If you have a younger sibling, I would recommend it. The author made the book sound like it was being told by a child instead of an adult. The book described one sidesplitting thing after another of events that took place in an ordinary day of a child. There wasn’t a day that went by that Fudge wasn’t causing trouble for Peter. Sounds like a day at my house with my two little girls.

50 Hatchet Author: Paulsen, Gary Illustrator: Paulsen, Gary Setting: Canadian Wilderness, present Date: 1987 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Newbery Medal Age: 10-13 Pages: 196 Publisher: Bradbury Press Main Character: Brian Brian wanted to go see his father in New York. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I remember my son reading it when he was in school. I understand why he talked so much about the book because, I could not put it down. This book is truly an inspiration and should remind us all of how fortunate we are. It can be so easy to take everything for granted. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. This is another book that I will purchase for my home library.

51 Mick Harte Was Here Author: Park, Barbara Illustrator: Park, Barbara Setting: Neighborhood, present Date: 1995 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: N/A Age: 8-12 Pages: 96 Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Main Character: Phoebe and Mick Phoebe tells stories about her brother Mick. This is one of the best books that I have read in a very long time. It shows the true emotions that kids go through when they experience death. I love the stories told by Phoebe about her brother Mick, it almost felt like I knew him personally. I especially felt that the author’s note in the back was so crucial to the ending of the story. I will purchase this book to have in my home library.

52 The Butterfly Farm Burglar Author: Schultz, Irene Illustrator: Aubrey, Meg Setting: Edinburgh, present Date: 2000 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: N/A Age: 8-12 Pages: 119 Publisher: Wright Group/McGraw- Hill Main Character: The Woodlanders The Woodlanders try to solve a mystery. This was such an exciting book. I found it hard to put down until I knew the Woodlanders had solved the mystery. I believe my favorite parts of the book were when they used a big word like Edinburgh, it showed how the word should be pronounced. This would be very helpful to children that want to read a chapter book. The little illustration seemed to be in pen and was very simple. I will purchase this set for my classroom.

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