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The Toothpick Bridge Challenge

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1 The Toothpick Bridge Challenge
Grade 5

2 Construction Companies
Each “company” will have 5 members: Project Director Architect Transportation Chief Accountant Chief Carpenter All members will act as carpenters

3 Project Director Keeps schedule, makes sure all company employees do their jobs Keeps daily journal of company’s progress, records problems & solutions Signs and approves building plans, checks and order forms Makes sure site is neat and organized Cleans up and stores bridge each day Does NOT draw plans, do accounting, or perform any duties listed for other company members

4 Architect Designs bridge and draws plans
Shows others how to construct bridge according to the plans Keeps inventory of building materials on hand at site Makes sure actual bridge being built follows and looks like the plans Orders supplies, filling out order form as needed Does not perform any duties listed for other company members.

5 Transportation Chief Delivers checks, picks up supplies from the warehouse Is the ONLY person from the company who does business with the warehouse (You must be on time or your company will not be able to begin building.) Helps build bridge, verifies boat and truck can travel under or over bridge Brings project to Room 1 at the end of the class Does not write checks or perform any duties listed for other company members

6 Accountant Writes checks to go with order forms
Keeps balance sheet current each day Makes sure that company account balances Meets with auditor if necessary Does NOT go to warehouse or perform any duties listed for other company members

7 Chief Carpenter Builds bridge according to architect’s plans
Consults with architect as building proceeds Insures EPA compliance Supervises the company members who help with construction Does NOT go to warehouse or perform any duties listed for other company members

8 Contest Rules The bridge must be built according to the bridge building code, using only materials supplied by the I. Saw Lumber Company The bridge will judged for the quality of the building plans and the strength of the bridge

9 Judging of the Building Plans
Will consider neatness of the finished bridge Cost of the bridge How well the finished bridge matches it plans

10 Judging of the Bridge’s Strength
Strength will be tested by placing a bar across the middle of the bridge and hanging weights from the bar The teacher will suspend weights from the bridge according to the project director’s wishes The last weight that the bridge holds for 30 seconds without touching the cardboard in any spot (except at the bridge foundation) is the weight recorded for the strength of the bridge

11 Bridge Building Code Bridge is built only on “site” provided
Draw plans of the bridge to show 4 views: The view from one end The side view The road bed The top view Apply glue SPARINGLY ONLY to join the toothpicks The bridge may only touch the cardboard inside the drawn squares; toothpicks may be glued into holes punched in the cardboard inside the squares. The bridge must be more than 5cm high and at least 4cm wide

12 Environmental Protection Agency
There will be an inspection by the Environmental Protection Agency sometime early December. Violations are subject to fines if not rectified in 1 week They will be evaluating the following: Proper record keeping Proper storage of materials Proper garbage disposal Land use and clean water rules

13 Procedure for Ordering Supplies
Architect fills out the order form for construction supplies and gives it to the accountant Accountant writes a check to accompany the order form, must have the project director sign the check, gives order form and check to transportation chief Transportation chief brings them to the warehouse and brings supplies back to site

14 Additional Info The I. Saw Lumber Warehouse closes each morning at 8:05am. From 8:05 – 8:15am~ Architect may make out orders for supplies for next session Accountant can make out checks Transportation Chief can deliver request so supplies will be ready when business opens next session Project Director checks for clean site

15 Additional Accounting Info
Account starts with $1,550,000 At the end of each session all canceled checks are returned to the company. At the end of the project, the accountants will turn in their cancelled checks along with the balance sheets Problems? Order an audit through warehouse supply form ($2,000). Note: If you need an audit, you will be disqualified from receiving Accountant’s Award

16 FINES!!! Fines must be paid by check for the following infractions:
Disturbing other companies Messy construction sites Problems with order procedure Bridges not built to code Touching bridges built by other companies

17 Good luck, cooperate with your company and Happy Building! ! !

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