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Biological farms and those healthy food Gunita Šale Latvia.

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1 Biological farms and those healthy food Gunita Šale Latvia

2 Biological agronomy : It’s purpose– grow and create wholesome quality food, using exact technologies, regardful working, without herbicides and unnatural fertilization. Products, which are made in a natural way are healthy but more expensive. But they don't promote any oncologic disease. actinides

3 Evolution of biological farms Recently biological farms and areas are evolving really fast. Which we can see in the chart YearfarmsArea (ha) 1998.391426 1999.631628 2000.784400 2001.21910549 2002.35316934 Number of farms and areas 1998.-2002. quarry: institution of certification “quality of environment”



6 Quality logos This logo belongs to the association of Latvian biological agronomy (LBLA) and certifies, that specific product is made from natural staples. The new logo of the European union

7 This logo marks a product which is made from staples 75% grown in Latvia. Echini Hedge hyssop

8 Healthy products Harvesting:  Herbs are harvested, when they are fully grown. Wet soil, dew, rain and elevated moisture of air is disadvantaged weather for harvesting, because it promtes the development of mould and microcopies.  Harvesting wild herbs, you mustn’t allow admixture of toxic herbs and weeds. The equipment, which is used for harvesting products, is clean is in a good technical usage.  containers (for example, baskets, sacks and boxes) for harvesting are clean and not polluted with herbs from previous harvestings.  To prevent damage to the product, plastic bags mustn’t be used (except polypropylene sacks), nor overlod the wrapping.  Fiscally damaged herbs are not harvested. Useless parts are detached and composted.

9 desiccation:  harvested products as much as possible are taken to the desiccation area, where they are being unpacked.  after that workers make a visual check of the dried product. Assortment: wood converted stems, other herb admixtures, little rocks, soil s.o.  to provide a good air circulation, equable drying and prevent damaging of the product and mould, the products are spreader out in a thick layer regularly mixed.  to get qualitative products, the temperature mustn’t be higher than 45 0 C. The mellowness is tested visually and by touching. Dry herbs lose their elasticity and damages.

10 Wrapping and marking:  the wrapped products mustn’t be like a powder condition, and also contain stems longer than, 1.5 centimeters. A dried products color must be similar to the herbs original color. Black and brown dried can be called defected. If necessary the product can be pulped.  dried products are wrapped in clean sacks or boxes (recommended in new ones).  each wrapping is marked, identifying the maker and serial number. In an extra marking a logo can be noted: ”Eccoproduct of Latvia”, if a contract is made with LABL, and also noted the European community biological farm logo.  the wrapping is kept in a clean and dry place.  the wrapping is suited for food, preferable air penetrable.

11 marjoram removes stress calming, resolving, against microbes, anesthetic disinfects lungs. Cleans skin Peppermint- stimulates brainpower, memory. Calming, provides good blood circulation effect against irritation thyme stimulates brainpower cleans lungs provides hair growth fasten immunity

12 Used literature      Māras Vaivares told

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