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Lysosome By Eddie Hurtig, Carrie Rush, Natalie Howard.

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1 Lysosome By Eddie Hurtig, Carrie Rush, Natalie Howard

2 General Info  Lysosome in Greek means “breakdown body”  The lysosome is an organelle that digests food and waste for the cell.  Lysosomes in animal cells but are not in most plant cells.

3 How It’s Made  The enzymes are put together in the rough Endoplasmic Reticulum and are then transported to the Golgi Apparatus in a transport vesicle. Endoplasmic ReticulumGolgi Apparatus  The Golgi Apparatus refines the enzymes within the membrane of the Lysosome so that they can be effective. Golgi Apparatus

4 Structure  Is made up of enzymes contained within a lipid bilayer membrane lipid bilayer membrane  These Enzymes are hydrolytic.  Which basically means that they digest stuff.

5 What It Does  Digests food particles and sends them to be used  Destroys harmful bacteria  Recycles damaged and old organelles  Cleans the cell of unwanted “crap”

6 How it digests  It digests organelles by engulfing them in the lysosome and exposing them to the digestive enzymes (Oh Fun!)  Once the lysosomal enzymes have digested the food particles, the digested food diffuses through the membrane and into the cell to be used by the cell for energy or growth.  lysosomes digest food and bacteria by fusing with the vacuoles exposes the molecules to the hydrolyzing enzymes of the vaculole

7 Enzymes Major Enzymes in the Lysosomes  Protease  Hydrolyzes (digests) proteins  Lipase  Hydrolyzes fats into fatty acids and monogycerides  Nucleases  Hydrolyze nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into nucleotides  Amylase  Digests starches into sugars  Lipase  Hydrolyzes lipids Source:

8 Why They’re Important  White blood cells in the human body can digest bacteria in their lysosomes (textbook p. 61)  This is a key roll that helps prevent Disease from spreading throughout the body  Lysosomes are also very important in the development of Embryos

9 Sources    ure1.jpg ure1.jpg   es.html es.html  The Textbook The Textbook  istockphoto_1496294-hammer-and-nails-1.jpg istockphoto_1496294-hammer-and-nails-1.jpg


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