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CureDom Healing Center B usiness Proposal September 2000 Curedom Corp.

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1 CureDom Healing Center B usiness Proposal September 2000 Curedom Corp. Http:// Email:

2 CureDom is; KingDom is the place, where the King domains… FreeDom is the place, where the Free domains… CureDom is the place, where the Cure domains.… Green lights 4 your Health ! CureDom- the place the Curer domains CureDom-Natural Healing Center, tested, proved, as the most scientific God’s Remedy Center

3 Table of Contents 1. Scope of Business Report 2. Purpose of Curedom Center 3. Facilities and Equipment 4. Devices and Accessories 5. Major Equipment(1): DSH 6. Major Equipment(2): BCH 7. Major Equipment(3): HWM 8. Major Equipment(4): BIT 9. Major Equipment(5): DSS 10. Major Equipment(1): BCI 11. Major Devices & tools(1): Gen 12. Major Devices & Tools(2): CKD 13. Training & Operation 14. Management & know-how 15. Direct Capital Investment 16. Capacity of Operation (1) 17. Capacity of Operation(2) 18. Income Sources from Center 19. Income Statements 20. Human Resources 21. Contact ! For more Information.

4 Scope of Business Report This business report is limited to guests and clients, who have strong interest in establishing CureDom Healing Center. The healing report is based on the business experience in Korea over 40 centers last 3 years. We concluded that our Dry Sauna Healing Device has the best result when it is used directly on body without any side effect.

5 The Purpose of CureDom Center To Heal the diseases without side effect by Natural and or Herbal method Our enemies are all kinds of diseases that kill our neighbors To apply as much as possible God’s remedy with scientific ground. We believe that all kinds of diseases from harmful wastes in body cell, circulation barriers of blood and Ki(Bio-energy).

6 Facilities and Equipment for CureDom Center Major Equipment – Far-Infrared Dry Sauna Healing Machine(DSH) –Minus Ion Emitting Device for Blood Circulation(BCS) –Healing Water Maker(HWM) –Bio-Information Transcriber(BIT) –Diseases Diagnosis System(DSS) Major Facilities –Reception Room with Sasang Medi/BIT –Group Healing Room with BCS and Family Doctor Device –Private Healing Room with DSH –Research and Development Room for HWM –Shower Room and Laundry Room –Parking Lot

7 Devices and Accessories Devices –Curedom Kidney Doctor –Air Track Disc Healer – Shuma Pulling Disc Healer –Reflexology Device –Blood Pressure Device –Weight Scale Others –One Single bed : 10~20 Beds –Washing Machine –Gowns and Towels –PH level Testing Chemicals Options Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA S-2000 ) Other Testing Equipment/Device

8 Major Equipment (1) Dry Sauna Healing Equipment Dry Sauna Healer Four key functional features of DSH –First, Family doctor has employed the Far-infra red light for increasing circulation, relief of spot pain. –Second, Germanium Stone increases circulation and emit internal wastes of body. –Third, Carbon Filter increases purification, and gives Minus ion for blood purification. –Fourth, Heat increases Healing effect. 1. Change body ph level. 2. Decrease weight 3. Creat New Body Cells 4. Give the Healing Effect

9 Major Equipment (2) Blood Circulation System(BCS) BCSBlood Circulation System –The device transports minus ion into Blood Cells cleans blood, and emits waste out of the body. –Ultimately increase all blood circulation increase healing effect. –Any Blood Circulation Problems. –Cancer, diabetes can be healed

10 Major Equipment (3) Healing Water Maker(HWM ) HWM USA(5,145,895) Korea(No. 054405) Japanese: 3-610 Gerrman : P41 06 568.9 Features of HWM 99.9% Sterilizing Power Cleans the problem in chlorination or reverse-osmotic method sterilizing: kills out viruses, moss, mildew, and other toxic substances. Four stage high-tech for Healing Water Making System Filters toxic organisms & cancerous substances, and provides abundant oxygen & mineral. original water PH level of Water: Alkali water : PH level of 8.5 /9.0/ 9.7/ 10.3/6.7 Acid Water : PH Level of 5.5/ 4.5/ 4.0/ 3.5

