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Living things live together in relationships called symbiosis. SYMBIOSIS.

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1 Living things live together in relationships called symbiosis. SYMBIOSIS

2 There are three types of symbiotic relationships. At least one organism will benefit in all types of symbiosis 1. Parasitism 2. Mutualism 3. Commensalism

3 Parasitism A symbiotic relationship where one organism benefits from the association and the other is harmed. The organism that benefits is called the parasite, and the organism that is harmed is called the host. It is different from a predator, because it usually does not kill the organism it feeds on. Examples: Fleas, leeches, worms, mites

4 Parasitism

5 Mutualism A relationship in which both species benefit. From the Desert Giant, the relationship between the saguaro and the long-nosed bat is an example of mutualism. As you sit in this classroom, You are also participating in mutualism…

6 Mutualism At this very moment, you are in a mutualistic relationship with a population of bacteria in your large intestine. Escherichia coli lives in most mammals to break down food that mammals cannot digest. Bacteria gets food and a place to live and we benefit as well!

7 Mutualism

8 Commensalism A relationship in which one species benefits and the other species is neither harmed or helped. Example: Elf owl creating small hole for nest in the cactus.

9 Commensalism

10 Symbiosis Your Turn!!!! Identify the following images as Parasitism, Mutualism, Commensalism relationships.

11 Shark and Remora- Shark provides transportation, while remora feeds on shark and kills parasites.

12 Moth lays eggs and pollinates flower

13 Mistletoe grows from tree, affecting growth of the tree itself, and possibly damaging the roots.




17 Clown Fish cleans parasites from anemone; anemone provides protection for clown fish.


19 Bee Hive in Tree

20 Termites in tree

21 Tape Worm!!!!!

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