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Shampoo & Conditioner Types

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1 Shampoo & Conditioner Types

2 Consultation for Shampoo & Conditioner
Hair condition – normal/dry/greasy/dandruff Scalp Condition – normal/dry/greasy/dandruff Hair texture – fine/medium/coarse Service – cut/blow dry/colour/perm

3 Structure of the Hair Cuticle Cortex Medulla Transparent Overlaps
Easily damaged Cortex Main part of the hair Where all changes take place Contains moisture & colour Medulla Core of the hair No real purpose Not always present

4 Shampoo Types Hair condition Shampoo type Benefits Normal
Strawberry/Peach (fruit) Cleans the hair Dry Coconut/Almond oil Replace moisture Greasy Lemon Removes grease Damaged Protein Strengthens Coloured pH Balanced Restores natural pH Dandruff Medicated Relieves soreness/itching

5 Conditioners Surface Penetrating Treatment Scalp Treatment Anti-oxy

6 Surface Conditioners Surface conditioners come in cream or mousse form. They smooth and coat the cuticle making the hair look shiny and manageable They do not get past the cuticle and cannot re-strengthen the hair. They are applied after shampooing the hair, and then rinsed thoroughly.

7 Penetrating/Treatment Conditioners
There are two types of penetrating conditioner Restructuring and Moisturising Restructuring treatments will help to rebuild the strength of the cortex by adding protein Moisturising treatments replace lost moisture with oils Heat may be added with a steamer

8 Scalp Treatments Oil – used on dry scalps to replace lost moisture,
Astringent (tea tree) – for a greasy scalp, used to dry oils and slow down the oil produced Apply on dry hair, directly onto the scalp with tint brush Heat may be added with a steamer

9 Anti-oxy conditioner Used after any chemical service
Stops chemicals from working any further Closes the cuticle making the hair shiny Restores the hair to it’s natural pH value

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