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Larry Osterbaan CS658 Final Presentation A white tornado tour of AJAX.

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1 Larry Osterbaan CS658 Final Presentation A white tornado tour of AJAX

2 The Plan Based on the card game, “Apples To Apples”, I explored AJAX and its ability to implement distributed computing. The short answer is AJAX is primarily useful within the Client/Server model of distributed computing Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

3 AJAX execution path

4 Interesting tangents AJAX uses HTML HTML uses CSS AJAX uses JavaScript JavaScript uses DOM AJAX uses XML The server side of the world –System administration issues –Development tools

5 AJAX execution path

6 HTML bumps & bruises Like any computer interaction, you must complete each tag’s braces These tags I really like: – – (note, this tag can be obey width & height) – These attributes (of tags) I really like: –ID= to access html elements via script –Size by px, %, em, ex Suggested link. http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com Comments on the tools I used. –Macromedia Dreamweaver –Linux Quanta –Microsoft Frontpage

7 Source code onion soup JavaScript is embedded in HTML pages links to as a good source of tips to keep JavaScript browser neutral HTML Javascript triggers.CSS.JS

8 CSS cleans up HTML CSS – Cascading Style Sheets At its most simplistic level, CSS is a level of indirection. That indirection enhances consistency. –My favorite example, a collection of image tags can use the same style which specifies width & height

9 JavaScript JavaScript is not Java has good JavaScript references Firefox has JavaScript console & DOM inspector Internet Explorer has JavaScript tools too, but I had previously neutered mine.

10 XML as seen in AJAX JavaScript may request XML from its server asynchronously from HTTP’s full page refresh cycle XML – cool buzzword, easy to think about –XML can be inspected easy –XML may be statically supplied

11 The server side of the world From Netbean’s quick starts, use a Servlet The power of Servlets The pain of Servlets –I’ve composed a nice webpage using a nice layout tool, how do I make a Servlet serve it? Alternatives (at the server) –You may get closer “to the metal” – WHY? –You may wrap much of the mechanical steps – Java Server Pages (JSP)

12 System administration comments How I used EOS –Netbeans -> Tomcat, change the ports to avoid conflict, configured in Server.xml –Putty tunnel for home access "putty.exe" -ssh -L -L –VNC for remote access do use F8 - full screen

13 System administration comments Why I feel good about using EOS. –I recognized Tomcat being used in an application at work. –I believe, if it will work in “locked down” EOS, it’s a viable model for general deployment –My development environment is accessible from several spots on the internet

14 Strange yet true seems to be a dead domain

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