11 Major Equipment (4) Bio Informatin Transcriber(BIT) BIT BIT (Bio-Information Transcriber) ? –Bio-Information Resonance Transcriber(BIT or BIT) is the Equipment which transcribes Bio-Information of lives into water or other materials. And the Bio- information contained water has healing effect of life Bio-Information – Each living Creature and each part of body has its own resonance bio-information(Energy) in form of Resonance(pulse), which is the power of life, and source of life. This Energy is called Qi, Ki in oriental medicine. Transcribing –Transcribing means to copy bio-information to Water or other material for curing purpose. It is just like copy music into magnetic tape

12 Major Equipment (5) Disease Diagnosis System(DSS) Bio- DSS BRS(Bio-Information Resonance Analyzing System)? – Every one and his/her own body has its own Bio- Information(such as structure of DNA) in form of Pulse(Resonance). BRS is the system analyze this resonance and find out overall health conditions of body, or specific part of body. Use of Bio Information Therapy –Homeopathy in Europe Countries –Ki, Qi Therapy(acupuncture, massage, reflexology) in Oriental Medicine –Radiesthesia Therapy –Bio-Resonance Therapy

13 Major Equipment (6) Blood Cleaning Ionizer(BCI) BCS Minus ION cleans blood cells by supplying Fresh Air into body IONIZER /PURIFER/ HUMIDIFIER –It produces negative ions and small amounts of ozone, which disinfects, eliminates odors and leaves the room smelling clean and fresh! –The built-in humidifier has a capacity of 0.3 liter per hour. –Long life unit with electric dust collecting system. Easy to clean. –Ionizer...You can choose one of the two, and.

14 Genesen Acutouch Air Track Disc and Neck Healer Major Devices and Tools(1)

15 Pulling Disc HealerPulling Disc Healer Major Devices and Tools(2) Curedom Kidney DoctorCuredom Kidney Doctor

16 Training and Operation Training for Equipment –Analyzing BRS Data –Transcribing Bio-Infor –Dry Sauna Healer –Body Ph-test from DSH Training for Operation –QA Diagnosis sheet –Diagnosis by BRS –Understanding Positive Responses during healing process of diseases

17 Management and Know-how Service and Products –Analyzing BRS Data –Transcribing Bio-Infor Training for Operation –QA Diagnosis sheet –Diagnosis by BRS –Understanding Positive Responses during healing process of diseases Service and Products –Analyzing BRS Data –Transcribing human bio- information into water

18 Capital Investment Not available at this momentNot available at this moment

19 Capacity of Operation(1) ( Week days : 8 hours/a day) Daily Persons treated with Equipment/Device –DSH : 480Minutes/50 minutes*10 units= 96 persons –BCS : 480 min/30 min*5 units = 90 persons –Kidney Doctor :480min/30 min*10 units= 160 persons –Pulling Disc Healer: 480/30 min*10 units= 160 persons –Air Track Healer :480/40 min* 10 units = 120 persons –Genesen Acutouch:480/30 min* 5 units = 90 persons –----------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Persons treated : 756 persons

20 Capacity of Operation(2) Capacity of Operation(2) ( Week days : 8 hours/day) Daily Diagnosis Services by the Systems – Disease Diagnosis by Bio-Infor: 480Minutes/10 minutes*1 units= 48 diagnoses –Bio-Infor Transcibing : 480 min/10 min*1 units = 48 transcribings Healing Water Can be freely given to Visitors Daily Healing Water Production Capacity – Alkali Healing Water for Drinking : 10 gallon/hour*8 hours= 80 Gallons –Acid Healing Water for External Use: 10 gallon/hour * 8 hours= 80 Gallons

21 Income Sources from Centers Personal Care Daily or Membership Incomes from 4 Sources Diagnosis Services Direct Sales at Center Indirect Sales

22 Income Statements Daily, Monthly Inflow( in U$)Daily, Monthly Inflow( in U$) Note : 1). Open on Week days, Closed in Week ends 2). Service Hours= 8 hours/day, 20 days/Month=160 hours/Month 3). Every Figure is at maximum operation, exclusive sales at the center for some medical devices, herbal products, nutrients.

23 Human Resources 5 persons can operate the center including President: Full time Center Operation Manager, if who has some medical or herbal medical background, is preferable : Full time Information Manager should keep updated in medical or health section : Full time Supporter of center should generally be administrative: Full time Internet Management is better than other method: Part time.

24 For More Information? Please contact ; Person : Phillip S Ahn, COO Company : Curedom Corporation Phone : 822-3432-0464 Fax : 822-3432-0466 Email : For More discussion, please send email for on-line discussion at

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