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Tax Effective Giving – making donations stretch further Concern’s experience.

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1 Tax Effective Giving – making donations stretch further Concern’s experience

2 Introduction Concern Aid agency Formed in 1968 Tax Campaign since 1995 Tax income reclaimed to date €22.8 million

3 Scope of today Tax-effective giving Criteria for claiming Tools for capturing & handling donor data Tools for contacting donors Handling & monitoring responses Follow on donor communications

4 Criteria for Claiming

5 Steps involved Mary Kenny - €250 to Concern in 2009 Lives in Dublin Works in a bank and pays higher rate tax 2010 Concern sends 2009 tax form for the €250 Mary signs it and returns it to Concern Concern submits claim to Revenue to reclaim the tax Mary paid on the €250 Revenue sends Concern cheque for €174

6 Criteria for Claiming Whose eligible? Gave €250+ within a tax year Individual Tax payer in Republic of Ireland PAYE taxpayers Claim at the higher 41% or Claim at the standard 20% Ethiopia

7 Criteria for Claiming Whose not eligible? Self-Assessed – Claim on their own tax returns/self-assessment form Corporate – Claim as if it were a business expense

8 Additional Information Married couples OAP No upper limit Collected money Legacy donations

9 €250 donation Higher Rate Taxpayer – Claim 69.5% Donation of €250, claim back €174 Standard Rate Taxpayer – Claim 25% Donation of €250, claim back €63

10 Capturing & handling data

11 1. Capture contact details 2. Capture financial details 3. Capture tax related details 4. Prompt tax effective ask amounts

12 1. Contact Details 2. Financial Details 4. Tax Effective Amount 3. Tax details

13 Tools for contacting donors

14 2006 New Approach Income 2003 – 2005 = €1.76m 2006 – 2009 = €3.7m Response rate 2003-2005 = 37% 2006-2009 = 50%

15 Tools - Contacting Donors Direct Mail Email Telemarketing Text Messaging Radio Online Response forms

16 Direct Mail Who are we talking to? What is our message to them? Why should they act? How should they respond?

17 Who are we talking to? Existing Concern donors only Their donations equate to €250 or more within a tax year They are PAYE tax payers only and pay ROI tax They are already predisposed to the Concern cause They are open to receiving communications from Concern

18 What is our message to them? Strong message that will intrigue and interest the recipient Simple straightforward style that quickly demonstrates how easy it is to give yet more money to Concern Personal and friendly tone of voice Immediate action needed to continue the work that Concern is already performing with the donations Use AIDCA formula

19 AIDCA Attention- avoid being discarded Interest - start & continue reading Desire- want to help Conviction- reaffirm worthy of support Action- easy and immediate response

20 Concern’s Message Sign it. Send it. Save lives. Spend nothing. Creative by Javelin

21 Attention Personalised Unusual, exciting or colourful formats Relevant to person or intriguing 1. Attention

22 Interest What is it you want me to know? Telling the story and showing the need – Using case studies – Facts and figures that are understandable – Make interactive (questions) 2. Interest

23 Desire Interest alone won’t lead to response Why should I help? – Demonstrate the need 3. Desire

24 Conviction Speak with confidence Will this donation make any difference? – Use testimonials – Guarantees of cost- effectiveness 4. Conviction

25 Action What do I have to do? Is it easy to do? Repeat the offer Overcome inertia 5. Action

26 Why should they act? It is at no extra cost to the donor It will provide extra funding It is simple - sign and send

27 How should they respond? Response mechanism is vital – Tax form and envelope Easy to read and understand Easy to complete and donate/reply

28 Additional Contact Tools Email Telemarketing Text Messaging Radio Online Response forms

29 Additional Contact Tools Email Telemarketing Text Message

30 Additional Contact Tools Radio Online Response forms

31 Response handling Tax Administrator All administration issues Cleans data Record all responses Submits claim Files all responses (audit/Revenue Inspection)

32 Follow up E - Newsletters Newsletters

33 Follow up Donor Appeals Press

34 Recap Ensure all donor details are captured and recorded Ensure the donor selections factor in claim criteria Ensure the contact tools used have a clear message with call to action Ensure all details of the claim are correct before submitting Give your donors an update on the total received

35 Thank You Questions?

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