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MFC Workshop: Intro to the Document/View Architecture.

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1 MFC Workshop: Intro to the Document/View Architecture

2 What is Doc/View? The central concept to MFC Provides an easy method for saving or archiving objects Takes the pain out of printing - uses the same code that’s used to draw to the screen A possible downfall for apps that want MFC, but not Doc/View

3 Application Framework

4 The Document Derived from CDocument Controls application data –provides a generic interface that encapsulates data Loads and stores data through serialization (saving objects to disk)

5 The View Attached to the document Acts as an intermediary between the document and the user Derived from CView Document/View Relationship is One-to- Many. –Data can be represented multiple ways

6 The Main Frame Window The main, outermost window of the application Contains the views in its client area Displays and controls the title bar, menu bar, system menu, borders, maximize and minimize buttons, status bar, and tool bars

7 The Application Object We have already discussed CWinApp –Calls WinMain, contains main thread, initializes and cleans up application, and dispatches commands to other objects In Doc/View it manages the list of documents, and sends messages to the frame window and views

8 SDI or MDI? SDI - Single Document Interface –Notepad MDI - Multiple Document Interface –Word, Excel, etc.

9 AppWizard and ClassWizard AppWizard is like the Wizards in Word –Gives a starting point for an application Derives the four classes for you –SDI, MDI(even dialog, or non-Doc/View) ClassWizard helps you expand your AppWizard generate application –ex. Automatically generates message maps

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