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Hydrotherapy Spa Launch Presentation. Hydrotherapy Series - 7 Advantages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

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1 Hydrotherapy Spa Launch Presentation

2 Hydrotherapy Series - 7 Advantages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

3 Hydrotherapy Series - Benefits Relief tension & stress by relaxing the body Improve your blood circulation Detoxifies and cleans the body Decreased pain due to warmth and support Increase muscle strength Relieve sleeplessness or insomnia Helps to lose weight by eliminating toxins in the body

4 Hydrotherapy – 7 Main Innovations Hydrotherapy Spa MATERIAL PRODUCT DETAILS USER FRIENDLY SAFTEY & CERTIFICATION TRUE SPA THERAPY ENERGY SAVING DESIGN “The ONLY inflatable massaging hot tub in the industry”

5 SPA FABRIC Hydrotherapy Collection - Only use the best fabric & material 0.7mm PVC for shell & 1.2mm PVC leather for outside cover. Mystic black premium crocodile print leather PVC 1.2MM Satin Golden leather trim 0.6MM Rich black PVC interior 0.7MM MATERIAL Laminated PVC Outer wall of inflatable tub 0.8MM

6 Jets 6 powerful massaging jets for J-211 (4 persons), 8 jets for J-213 (6 persons) All jet heads can be turned on/off, water stream direction can be adjusted Zipper New designed zipper head – unique and fashion. Tough and premium zipper for cover and trim. MSpa Logo Embossed MSpa logo PRODUCT DETAILS

7  External control box  Signature i-beam structure  Heats up to 42 degrees  Equipped with 0.9hp motor.  Power per jet = to traditional acrylic spa  Upgraded control panel  Extremely quiet operation  All around pluming system. Easy for installation, cleaning & after- sale service  Control remote – standard accessory DESIGN

8 Jet Spa Filtration With 5-8 powerful massaging hydro jets, MSpa provides you a authentic spa treatment. 2000 liters per hour efficient filtration system for the spa. SPA THERAPY

9 Inflatable bladder provides the best heat insulation result Energy Saving – Heat Preservation & Power Saving Air Tight Seal The air-tight seal holds the lid securely in position Superior heat preservation and heating performance Heat up to 42 degrees by improved filter-heater circulation with self-check protection system Place underneath the spa tub to help retain water heat Heat Retention ENERGY SAVING

10 Electric pump & manometer included On-floor drainage system for quick and complete water removal 15 minutes Set-up Quick & Easy Inflation Tech Smart Drainage EASY TO USE Portable – Take it wherever you go Portable and Inflatable hot tub, it’s user friendly for all seasons and you can use it anywhere you would like to enjoy the spa. Just find a perfect location, an outlet then plug in…IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE! Set up as easy as 1-2-3, Plug and enjoy, within 15 minutes

11 MSpa Hydrotherapy Collection is CE Certified. Class I electrical product test conformity and 12V low voltage filter pump ensures safety. MSpa is only inflatable hot tub in the market that can be sold with plug for convenient use – just simply plug in and enjoy your unique spa experience SAFETY

12 HYDROTHERAPY or BUBBLE SPA - “ - “It’s the massage that sets them apart” Hydro-massage is similar to a real massage MSpa hydro jet is powerful, adjustable and can be turn on/off A natural way of relaxing, refresh and rejuvenate Jetting to target at acupuncture points Bubble Spa generates bubble but not jetting & massage, yet it’s affordable Hydrotherapy or Bubble?

13 Packaging MSpa J-211 MSpa J-213

14 Now, pick a perfect location for your MSpa

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