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By: Ben Litwiller. Intro. s/parks-and-nature-places/oceans/oceans- barrier-reef/

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1 By: Ben Litwiller

2 Intro. s/parks-and-nature-places/oceans/oceans- barrier-reef/ s/parks-and-nature-places/oceans/oceans- barrier-reef/

3 Location The great barrier reef is located out the northeast shores of Australia.

4 Topography largest extent of coral reefs on Earth geographic range (24°30'N to10°41'S, 145°00' to 154°00'E) extends for more than 2000 kilometres within the Coral Sea off the eastern coast of Australia.

5 Climate




9 Plants Mangroves make up the third type of plant growing near reefs More than 50 species of mangroves exist in the world. Florida's boasts about 469,000 acres found along the state's southern coast.

10 Plants


12 Blue-green algae are more appropriately known as cyanobacteria originally thought to be a type of algae bacteria form green tufts on the reef which forms sometimes forms blooms in tropical waters.

13 Plants Brown algae contain an extra pigment abundant in cooler climates a few species can be very common in summer on inshore

14 Plants Golden algae are concerned about extensive blooms of seabed algae known as 'golden noodle algae Scientists have identified the bloom-forming alga as Chrysocystis fragilis has been found at Palau, Pohnpei and Hawaii.

15 Endangered Animals Whales and dolphins Dugong Marine turtles get tangled up in fishing lines

16 Animals





21 More Animals

22 Strange Animals

23 People People can go snorkeling, diving, NO HURLIN ON helicopter rides and cruises THE SHELL DUDE

24 People Great Barrier Reef contributes $6.4 billion a year from the tours employs more than 60,000 people. The interconnected reef system faces increasing pressure from climate change

25 Jobs for people Aquariums Visitor service officer Marine Biologists Fishermen Tour Guides

26 Unique Features the clownfish can actually help the sea anemones to breathe and can help them to aerate themselves Sea anemones gives the clownfish a place to live in exchange reefs reefs There are more symbiotic relationships similar to this found in the G.B.R.

27 Relationships Commensalism the pearlfish uses the sea cucumber for a hide-out from predators lives in the sea cucumber’s anus Mutualism orange coral crab lives in and feeds off of the coral coral benefits as the resident crab cleans it and protects it Parasitism Sea spider gains food and nutrients from coral this relationship bleaches the coral

28 Coral Attached to the ocean floor Waste produces products for photosynthesis for the algae Algae produces products need for the coral to grow Is home for most animals in the reef

29 Environmental concerns lost more than half its coral cover in the past 27 years. Experts say storms, starfish and bleaching linked to climate change are to blame.

30 Environmental concerns global warming overuse from tourism Fishing farming development on the coast and pollution both in the water and on the land.

31 Before After

32 Solving the problems * 30-50% of reefs to be set aside as "no take" or no fishing zones for long term protection * larger fines for fishing offenses * greater use of technology to enforce no fishing zones.

33 Conclusion Beautiful place Cool animals All around fun place to go on vaction.

34 Food web of the G.B.R. =P =P.C. =S.C. =T.C.

35 5 questions What are the four endangered species I minced in the P.P.? What can people do when visiting the reef? What is the biggest problem with keeping the reef healthy? What is the olds fish in the G.B.R.? How many speices of sea snakes are there?

36 The websites cairns_great_barrier_reef.jpg cairns_great_barrier_reef.jpg e_study/ e_study/ barrier-reef barrier-reef

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