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A abdomen swelling/bloating abdominal pain ability to act decisively ability to form own opinions acceptance- to feel of self and others accident prone.

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1 A abdomen swelling/bloating abdominal pain ability to act decisively ability to form own opinions acceptance- to feel of self and others accident prone accumulations aching adaptation addiction adenoids adhd adrenals alcoholism alertness alignment all energy into teaching & preaching allergies alzheimers anaphylactic shock anger ankle ankle sprain anorexia Nature’s anti-biotic anxiety appendicitis appetite balance arms- numbness, torques, ache arthritis G gagging gall bladder, pancreas, stomach functions gall stones gas, bloat genitals give too much/too little gossipy gout deep grief groin, buttocks discomfort growth, development grumpy elders gums N nails narcolepsy nausea nearsightedness neck neck broken neck fullness neck tension nervous laughter nervous system nervousness neuralgia nose nose bleeds nose clogging nourishment numbness T excessive talker tantrums teeth teeth grinding teeth my private dentist wisdom teeth temper temperamental tennis elbow tension/stress terror thigh tension thinking balance thoughts throat dry throat numb throat sore, swollen, irritated thumb ache thumb strength thyroid timidity tmj (jaw popping) toes toes pigeon tonsil tooth ache tooth discomforts toxicity physical/mental trauma trembling tuberculosis

2 assimilation asthma attitude stagnation B babies baby premature back back ache back tension bed wetting bells palsy bent over with age breech birth birth defects birth mark blackouts bladder bleeding bleeding internally bleeding in ovary bloat blood circulation blood composition (platelets, clotting) blood essence blood flow blood in BM and urine blood in expectoration blood in vomit blood pressure high/low blood supply blood- red blood cells blood- white blood cells, platelets, corpuscles H hair loss top of head for nice head of hair hair thinning, graying hair where we don't want it hand hand joint discomfort hangovers hardening harmonizes body, mind, spirit harmonizes L/R sides past/present male/female hate head head- back of head- hit on head- side discomfort headache heal spurs health hearing heart broken heart discomforts heart disease heart open heart palpitations, arrhythmias heart stress heart, lungs (asthma, breath help) O observe physical/emotional boundaries obsessive/compulsive opinionated organ nourishment organs orifice leaking orthodontist osteoporosis overeating overly sensitive to others needs ownership of illness P pain pain reliever nature's aspirin palm palm feverish pancreas panic attack paralysis parathyroid parkinsons partnering patience pelvic perception U unalert in the morning unconscious underarm swelling, knotted understanding unity urinary imbalance urinate frequently V vaginal discharge vascular vertebrae victims violent vision vitality vocal cord finding our voice voice- loud, horse vomit upon eating W waist line accumulation waist-harmony above/below warms body water balance weak all over weight balance weight loss well-being

3 body- cleanses our body and lifestyle clears our lifestyle to understand our will body- rebuilds from use & abuse body thermostat- warms/cools body torques bodyguard bones bones broken bossy bowel movements- diarrhea/constipation brake specialist- puts a stop to things brain development specialist brain stress breast- discomfort, lump Breath of life breathing difficulty, asthma brings order to chaos bronchopneumonia bruises easily bullies burns burping heat excess heel hemorrhoids hepatitis hereditary defects herpes hiatal hernia hiccups hip balance hip tension hoarding hormonal balance hot flashes hungry but no appetite hyperactive hypersensitivity hypochondriac hypocritical hysteria I illumination immune impatience impotence infection inhale insanity insecurities intelligence intestines introversion intuition irrational itchy perspires continually perspires in sleep pH- balance acidity pH- balance alkali phlegm, mucus phobia physical agility, fitness physical strength physical structure pneumonia polio pregnancy taxing (hospital) pregnancy, fertility, reproductive complete cycle of growth premature baby pretense profound security and escape from mental bondage prolapses prostate psychological my personal psychiatrist pulse (diaphragm) strong pulse (heart) strong pulse erratic harmony in pulse pulse quiet pulse rapid wheezing whiplash will balance- excessive/ slight will power workaholic wrist wrist swelling, feverish Y yawning

