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Business overview Retail Equity

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1 Business overview Retail Equity

2 FDI in retail sector We all know that FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has been agreed in India in Retail Sector. We may be excited that Companies like WALMART will operate their Retail Business In India. We discuss so much on this but what is their for us ? We also know that Reliance, Tata, Mahindra and all such big companies, pioneer in their respective fields are now in Retail Sector and all in big way. We all are also in Retail sector in big way but only – only as customers. We all are most important and are helping all players such as retailer, whole seller, C&F etc of retail sector to earn big money. Our 70 to 80 % earnings, we spend day in day out. Can we as customers be benefited for FDI in retail sector? Answer is big NO

3 Can we do anything for our benefits?
Let us understand, how we spend money in retail ( day to day products) We go to a Shop or Mall and purchase our products. We get good products of our choice but at MRP. We get discounted goods by online shopping with Flipkart, Jabong etc and save a little & feel very Happy. Little Better Do we have an option of earning from our Expenditure? Yes, we do have. We have one more alternative way to get all such products. We get it directly from manufacturer, Better Quality Products, we get it now at about 20% reduced price, 30 days Satisfaction Guarantee and above all- 40 % profit share depending on how much turnover we give to this company. This way we get 60% of our money back. No, this is not Door to Door selling , THEN HOW? For having more turnover, we create community like we create on Face book, Linked-in etc. Is it difficult? I don’t think so.

4 Creating community & Turn Over – Very Easy
For Example We all may be having 500 names in our mobile contact list. We also may be having 500 contacts on Facebook. These 500 contacts might be having 500 contacts in their mobile contact list or on Facebook or social networking websites. As such up to 2nd level itself, we may be knowing people. To create turnover, if we have our self consumption of say Rs PM and we could share our experience with just 2% out of these 25K people i.e. 500 people, we create community of 500 families spending avg. Rs PM and total turn over of 25 Lakhs PER MONTH. Is it realistic? Of course Yes but with planned efforts. Through this retail equity project, if we do turnover of Rs 7 Lac, we get paid about 70 – 80 K Per month as our profit share. Is it too difficult to create 7L turnover this way?

5 It is Team Work – Snow Ball Effect
As snowball rolls it will pick up more snow, gaining more mass and surface area, and picking up even more snow and momentum as it rolls along. It is analogy to the team work. Once, we have like minded people in our team, our team will be getting bigger & bigger and getting momentum which is unbelievable.

6 How we get this 60 % money back
If we eliminate the intermediate people from Manufacturer to Consumer like Whole seller, Jobber, Retailer, about 60% money involved in moving the product from the manufacturer to the customer can be saved. For example, Manufacturer manufactures a product in Rs.40 and when it goes through Wholesaler, Jobber, Retailer and then to Consumer, price of product increases from 40 to If we take it directly from manufacturer, 60 % profit is shared. M W J R C C

7 Current Economic Scenario :
Inflation is going up Prices of all commodities, Clothes, Daily Needs Item etc are rising day by day. Burden of Taxes Tension of Home and/or Car Loans Income is nothing but Expenditure Summed up with Savings Hence there arises a need for additional income. Expenditure are rising and income is not rising at that percentage. Result, Saving is less. Hence with this option of converting this ongoing expenditure into a Source of Income, which will result in Increasing Savings and will definitely improve quality of life which we are living now.  

8 We need Extra Income to avoid compromising in life
Most of us compromise with our dreams. For example, we may like to buy SUV but buys Sedan. Or dreaming of buying Independent Bungalow with private swimming pool often ends up buying a 2-3 BHK flat. With This Extra income, every dream is possible. We just need to give some time for our Retail Equity business. Tell me one company in which employees earning more than 50 Lakhs Rupees are sharing their experience of doing business. I bet you won’t find any single company. Which company is offering us such an opportunity?? It is AMWAY GLOBAL as Manufacturing Company & Britt World Wide as system company.

9 How We can Accomplish this ?
This can be achieved through dual partnership. Total investment is by AMWAY, YOUR Risk is Nil.  Products Services Cheques Credentials We will get people giving opinion about this business and companies involved but we need to get right informations. BWW Amway Real Business School World Class Education Success Principle Power of Mind over Body You

10 Incomes & PV Chart 1. 20% retail profit.
2. We get % income as monthly performance bonus ( 1 PV in India is Rs. 69/-) 300 PV - 6% 1000 PV - 9% 2000 PV – 12 % 4000 PV – 15 % 7000 PV – 18% 10000 PV – 21 % 3. 4% leadership commission.

11 MODEL PLAN (6-4-3) YOU 6 1 5 2 4 3 1 4 2 3 3 1 2

STAGE NO. OF ABO PERSONAL PV GROUP PV % LEVEL GROUP INCOME PERSONAL INCOME 1. 1 100 - 2. 1+6=7 700 6% 2898 3. =31 3100 12% 25668 13248 4. =103 10300 21% 149247 85905

13 Brands Used by Amway: Amway uses World’s best brands
Nutrilite - World’s No. 1 selling Vitamins and dietary Supplements brand Artistry - one of the world’s top five largest-selling Premium Skincare brands Attitude - the brand in which ingredients have been handpicked for beauty products Dynamite - range of male grooming products, formulated internationally and designed to deliver the ultimate grooming experience Glister - it’s Toothpaste is a revolutionary Multi-Action Toothpaste with Sylodent( patented polishing agent) that offers seven benefits Persona - it’s Premium 3 in 1 Soap is a complete soap for the entire family promises refreshing confidence Satinique - it’s advanced Range with unique Ceramide Infusion System uses nature's own renewing technology to rejuvenate, strengthen and protect your hair SA8 – it’s Gelzyme is India's only 3-in-1 laundry detergent which pretreats, cleans and softens LOC – Is High Suds is a multipurpose household liquid cleaner There are many other products like insurances as well, and Amway is going to launch many more products in India soon.

14 About AMWAY: Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling companies. Founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. Amway operates in more than 100 countries. Amway has more than 13,000 employees worldwide. More than 450 unique, high-quality products and more than 1000 patents. All products are backed by a 30 days customer satisfaction guarantee. One of the top 20 private companies in US. Debt Free company. Last year Global Turn over 11.8 billion US$. Started operation in India in May-1998, First year T/O 99 Cr and last year 2600 Cr. More than 140 products in India, Life insurance with Max Life, Mediclaim & Motor insurance with Royal Sundram. Amway India Future plan is to reach 5500 Cr in India by 2015 Amway Nutrilite, Health Care Brand is No. -1 In world. Artistry-Skin Care is in top 5 brands in the world. Amway Home Care products are all environmental friendly. Personal Care are all PH balanced.

15 CONCLUSION Now is the decision time, start and give your sincere try and Come to a function, Everything will be cleared and all doubts will be answered.

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