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Soldering and Riveting

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1 Soldering and Riveting
Sheet Metal Working Soldering and Riveting

2 Types of Sheet Metal Steel (Ferrous) Non-Steel (Non-Ferrous)

3 Steel Sheet Metal Galvanized Stainless Tin Plate

4 Non-Steel Sheet Metal Copper Aluminum Lead Zinc

5 Galvanized Sheet Metal
Soft steel sheet covered with a zinc coating Has a dull appearance

6 Galvanized cont’d. Zinc coating provides a corrosive resistance
Relatively inexpensive

7 Galvanized cont’d. Used for many purposes Roofing Ductwork Gutters
Signs Posts

8 Stainless Steel Sheet Metal
High grade steel covered with a coating of chromium and nickel Has high corrosive properties Cleans easily

9 Stainless Steel cont’d.
Has a silver/chrome appearance Very tough to bend

10 Stainless Steel cont’d.
Will last “forever” Very expensive Used for many purposes Food/dairy industry Sinks Tables Grills Utensils

11 Tin Plate Sheet Metal Steel coated with pure tin
Once widely used for sinks, cans, food/dairy industry Mainly replaced by stainless steel

12 Copper Sheet Metal High corrosive resistance
Used mainly in roofs and gutters Very expensive

13 Aluminum Sheet Metal Used for Good corrosive resistance
Gutters and spouts Siding Wheels and rims Cans Good corrosive resistance Very light weight Durable

14 Lead Sheet Metal One of the oldest sheet metals
Used for thick tanks and radiation areas X-ray proof

15 Soldering The joining of two or more pieces of metal by using an alloy with a lower melting point than the pieces being joined

16 The Make-Up of Solder Tin % / Lead % Examples: 50/50 60/40 95/5
Lead Free Solder

17 The Make-Up of Solder cont’d.
As you increase the Tin %, the melting point of the solder is lowered

18 Flux Removes/Cleans the oxide film from the surface of metal
Solder would not “stick” without the use of flux May come in many different forms

19 Types of Flux Acid Flux Hydro-chloric Cut Acid Rosin Flux Powder Paste

20 Soldering Tools/Equipment
Electric Soldering Gun Sal Ammoniac Block Flux Gas Bench Furnace Propane Torch Soldering Copper

21 Riveting Metal Fastening device that is held in place by spreading one or both ends Fastened by using a rivet set or by peining

22 Types of Rivets Pop Rivet Brass Rivet Copper Rivet Iron Rivet
Aluminum Rivet

23 Drilling Holes for Riveting
Holes drilled in thicker metal are made with a portable drill, or better yet a drill press Uses high speed twist drill bits which are hardened for use in metal

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