4 C calcification calf tense calms & energizes cancer canker soars carpal tunnel cellulite cerebrum change your DNA cheek discomfort cheek swelling chest chest discomforts chest clear chest collapsed/expanded chest congestion chest enlarged chest full, tight chest high chest prickling children children being willful children's ear infection chills easily chills in shoulder, back chin accumulation chin discomfort chiropractor choking cholesterol chronic fatigue J jaundice jaw jealousy, revenge jet lag joint discomfort joint replacement joy restoration jumpy K kidney (transplants) knee cap swelling knee tension, injury L labor pains learning disabilities leg leg- back of leg- heavy leg- varicose veins let go, help all leucorrhea leukemia life change life essence lifestyle overdoing it mentally, physically R radiation (chemotherapy) rant and rave rectum renewed vigor reproductive reproductive malfunctions reproductive renewal reproductive- womb, breast, sperm, speed respiratory revenge rheumatism ribcage rib muscle discomfort S sadness safety schizophrenia sciatica scoliosis self-esteem self-hatred selfishness self-protection senility sensitivity to noise septum sexual energy sexuality

5 chronic neck pain/tension circulation (cold feet, extremities) coffee flow cold soar collarbone colon compassion competitive conception connective tissue consciousness constipation convulsions core tension cough, mucus, phlegm creative projects creativity critical needs cyst & cystitis cysts on genitalia D daily ailments day/night schedule balance deafness dedication to Divine purpose dehydration depression descending energy need desire limb, spine coordination limbs limbs loose lips chapping liver liver discomforts liver energy love lumps, bumps lung lung congestion lung swells, liquid effusion lung, breath cleans lungs and body lupus lymph cleanser M manipulative marrow material things maturity- immature/overly mature memory menopause menstrual cramps, PMS menstruation frequent/infrequent menstruation smooth menstruation heavy mental clarity mental- extreme disharmony metabolic function migraine alert mind shin splints, discomfort shock shoulder front aching shoulder high/low shoulder/neck shyness sickness sighing sinus skeletal function skeletal harmony for torques, imbalance skin all skin clammy skin complexion skin container letting stuff out that I'd rather not see skin dry skin- surface level skin- deep level skin- age marks skin- excess pigmentation skin- goose flesh, lackluster skin- for greater sensitivity skin- insect bites skin- stretch marks skin- surface hot and perspiring in sleep sleep balance- insomnia/sleeping too much, difficulty waking up sleeping projects- walking, snoring, sleeping on stomach, dreaming sneezing solar energy sort out food and thoughts Soul & body

6 detoxify & exhale impurities diarrhea diabetes diet- excess animal food consumption difficulty getting up/down digestion (indigestion, gas) defense from discomfort discouragement disharmony diverticulitis dizziness dizzy upon standing dreams strange drooling drug side effects duality dysentery dyslexia E ear ear ringing early childhood disease eating disorders elbow injury, aching, tense elimination emaciated emotional balance, harmony emotional excess, tangled emotional expression mind clear mind energetic mind mental tension mind open mind, mental stress miscarriage moaning & groaning modern day illnesses morbid impulsion morning sickness mortality motion, movement in rhythm with the moon & seasons mouth- bitter taste mouth drying, feverish movement supple, flexible multiple sclerosis muscles muscle cramps muscle spasms muscle sprains, soar speech speech impediments spinal injury spine spine- brain, motor, nerve spine- cervical spine- slipped disc Spiritual plane builder and connection to Source of Life spleen stomach stomach discomfort, acute pain stomach heavy, uncomfortable stomach tension strep throat stress strokes & stroke prevention strong belief systems stubbornness stuttering sty suicide surgery pre/post swallowing sweat excessively swells below gall bladder

7 emotional release emotional stuckness to let go emotional trauma emotional trauma endocrine energy build up energy for day shift energy giver enthusiasm for life environmental illnesses (e.g. allergies) epilepsy equilibrium excitable exhaling extroversion

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